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  1. Due to the Fiber optics on my triumph I use saran wrap and a rubber band to cover muzzle. The cots or balloons or or tape dont go on well over sharp edges of the fiber optics.

     I also shoot 90 grs of BH209 and Lightfield 300 gr bullets. They load easily on 2nd and 3rd shot and do a great job on deer.


  2. Saw a video in spring with a cover scent or attractant where a bear is eating the leaves sprayed with it and later goes up to the makeshift branch blind and licks hunters boots that had the spray on them, Thought it was a Remington product but cant find the video any more. Does anybody know the address for this video? Driving me nuts doing the search...

  3. I drop things al the time. But years ago I bought a little device that you can lower on your rope or haul string and it will pick up almost anything. Not sure where i got it but a search on google you can probably find something similar. It has four springy wires that fold into its body when pulled out can hook into any loose things like hats or gloves or straps. Its main body has a strong magnet in it which will pick up metal objects. It has not failed me yet. As far as the urge to go, it wont help you there..

    Good luck rest of season.


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