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Be Aware Out There!

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16 hours ago, Grouse said:

People who defend criminals and make excuses for them, while refusing to protect the law abiding citizens they are charged with protecting, are accomplices and should be charged as such.

I wonder how a guy like soros can get away with founding all of these crazy anti American people in gov  i mean this guy is banned from even entering certain countrys because of his meddling .  What he has been up to is no different then orginized crime  he founds the worst people in goverment .

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He knows in America it isn't illegal to fund campaigns and support candidates.  Other countries have learned it's bribery when done to extract political favors or influence.  The problem is caused by the level of corruption in the American system of government.  Supporting a candidate because they will make America better is fine.  Supporting a candidate because they will make you richer, should get both the donor and the candidate locked up.  It's not hard to prove either, when you look at how a winning candidate votes afterwards.

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