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Got My Hitlister


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39 minutes ago, bruno1 said:

I’ve had months of Trailcam pics of this buck but literally would only come around from 11pm-4am and then vanish. So I stayed out of the woods until I got some daytime activities. It was great staying out of the woods with the cell camera sending pics. Last couple of days I caught him moving in the daylight so I had the wind that I needed and was able to slip in. He gave me a 15 yard broadside shot and it felt to good to be true


Congrats on a beauty! You gonna mount him what was the weight?

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13 minutes ago, moog5050 said:

Congrats on a dandy for sure.  Way to be patient.  

Thank you. To many guys get a deer on camera and rush in before someone else gets him. Patience and to be honest, using a cell cam so I’m not stinking up the woods played a big role

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