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Silver lining to higher gas prices: more Democrats ousted in November.

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So can we say that the Dems are causing election interference by allowing gas prices to rise so high, that all of the lower income voters won't have the funds to gas up their vehicles to get to the voting booths ?

Those Bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!

That's twelve exclamation points to show how important this is !

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Remember, Americans are being told by the Dems that the higher gas prices are the result of the US cancelling the 8% importation of oil coming from Russia.

8% loss of our oil importation is causing the highest gas prices in American history.

Imagine how much more we'd be paying if we cancelled the Keystone pipeline ? 

Luckily, I don't have to worry about that as my retirement is secure with the purchase of a seaside condo in Arizona that Biden gave me a great deal on.

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