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My Fall Season Expensive " Gobbling Boxes".

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  I take out and Switch up my 3 most Raspy Boxes. I put a Rubber Band close to the Handle end of the Paddle and give a good shake. Getting the right " Length" of the Gobble takes some Practice. Not too short of a Gobble and not too Long. Practice a good 20 times and you will have it down.

   Now these 3 Boxes,I take out in early May when the old Raspy Hens are still available  and not yet nesting. By mid May- you will hear mostly the Younger Hens and wise Hunters Switch to Higher pitched calls.

So here are my 3 Gobbling Boxes below.

 #1 is my Billy Buice Solid Magnolia Box Topped with a Honey Locust Paddle. Bought that in 1999 for $85 Bucks and shipped from Canton Georgia. 



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   I have a Moss Double Tone that,I Gobbler Yelp on as well as the 3 Boxes above.

 I usually keep a Orange Hat on. Hardwoods are starting to " color up" now. And There will be plenty of Reds,Yellows,+ Orange Leaves.

  Much Safer to Gobble in the Fall. Very few Hardcore Fall Turkey Hunters are out + about. Fall Turkeys are now a Game Species of Opportunity  while Hunters are Hunting for something  else like Deer or Squirrels.  

   Looking forward to next Saturday.  Right now,I have nothing Located. Some past Seasons- it would take up to 3 Weeks to find Fresh Turkey sign on Public Dirt and,I only have 2 Weeks to work with.

 Still- at least,I am out there.

 Hope Y'All enjoyed this Thread.

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