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The Best Hunting Gear Investment You've Made in the Last 10 Years


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3 hours ago, airedale said:

I mentioned this camo poncho once before, I got it for varmint hunting and have used it also for Deer and Squirrel hunting and this spring I have been using it for Turkeys. By every measure this garment works great for everything I have hunted, light weight and airy I can wad it up and stuff it in a large coat pocket, I also have it sprayed down good with Sawyers and have been completely bug free from black flies, skeeters and those damned ticks. 

A lot of bang for the buck right here,



Been on the ghillie poncho game for a few years now... so good.


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On 12/30/2021 at 6:08 PM, genesee_mohican said:

Quality hunting clothing that allows me to sit in a tree stand from sun up till sundown and stay comfortable. Danner boots to keep my feet warm and dry on the 2 mile walk in and back out. A heater body suit that really keeps me warm, good rain gear and merino wool base layers just to name a few.

I agree.


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Probably  the Thermacell Unit,I just bought to keep the Skeeters at bay.

 Definitely  use it next May. I don't  like to sit past 30 Minutes in any one spot- but this past May was horrible  with the Skeeters despite swimming in Deep Woods Off.

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