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Such An Angelic Voice- Enjoy.

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15 minutes ago, Lawdwaz said:

There was some talk about putting the kibosch to YouTube links of old music. Seems some members were against it.  

I remember reading about getting rid of random youtube links as well ,it was brought up in the site recommendation thread. 

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6 hours ago, Lawdwaz said:

As I look at that gal above, it almost looks like she is naked in that video.........yowza, I sure hope not our Bill could end up in hot water.  I'm not clicking that......no way no how.

Larry,I read your 3 posts above. Obviously  she is dressed. Your Dry Humour is as bad as mine - Ha.

  Seriously ,I see no problem  with Sharing YouTube Videos. I have read the Forum Rules a good 4 times since 2014 as put forth by burmJohn on Oct,22nd,2012 and listed at the Top of- Gun + Hunting Laws + Politics Discussions. 

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