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WTB Rifle or Slug Gun

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I am looking to pick up something used that has been sitting in the back of someone's safe for a while.

My little brother and my nephew both want to start getting out a bit this season and just looking to pick something up that they can use the few times a year they actually make it out. 

Not looking to spend a ton of money, not sure how long they will stick with hunting. 

Preferably located within an 1hr drive of Westchester but could also make it work anywhere along the rt17 between the tapanzee and Binghamton. 

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4 minutes ago, ApexerER said:

I don't have anything i am looking to sell but there are some quality rifles that won't break the bank to purchase new. Look at Savage and the Ruger American line...

The Savage Axis, is a great shooting rifle that won't break the bank at all. Even comes with a scope! Can upgrade the optics, and the trigger spring at another time, to make it even better! 

I have one in 7mm-08. that has proven itself well.

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I started with a 20gauge Mossberg 500. And still have it for the kids, and trap shooting. Picked it up used back in the day with a slug barrel. Purchased a used bird barrel for it and turkey choke. It goes out year round to hunt. I would consider a  shotgun for them. 

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18 hours ago, The_Real_TCIII said:

Find a .270 WSM and ill send you a box of ammo

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Appreciate the offer.

Im looking for a 270 or maybe a 308 as we have tons of 308 rounds in the safe already 

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