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2021 HuntingNY Gun Hunting Harvest Thread

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Sitting till dark in a different spot trying to catch one more coming into the field. I have signal, so here's the story from the deer earlier.

I was walking in around 2 for the pm sit. There's a strong WNW wind. My plan was to walk south along the tree line all the way to the bottom of the field, then still hunt into the wind heading west until i hit the hedge row, then North up the hedge row until getting to my spot where I can watch the creek that runs along the north edge of the field. Wind would be in my favor for most of that walk.

I'm about 300yds in along that tree line when a buck pops up 10 feet in front of me! I was watching him as motionless as i could. My wind was going right to him and he was watching me. I expected him to bolt any second. It was weird though. He just sat there and appeared to be a little off balance. I'm thinking he might have been injured. After two or three minutes with my wind in his face and him watching me, i slowly brought the gun up. Put the X on his chest and pulled the trigger and watched him flop over. I'll watch for sign of an earlier injury when I get him home. 

I'm stoked that i got one for the freezer. Between work and family obligations, i won't have many more chances to get out this season. Grateful for the harvest.


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Daughter’s buck;
Stephanie got in the same stand that we got two bucks from already. She had some quick activity in the field with the same does and spikes that we’ve been seeing. She had one group of does at 150 yds that were hanging around feeding for about 15 minutes when this guy stepped out at the far tree line. She said he wasn’t going after the does but was interested in them, just hanging around watching them. After a couple of minutes he gave her a perfect pose at about 140 yds. Nice 9 pointer dropped in place with a .270.

So daughter’s family takes home 2 bucks and a doe from their annual visit. Great week!

Granddaughter Evelyn, the Chief Whitetail Inspector approves of mommy’s buck!
Had trailcam pics of her buck too.

 Daughter likes to edit Josh Allen jumping over things photos, lol. 








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This busted up 8 pointer cruised thru the woods behind my new tree stand 5 minutes after sunset.  I wanted to save my buck tag for an Adirondack trip next weekend, so I was looking for one that had at least 4 points on a side. He still had 5 on the right, but only three on the left, having lost that side’s brow and g-3. 

No big deal for me, being mostly a meat guy, and with a 42-1/4” chest girth, he should provide plenty of that.

When he stopped broadside at 50 yards, his front and rear ends were hidden behind big trees. The 1.5 Weaver on my old Ithaca 37 16 ga was fogged over from the cold and snow.  I brushed the inside lens with glove, still all grey, then brushed the outside lens.

Fortunately, he kept still long enough for me to get the scope cleared. I held as close as I dared to the front tree. The slug caught him right about on the diaphragm, midway up.  He mule kicked and left a decent blood trail in the snow from the entry hole.  
It took me a while to find the trail as there was just a light dusting of snow.  He piled up after about 50 yards.  I did a quick gut job in the dark and didn’t save the nuts.  I found the slug intact inside when I got him home and did a thougrough cleaning.  It must have stopped against a rib on the outboard side. 




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I scored yesterday at my friend's place in Chautauqua.  Not my biggest, but this guy has a big body.


I was doing a slow stalk to try and move something up the hill to my buddy and I caught this guy in his bed. He never saw me as he was distracted by a shot to the north, I caught him turn his head at the sound of the shot. He was bedded in some thick stuff so I didn't have anything but head to shoot at. I could only see 1 side of the rack and it looked like at least an 8 pt  so I put it on the white spot on his throat and fired. He never got up, I probably ruined most of the neck roast. 67 yd shot with 30-06. Perfect weather for hanging so I probably won't cut him up until Wed? 


It's great not having to drag him the 3/4 mike back to the truck!

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Time-wise, I think this should be first in the thread!  It was all over at 705 am in opening day.  Was sitting in the edge of thick crud/swampy area, heard a couple grunts.  Doe comes out of the pines, heads away from me towards the swamp.  Gave her a couple of good big grunts, she turned around and came back on a string, and brought her boyfriend with her. 

He came in hot, grunting and thrashing, all stuff legged.  Very enjoyable hunt, everything you'd want.  Not the biggest deer on the farm, but I'm happy!


I'm pretty sure he's the same buck I saw the day before and said I would pass. Oh well, chest freezer has 15 points in it.




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With the arrival of our 2nd daughter in October, I knew my time in the woods would be hard to come by this year. I decided early on that I wasn’t going to bow hunt, as I wanted to spend as much time with my 2 year old as possible before her sister arrived. We have had family in and out for the past several weeks, leading right up to the start of gun season. It was great, but we never really developed a routine with our parents here.

I finally figured that if I left to go hunting when our 2 year old started eating lunch, after which she goes down for a nap, then I would only be strapping my wife with both of them for an hour or two before I got home. I tried this method out last Wednesday, and it went really well. I let a spike buck walk, and made it home in plenty of time to take up the yoke.

Today I played the same game. I left the house at around 11:45, and was up in my tree by 12:30. I had left my climber out on Wednesday, which meant the seat was plenty wet. However, I purchased a Muddy “Complete Seat” to put on top, and let me tell you, that thing is legit for keeping a butt toasty warm. It was a beautiful afternoon, with gentle snow showers throughout. At around 2:30 I heard something crashing around behind me, but since the woods was so thick behind me, I never saw what it was. I figured something had winded me. Then, at 3:30, this guy stepped into the swampy area that I was overlooking. Getting a clear shot at 100 yards, I took it and dropped him. The entry was in the right shoulder and exit through the neck. Then the real work began. I drug him the 100 yds across the semi-frozen swamp, tied a strap on him, and after crashing my own way through a creek, I pulled him across. Then I field dressed him and drug him another 200 yards to the hay field edge. At this point the land owner arrived and helped me drag him across 2 hay fields (his 4 wheeler was down and it’s wet enough that we didn’t want to drive on the fields) and I got him loaded in the back of the Subaru. The processor I use in Charlton was able to take him tonight as well, which my wife was really happy about :)

This one was special to me, as I took this deer with a rifle that was gifted to me by a family friend. I documented my resurrection of the old Remington 760 in a previous thread. It really felt nice to take a deer with a rifle that’s approaching it’s 70th birthday, not to mention period optics to boot. My mom showed the picture I sent her to the old man that gifted me the rifle, and he was over the moon. I can’t wait to tell him the story the next time we go back to Illinois. Additionally, this is my first rifle deer and my first NY buck. He’s by no means my biggest buck, an 8 pointer, but it’s meat in the freezer and I checked a lot of “firsts” off this afternoon.

If you read this far, good for you. I didn’t mean to write a book here, but it was a special hunt for me. Now I get to enjoy the holiday season with my family and we can have some grilled tenderloin for Christmas!


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Can count on one hand how many deer I've shot after 2pm. Well opening day bucked that trend. Had a group of three does come through some thick stuff around 3pm. The biggest doe of the group stopped at about 60 yards and gave me a front on shot, so I gambled a neck shot with the muzzleloader and it somehow found it's way to the target...through the target...and an unfortunate tree caught the remaining wrath of the Barnes TMZ sabot. Otherwise my season/deer action have been incredibly slow in 8X. 



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