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Spring Beavers

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I spend many days in the woods yearly, probably close to 200 if you count morning and afternoon escapes.  That being said I've only ever went on the trap line a few weeks as a youngster. A man named Bob Poyier who was great friends with my father, took me under his wing on a water line. Bob was a true outdoorsman and what small amount of time I spent with him I learned things that will carry with me through life. I now tan a few deer and coyote hides a year for my house using the orange bottle tanners solution. That being said, I applied and took my Trappers exam by mail after deer season was closed up. 

I recieved confirmation that I had passed a couple weeks ago and didn't really have time to put together a Predator line. Eventually I would like to deal with some of the raccoons, fishers, and coyotes on our lease, but seasons all closed up for trapping. Ill still end up calling for dogs but I just realized that beaver trapping goes into April and now am thinking of setting a line out for the last 2 weeks of season.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to make a simple straight forward line with 2 dozen traps or less. I understand what types of sets to use but I'm more woneldering about general beaver behavior and any small tricks or tips that pertain to this late time of year. Ill be using mostly body gripping traps around sluces and ditches, possibly some drowning foot sets,  I fear water fluctuations and floods could really effect those drowning sets.

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Block down any water ways as soon as ice goes out with body grippers (blind set)-Make sure to use a dive stick,don’t want them swimming over top of your body grip-Toss in castor sets along banks .Footholds are preferred for castor sets ,but you will catch them with body grips also(run a drowner  if using foothold).You need guiding to make them go through the trap rather than around (block off)Don’t over think it .Beaver are as easy as catching muskrats ,just a bigger animal .You will run into trap shy beaver ,but you’re just beginning so  I wouldn’t worry about catching every one .

2 year old beaver are dispersing this time of year to set up their own family and find a mate .Keep it simple .

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