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New to me 45-70

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Some years back before the Ruger Number 1, the Browning Hi Wall and Marlin 95 were chambering these modern firearms in 45-70 the Siamese Mauser conversion to that cartridge was a fairly popular option to make and get the most potential out of the old military shell. Some of my old loading manuals have special loads exclusively for that conversion.

Your Siamese Mauser is one of the better ones I have seen, with the right ammo you could hunt just about anything with that rifle, congratulations.


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Nice looking rifle.  The Siamese Mauser has a strong action and you can load them hot- similar to a Ruger #1 load ( always check the manual)

Navy Arms and Gibbs rifle both put together bolt 45-70 rifles years ago, built on a Siamese Mauser or British Enfield due to the rimmed cartridge and the fact they are strong actions.  I almost acquired one at a local gun shop years ago but I blinked and it was sold.  Best of luck with it!

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