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If You Only Hunt Private Land + Lost All Access To Private Lands/ Would You Continue To Hunt On Public Lands?

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29 minutes ago, mike103 said:

I have written about our situation before.

We have had permission on 200 acres for almost 50 years.

A notorious poaching family lives next door. It has become such a hostile environment that several years ago we began migrating to public land near by. 

Three years ago we bought five acres at the top of a mountain that is surrounded by public land. It is accessible by 4x4 truck.

We have been fairly successful on the new public property and still hunt the private land that we have partial financial interest in just not as often.   

So yes we have survived but we are getting older and walking and dragging further does suck. 


Just curious- how many people in that Poaching Family are actively  involved.

 Sounds like the Younger Hunters are learning Poaching from their Father.


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Most of the land that I have ever hunted in recent years is state land. Yeah, with all the non-hunting uses of the state land that I hunt, things have definitely become tough going.....especially bow hunting. There are quite a few mountain bikers and hikers canvassing the entire hill now and it is getting damn difficult to stay away from them.

But private land has been shrinking so quickly. Some of my favorite private parcels now have houses built on them and everything is ringed with posted signs and even some big game farms that have fenced and posted hundreds of acres. I don't really have much choice other than to hunker down with the mountain bikers and hikers and wait for a deaf, blind deer to stumble into the area. Lol.......Well that might be a bit of an exaggeration......Ha-ha-ha.

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I started on public land. It depends where you live. IMO the public land around Rochester is a grind—just not enough of it. I worked my ass off hard for every deer. I have private now. The one spot of public I really liked had an apple farm which has since been fenced in, so that would likely impact deer activity negatively.

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On 9/9/2021 at 6:17 PM, blackbeltbill said:

Just curious- how many people in that Poaching Family are actively  involved.

 Sounds like the Younger Hunters are learning Poaching from their Father.


Yes it’s a family affair.

When I was 19 Sr was arrested for poaching a deer the day before the season opened.

His two sons, especially his youngest have been arrested numerous times for poaching  ,firearms violations and others serious crimes many of them felonies. The youngest did time in prison, not jail. 

And of course their are various family friends and extended family that are involved also.

The jury is out on the grand kids. They hunt and I have not heard of them being arrested yet. 

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