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ALL bear hunting in NJ is now banned!! NJ Fish & Game is mad about it too.


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Too many people watching Disney movies and living in a bubble.  I really wish we could get someone in office that would make it law that for every Disney movie someone watches they have to watch a movie more representative of reality, and make civil service (military, police, fire, etc. etc.) mandatory.  The world would be so much a better place.


Instead I'll settle for hoping that a few of the idiots down there in NJ who complain about bear hunting get mauled.

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One of the problems with our government is, power is in the hands of people who do not pay any price for the damage they instill on others.

Sooner or later, more people will be killed by bears in NJ and the people responsible will not be held to account for it.  At least one man has already been killed by a black bear on public land in NJ a few years ago.  People living in those bear areas have to stay indoors as much as possible to stay safe.  Their kids and pets are always in danger and their garbage containers are expensive and a pain to use.

Farmers in these NJ areas hate black bears and suffer lots of damage at high cost.  Trying to have bee hives for honey in NJ is an exercise in futility.

Yet, the elected hacks pander to the loudest screams of radicals.

Oh, BTW, they are Democrats.  When the GOP had Christie in the Governors office, bear hunting was allowed again.  Murphy is another Goldman Sachs Democrat just like Corzine was.  Both are mega rich and Corzine set up some hedge fund after leaving office that "misplaced" millions of investors money.  He is now off the radar and no one seems to know where he is, but I'll bet that's where that missing money is too.

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