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Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Considers Running Against Kathy Hochul Despite Opposition From His Own Party

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The arrogance of Andrew Cuomo is unbelievable.


The article states “Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is considering a run against his replacement and fellow Democrat, Gov. Kathy Hochul, as part of an attempt at a comeback after resigning in disgrace amid multiple accusations of sexual harassment by former aides, according to people familiar with the matter.”

Cuomo is delusional with his “comeback kid” attitude.  No one who believes in protecting the innocent from sexual predators and intelligent New York State voters would ever want Cuomo back in office to furthered ruin New York State.


The article states “After a recent public poll from Emerson College and The Hill showed Cuomo was a few points behind Hochul”.

Unbelievable there are voters who support Cuomo.  You can only wonder the low degree of character of those people who would support Cuomo with his alleged criminal behavior.


The article states “Hochul was one of the Democrats who ripped Cuomo in the buildup to his resignation, calling his alleged behavior "repulsive."

But not “repulsive” enough to see Cuomo prosecuted for his alleged crimes against women.  This calls into serious questioning of Hochul’s beliefs in the protection of women.  She is like all the other “heroes” out there who can talk the talk, but never walk the talk to protect the innocent.  Or put another way, all talk, no action.


The article states “The Emerson survey also showed 59% of all New York voters polled trust the findings of state Attorney General Letitia James, which detailed the accusations against Cuomo and found he "violated federal and state law." 

So 41% believe Cuomo was innocent?  Even the main stream “progressive” media extensively reported on the numerous victims Cuomo reportable abused.


The article states “he said "I am blessed, I have many options in life and I am open to all, but on the question if I am at peace, No I am not."

We are at peace without you as governor.  Not that Hochul is any better than you!


The article states “Cuomo also used the speech to point out that multiple district attorneys did not bring criminal charges against him.”

Why has not AG James investigate that travesty of justice against women?  I though politicians number one responsibility was to protect and serve their constituents.


The article states “Beyond the discussion with others about possibly making a run and his recent public appearances, Cuomo's active political war chest has spent well over $2 million on an TV ad campaign, according to online ad tracker Medium Buying. Those ads appear to be an attempt at revitalizing Cuomo's image since his resignation.”

Yes, we have all seen them with the repulsive slogan claiming Cuomo as “a proven leader”.  That statement by Cuomo would be laughable if it were not for the fact of his repulsive behavior and destruction of New York State.


The article states “Cuomo's latest ad titled "The Record" goes through his accomplishments as governor, including major infrastructure initiatives, improved gun laws and a $15 minimum wage increase."

Improved gun laws Cuomo touts?  Gun laws that have only violated the Constitution of the United States of America and has helped to increase “gun violence”.  Due is main part because of Cuomo’s incompetence in correctly understanding and combating violent crime and the root causes of those crimes.


Still I can only sympathize with some alien millions of light years in a galaxy far, far away having received on their radio waves Cuomo’s infamous psychotic rant of “YOU DON’T NEED TEN BULLETS TO KILL A DEER!”   What New York State does not need is Cuomo or his like to ever hold pollical office to ruin what once was the Empire State.

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It's beyond arrogance.  This is pathological narcissism.  As far as I am concerned, he is in the same league as Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein.  Rich powerful selfish men who abuse people without remorse or guilt.  They are incapable of seeing any wrongdoing on their part and any apology is empty words.

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1 minute ago, Robby said:

Someone!!!! please make this blood sucking leech go away!!! .........a bonus if Hitlery goes with him.



He did go away.  Get the upstate ny’ers to get out and vote so him or his friends dont come back.  Otherwise there are no complaints to go around.  

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2 hours ago, diplomat019 said:

He did go away.  Get the upstate ny’ers to get out and vote so him or his friends dont come back.  Otherwise there are no complaints to go around.  

Unfortunately I don’t think it is the upstaters. I think it is NYC that is so Democratic that it outweighs how the upstaters vote 

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50 minutes ago, Grouse said:

If they had followed through on the prosecution instead of dropping it, he wouldn't even be able to run.

Exactly why they are still trying anything and everything to bring charges against Trump

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1 hour ago, boo711 said:

Unfortunately I don’t think it is the upstaters. I think it is NYC that is so Democratic that it outweighs how the upstaters vote 

Nope.  Went over this a while back.  Nyc does not carry the gubernatorial election.  Check out cuomo vs Astorino.  Very close election.  Nyc goes red.   Nobody from upstate gets put to vote.  So sad. 

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