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Why Are Wild Turkey Populations Diminishing?


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Birds here were looking very ragged, hard moved from trees in weeks , snow depth and extreme cold. Thankfully we had a big thaw that opened some fields , and another thaw next 2 days should let them be able to get to food..  hardest winter here in years.

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Note that the raccoon is the number one nest predator in nearly all of the studies.  They may be legally taken year round in NY, if they are “damaging”.  

They are also the easiest furbearer there is to trap.  All you got to do is plant s few rows of sweetcorn in a garden, and you will get “damage”, as soon as it starts making ears. 

Then get yourself some box traps and bait them with peanut butter coated marshmallows, and you will get coons.  Dog-proofs with s little cat food poured in the bottom work well also, as do foothold traps placed under shallow water with the pan wrapped in tin-foil. 

After you catch them, kill them and bury them (until regular trapping season opens).  After that, you can just throw them out for the buzzards, since the hides are worthless. 

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