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Island of Newfoundland Moose hunt

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I been to NL three times and am booked again for next year.

Personally I would steer clear of any drive in camps, if you can drive in then there will be local pressure and road hunting which is pretty much the norm in NL. Some outfitters may have both camps. I would fly in for sure and your outfitter hunts on foot/boat.

I would also stay clear of the western Peninsula as most populations are down in that area.

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I have been twice to Patey and Sons in the northern peninsula. My buddy is going back a third time (no money for me). I would happily go back. It is a fly in ...sea plane or chopper.  One on one guides, very hard working. All the locals treat us like gold, or long lost cousins. I love Newfie. My wife are planning a hopefully two week drive vacation through the provice in 2023.

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I went on several Moose hunts and a Caribou hunt in Newfoundland but it has been 40 years since the last hunt so I can not point you to any of the current outfitters. Syracuse has an outdoor show late winter and there are many outfitters that attend it so it may be a place you  might want to check out.

I has some great times in Newfoundland and as mentioned before the folks up there are the best. I personally never got a monster but I always saw plenty of game filled my tags. Below is a group photo of one of the gangs I hunted with, A good hunting friend "Tom" center and in the green coveralls with  a real nice Bull, my dad over Tom's left shoulder in the orange hat and I am wearing the camo down jacket, that was a good day. Sadly Tom passed away this past spring, he and I had some times.



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Cool pic. 

I have nothing to add other than, yes, the people are lovely, funny as hell and a blast to hang out with. I would bring a fishing rod for the massive brook trout on your off time

If you have a half hour, here's a video of Lee Wulff and Curt Gowdy flying in the fish the Minipi. It's Labrador, but same.

Have a great time.

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