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It's been an interesting summer. Not in a good way but one like I have never experienced. On a positive note, this year the farmer that works my field did no till soybeans and once they came up it seemed to draw the wildlife like we have never had before.

One day in July I looked out about 7:30 pm and counted 18 bucks out there at once. I began to pay more attention on a daily basis and they stared showing up every night religiously between 7:45 and 8:30. I never saw 18 together again but there have been between 4 and 11 just about every night. I set the spotting scope up on a tripod and watched them every night for about a month.

The most interesting part for me is the fact that most of them were tall & wide 8 points. I have only seen a couple of spikes and small four points. At one point there were a couple of nice 10 points but I believe one got killed on the road not far away.

The other ironic event was three hen turkeys hung out there all summer with about 6 poults and are still here. The hens would form a circle around them and kept the poults in the middle for quite some time. I got to witness the first time they flew up to roost and when they came down the next day. One of the hens flew up first, then the poults flew up one at a time while the other two hens stayed on the ground until they were all up.  The next morning one hen flew down, then the poults, and then the other two hens.

Believe it or not; I also got to see the deer interact with the turkeys on a couple of occasions and actually witnessed what looked like the deer were playing tag with the turkeys. There were many evenings they were browsing within feet of each other.

 I have lived here 25 years and have never seen the population of deer I have seen this year. I don't know if it is the soybeans or what but they have really been a draw for sure. I finally put a couple of trail cams out in hopes of getting pictures of the bigger bucks but they have been dodging the cameras on a regular basis even when I move them to different locations.

Based on the cameras and lack of sightings the last few days all indications are they are beginning to disperse and move at night. Last night I shined the field and counted 14 deer in the field bedded down about 9:30 pm

I've seen more mature doe than usual and only a few fawns. With so much going on it has been the highlight of my summer along with Nomad picking up (and delivering) some primers when none were to be had just about anywhere. Hell of a guy!!!

Historically this property has not produced in years past so I will probably be hunting state land a lot more this year. I lost access to the adjoining 60 acres I have enjoyed for the last 20 years due to the owner(s) dying and disputes in the family. It was my best spot to trap fox and coyotes plus I had it all to myself during trapping.  I will continue to trap my own property but it won't be the same and it was a great place to bow hunt along with being very convenient.

I can only hope one of these guys shows up when I am in my stand and not when I am hunting state land.













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