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Cuddelink Cell Camera Set

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My oldest son talked his siblings and a couple others into donating to buy a CuddeLink cell camera set for my 80th B'day . We set them up in Geneseo a couple weeks ago . I bought the Verizon 2000 pic package for $20 plus tax . I can cancel whenever I want and will probably keep paying through December . The set has a Home camera and two remotes . It's pretty neat to get pictures and a report sent to me via e-mail from 50 miles away . Since the cameras cost $600 , I spent a little over $100 for lock boxes . If I am really happy with the results , I have enough gift cards to buy another camera to the set .

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I am starting to enjoy the Cuddeback cameras . I get the pictures and a daily report sent to my email . The cameras don't seem to put any of the garbage pics on the cameras like my battery operated cameras when leaves blow , etc . Pictures would probably be better if I had it set on 20mp image but that would eat up the file size .

0 cudde 10-17.JPG

cud 10-1 2.JPG

Cud 10-11 1.JPG

Cud 10-12 5.JPG

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Very nice pictures Eddie. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

I too got a couple cell cams out. Set in travel corridors, not hunting set up's, to just see what may be running around on the property. I really enjoy having my morning coffee, while looking to see what critters walked by the night before.

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