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Zag/Ben Deer Season 21


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On 11/21/2021 at 6:31 PM, Zag said:

It was a tough bow season. Our back yard was only active at night. Only 2 of dozens of buck pics were in daylight. So my son was pretty discouraged as he’d passed up a bunch of small bucks waiting. We were never in the right place at the right time. 
Opening day we sat in a new setup basically on our property line. I wanted to be far away from our neighbors on one side who shoot kinda wildly. This side is much safer and were in a good spot to see each direction fairly far. Well early morning 2 doe come trotting down towards us, happening so fast they crossed our property line before he could even get ready. They proceeded to browse 35 yrds away on the other side (oh well). 
That afternoon we sat over the food plot only to see a button buck. 
This am we were skunked, he has been so discouraged he said he was about done hunting this year, yeah I felt terrible Ive been trying so hard. 
After a late breakfast at camp and a quick nap we were back in the redneck around 1:30 overlooking the food plot as it was going to rain. Around 2:30 he said deer, I took a peek thru the bino’s and confirmed it was a doe. I opened the window and he got settled on her and touched off the tikka 7–mm-08 and sent the hornady 120gr sst. Dropped her instantly. He was pretty excited afterwards!! I took video on my phone so we will always have that!!

Once we skinned her we found the bullet too!



Great job sealing the deal. Don't get frustrated passing up small stuff he's lucky to see them out there. I offer you to come hunt the Adirondacks I'm lucky I get to jump deer and even get to shoot a deer. Very fortunate. So tell him not to get discouraged. Congrats and good luck rest of season.

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Welp the seasons over for Ben. He fractured is ankle in his first basketball game this am. 
It was a frustrating season for me. I could never seem to get him in the right spot or the right time. Our backyard was a major dud this yr. Normally is great during the rut and fairly slow the rest of the season. I only had 2 or 3 daylight (good size) bucks on cam during the so called rut. They have been hitting the food plots pretty good but all at night time. 

He hunted pretty hard during gun but we didn’t even see horns, again super frustrating. Its gonna be back to the drawing board for next yr. I need a place close to home for another close option. Going back and forth down to the land, 25 minutes one way multiple times a day gets old fast. 

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