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Lone Wolf Treestands

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The answer is full is too long to type out. Longer than this reply.

Essentially, the founder of that company sold it and the patents. Now he and his son run another company called Lone Wolf Custom Gear. The writing on the wall for Lone Wolf (the company that was sold) was clear because patents expired and the re-engagement of the founder into the business field pretty much forced a fate.

I suggest you read carefully at who you support in the cast stand section if you are buying one. It's a hot mess IMO. There are several manufacturers, like LWCG, Novix, Hunting Beast/Infalt, and others.

The drama is probably second to treestand diapers/saddle hunting companies, ha.

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XOP is one as well…

Phade is right. It’s mildly interesting reading going down the rabbit hole of where they’re made, who owns what, etc.

For what it’s worth, I have both Hawk Helium stand and sticks as well as an XOP stand and 30” sticks. They’re both fine. I also have an older USA made Lone Wolf Wide Sit and Climb that I like, but it has always had a couple creeks and groans that I’ve chased.

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No lone wolf climbing stands or parts on that website. Guess that's what they sold off?

Na they got slapped in court with breach of contract. The get get sold off they lost their colliery case.

Everything is in flux. Lone Wolf is getting swallowed back up by LWCG. You will see them come out as one this coming year.

Novix is going to have to rework their brand come up with some new product
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So, where do i go to get replacement traction belt for my lone wolf sit and climb?

Good luck. You going to have to wait and see who starts producing replacement parts. There is a big enough market that someone will jump in soon enough.
Also check XOP and see if their belts are the same size and specs
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18 hours ago, The_Real_TCIII said:

Looks like the original lonee wolf is returning

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License terminated for quality.  Not to worry coming out with "...mid-range" LW stands.

Mid range price or quality or maybe  both?

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