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Brother was at the Cortland water works


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I'm pretty sure its a City water department area. It's fenced in with deer. He said this ten point was moving all the doe around pissing as he was chasing doe. 

Pushed other bucks away also. They are getting it on for sure! Here is a nice one that came close to him. 


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On 10/26/2021 at 12:20 PM, Bolt action said:

I was looking at that and the pot belly and wondering to myself if I would attempt bacon with it...

Don't get me wrong the antlers are nice, but that thing could put a nice dent in the current void in my freezer.... LOINS

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My younger SIL goes to cortland and whenever we go visit i beg to see the deer every time. It pretty cool to me but i wonder every time how it got started. also pretty sure i saw a big ole rainbow trout in the little pond/creek by the road but wasnt 100% 

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