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    Woohoo !! She got it done !! Bang flop. I’ve never killed a deader deer ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    While loading up the car this morning I thought to myself “ this is the day for Samantha “. Cold with virtually no wind. Even called it in the Live from the woods thread. So after 2 years of nothing in youth turkey and regular season and this year and last of youth deer season and last regular reason the stars aligned today. We hoofed it up the hill to our ground blind she helped build last summer. Perfect light wind in the face As daybreak cracked we realized 6-7 turkeys were roosted almost above us. Some light tree talk kept us entertained for daybreak. At about 8 o’clock I noticed movement off to my left and lightly nudged her. She slowly got the gun up atop the top log making a perfect rest. Circle T optics tirned on , gun shouldered tightly , Good cheek weld ( all things we’ve gone over so many times ) Buck took a few steps to the right and had small cluster of trees between her and him. Then he changed direction with a few more steps to the left and towards us. Perfect broadside. I hear the safety click off of her Remington 870 youth 20 gauge ( thank you again buckmaster 7600 for sending her the slug barrel last year ) I whisper “ take him “ and hear a boom. He dropped in his tracks at 29 yards. Not even a twitch I think I yelled “ holy $hit “ followed by her woohoo. She gave me the biggest hug ever. . Can’t believe it finally happened for her. So many hours of us hunting together , her checking cams with me , build the blind , many rounds downrange This smile hasn’t left my face all day. Hers neither. While I dressed out the deer she asked to see the heart. Well it was totally gone but a few handfuls of jelly. We continued hunting and saw the darkest color phase deer I’ve ever seen. Like almost black. Guns were up and believe it was a button. He got a pass. Started the 1.5 mile drag out. Little snow made the drag easier. Kept seeing daughter eyeing up her deer and smiling. Strapped him on the deer carrier and off we go. Well about 10 minutes left of our drive I hear and feel something odd. Well then I hear metal scraping. Carrier had apparently rusted from inside to the out. Doing 45 mph I quickly pull over It didn’t break all the way off and luckily buck still tied securely and no harm. Pick up truck immediately behind us pulled over. Younger gent all dappered up for dinner. Said he’s heading our way so throw deer in his truck and follow us home. So that’s what we did. Thank you kind sir for your generous kind favor. Deer processor closed today so he’s chilling in detached unheated garage with a 20 pound bag of ice in a heavy duty garbage bag stuffed in the cavity. Well hunt the morning again and hopefully have another to drop off with him. Going to suck to get him roof top on Outback. Dinorocks ( best friend and recently joined forum ) said he’d help with a euro mount. Thank you everyone for your kind words , encouragement and congrats Her smile says it all. Brother got an offer on his property 2 days ago so looks as if we’ll have to find another place to hunt It’s been on the market for awhile so knew our fun run at 70 acres would eventually come to an end But I’m sure as heck taking her and her smile knocking on doors in the spring
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    So I got the word that the corn got cut Friday at a favorite local doe spot. Went there yesterday and saw 4 doe that came out with plenty of daylight. I was glad as this spot has alot of local pressure. I held of on the doe in hopes of a rack but nothing but another doe came out. Got out of work at 3 and hauled home,changed and was on stand around 330 ( yea, I know... I'm that guy). Had a small basket come out within minutes of me sitting down. Cruised through the corn and headed to the thick stuff. 10 min later I see this guy pop out the same spot. Glassed him and decided to pass as I thought he was inside his ears and a standard 2.5 8pt. He headed across the field and got into a short row of standing corn. I decided to put the Nikon to work and get a close look. I immediatly saw a little point on his main beam and when he looked up I saw something going on with his brow tine. Game on... I had sticks so I settled down on the third bubble on the Nikon (183yrds) and he would not go broad side. He started to come back at me and when he went to a quarter to I sent a meat missle right through his chest. He wheel barreled for about 40 yrds and I saw him flop. Now, I will tell you I had the exact opposite of ground shrinkage !!! He is a stud. I assume 4.5 and can prob be a booner. One of my best with the gun and first with the savage 220. That ends my buck tags for 17' and I am tickled !!! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Shot this nice 8 Saturday morning at 9:45 in Clermont with my Remington 700, 30-06. This buck has special meaning to me since this is my first opener without my dad who passed away 6 months ago. I truly believe he sent this buck to me.
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    Got this guy after a stupid interruption to the morning. My wife and I were about 400 yds apart on our own property when shots rang out between us. No one else has permission except for family that was not here today. Got down from my stand to catch the trespassers, but they took off before I got to the spot. Blood trail and gut pile all on my property, a couple of hundred yards deep. Then I heard their truck drive through the field up toward a house down the road. So now on opening morning of rifle, I'm stomping all through my spots instead of hunting for a buck. Hiked back to my stand and figured it was a blown morning so I was going to have a sandwich and some coffee, head back to the house and go out later for an afternoon sit. Well as I've heard many here say "it all changes in a minute". So with a sandwich in one hand, a coffee in the other, I see a doe a couple of hundred yards out across the field. Get the glass on her and see the buck dogging her. 192 yard poke (ranged it after the shot). My heaviest deer to date, 195 lbs on the scale with his nose touching the ground. Was a 10 point, but broke off one brow tine, so a 9 point for the tag. Big neck, all rutted up. It all changes in a minute. At lunch time I drove over to meet the new tenants in the rental house down the road. We had an amicable conversation, and I believe he is now very clear about my borders and is very aware of my presence.
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    Was watching a doe group, when they became alarmed and took off up the hill. Couple minutes later this gal showed up, sneaking down the edge of the swamp. My buddies daughter will make some mittens with the pelt. They are quite common around here. Didn't weigh her but she's one of the biggest females we've ever taken.
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    As of 4pm.... BBD !!! Finally wiped the mud and blood off my phone... Mile drag ... Conversations, and now the post !!! 183 yrds. Savage 220. Ran 40 yrds but was dead on trigger pull. Quartering to and nothing left of lungs to identify. Heck to the yes !!! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Our daughter gets it done again. She travels here every year from out of state for what has become a family tradition for the rifle opener. She's taken bucks for each of the last four years. This year is a little different in that she and her husband had their first daughter (and our fourth grandchild) just seven weeks ago, and precious Evelyn came along for the trip for the first time. It was hard for her to get out, but Grandma babysat for the day, and we got out together for this afternoon's hunt. She sat in the same stand as I did for my 9-pointer yesterday, and dropped this 6-pointer who showed up at about 4:15. Now it's Grandma's turn, and we have the rest of the week off!
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    3 came in 2 left ..not big but fresh venison...
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    Well I was packed in with lunch and rain gear if needed to do an all day sit. Made it too stand extra early hoping to not spook anuthing on my way in, in stand at 5:35. The day started off interesting as i was getting mysrlf situated in my stand with a red light, a turkey flew off roost anout 40 yds from my tree. So the turkeys were roosted i my area, which is cool, i love all the turkey talk and seeing them come out of roost. As it turned out, the flock was roosted about 70 yds from my tree. At about 8:15 I passed on a group of 5 doe that came by...about 20 yrs. Tgen at about 10:20 a doe and a yearling came by. It was cool watching the doe clean the yearling licking the fawn all over it's face and ears for about 15 minutes. Then they grazed for about 10 minutes before bedding down about 40 yrs from my stand. I had hoped that a buck buck would cruise through to check the doe and the bedding area. Well about 1155 I notice one of the bedded deer intently look to her left and staring in that direction. After about 20 seconds, I see a deer approaching from the left and then I see antlers. As the buck started approaching the bedded doe, she got up and walked a little to the right. The buck walked tight over to the area she was laying and sniffed her bed for a few seconds. It was thick in this area and at this point I thought the buck was a medium 6Pt so I decided to pass on him. Then after he was done sniffing the does bed he moved to the right towards the doe. She bounded my way a little bit and started walking out in front of me. The buck followed but when he reached s clearing at about 27 yrs, I saw that he was a decent 8Pt and leveled the cross hairs on his chest. At the shot he mule kicked bounded away for about 20 yds and then walked slowly dropping about 40 yds from where he was hit.
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    What a way to break a lousy season ,caught this guy with 3 doe at 8:30 . Broke the cherry on my Henry 30 30 ,70 yards,both lungs and top of heart.
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    Got it done in 8H. I actually missed this buck with my crossbow a couple weeks ago. Had been passing on some smaller bucks since. Had a big doe with twins go by a couple minutes before legal shooting time. 10 mins later he was at 60 yards looking around for the does. First shot as you can see was high and back. Next shot fortunately was lethal. Feel very blessed he decided to come by my stand again. Thanks to everyone on here for always sharing your stories and positivity. Ps: that is a Tactacam on my barrel not a flashlight
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    Killed a 9pt (basic 8pt with a sticker) yesterday at 10:30am...........just a few minutes before I had a doe come trotting up and skidded to a halt 30 yards away. She was breathing hard and alone so I thought for sure a buck would be along shortly. She spotted me at the same time I spotted her and she trotted up and around me. I stared intently in the westerly direction she came from and all of a sudden in front of me this buck comes out of the brush, walking at a fast clip. I quickly spun the gun in his direction and got on him. He stepped into a "window" and I touched off the 7mm-08 120gr Nosler BT and lo & behold down he went. Turned out it was a perfect shot at about 60-70 yards. Pulled my umbrella down and shimmied down the tree in my climber, crept over to him ready for a charge but nope, he was done. Like the archery buck from last Saturday, this one was small bodied. He went on the scale (I didn't weigh last weeks buck) and only pulled it to 98lbs. Odd, very odd for a 2.5 year old. (assumed age) So that's it for my buck tags in NYS........Pennsylvania is next Monday and the Good Lord willing, I'll get down there for that. Another picture of the buck with a pair of Charlie May knives. The story on the knives is pretty cool........A couple years ago while at deer camp on Friday night before OD, my buddies ex son in law (they are still close even after the divorce) and I got into a discussion about something and I politely said, "ahh, NFW David". He said (politely) GFY Larry. Well a bet ensued and I forget what I would have to pay but he said if he was wrong, he'd buy me a custom knife. He called his father after the shouting had ceased and his father said to him, yea, you F'd up, Larry is right. We were into the sauce kind of heavy and it was all in good fun as I love him like a brother and we laughed about it. He said he'd make square with me and I of course told him to pound salt, I don't need anymore damned knives! OK, two years later he presents me with a Charlie May Wammer set in a pocket sheath the night before OD. I packed it with me yesterday morning and here they are........... And I DID use one of the knives....
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    Dropped the Hammer on this guy at 10:30 this morning. He was tending a doe, they circled in front me three times before I had a shot opportunity. 8 pt with split brow, 24” spread. My biggest to date. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got in a stand i just moved and cleared around on tuesday. 10 after 7 i see a deer moving straight towards me on my right hand side. He was traveling through a young beech tree forest and pines. Got a glimpse of his rack through the scope and watched his stop and work a scrape i peeded in the day before lol. It was real this with the young beech but i found a small window and when his shoulder enter it bang! He ran maybe 40 yards and flopped over. Climbed down after a hour and half and got to see hes a wierd racked buck. Left side main beam is short and rounded off, had a good sized point coming off straight back thats busted off along with both his brow tines. Shot was maybe 40 yards, took the top of his heart off and blew up the lungs. This has to go down as one of my best seasons ever.
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    My buddy had a great last afternoon at one of the properties we hunt. Happy for him.
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    Well my quest to harvest picket this year came to an end 11/14/17 I had does and fawns milling through the beech trees feeding along with several small bucks. I see a doe break out into the field at a sprint about 70 yards from me with picket on her trail. She starts feeding and he is pestering her non stop. Her button buck fawn came out and picket chased him around the field and then would chase the doe around. The other doe in the woods all immediately retreated to my sanctuary to the west. Picket was still pestering the doe and chasing then BB around. It was time to make it happen if possible by employing a trick I have done to success 8or9 times in the past. When the doe and picket stopped running I hit the bleat can and the doe locked on me or rather my immediate area so I tipped the can again. She started marching to me as if on a string with picket right with her and still being bothered with the BB presence. The doe enters the woods and is only 10 yards from me as picket is pacing the edge of the field. The BB goes to the west and then enters the woods and starts back east trying to get back to its mother. Picket tries to enter the woods but had to step back turn his head sideways to get between 2 trees and as soon as he is in the woods he charges at the BB who tears off to the west and keeps running. Picket turns around and starts back towards me and he stops in the only open spot over 10 yards from that stand high up in a hemlock as he is broadside at 15 yards with a basket ball size hole 5 yards in front of me through the limbs of a hemlock between us. I was extremely calm and thought was ok this just got real. Anchor, sight picture, bend at the waste, this is just like hundreds of other times. Sight picture is great as he is standing with a 8 inch beech tree over his front shoulder forward enough that I can see the white haired elbow of his front leg. There is a 12 inch beech tree covering his guts from his rear stomach back. Ok Lee 2 years coming and you have nothing but vitals. Sight picture, follow through. Just an instinct reaction as I watch the arrow pierce his ribs high just behind the shoulder. He wheels sideways knocking over the filed edge brush and then walks 50 yards and stops. The doe is still standing under me as I hang the bow while watching him and trying to get the field glasses out and wondering why he is still standing. I ease to a seated position so I had a clearer look at him and in disbelief I see him slowly hunching up. I am sick to my stomach, he takes a couple steps and I can see part of his intestine hanging out the exit hole. I am in complete disbelief as to how I gut shot him. But I can see the exit but can't see the entrance hole but I KNOW I saw that arrow go right behind the shoulder.! He slowly walks east towards the woods as the big 8 comes out and starts chasing a different doe and picket doesn't even look at him. I am about to be sick and trying to keep an eye on picket as he disappears into the woods headed towards his bedding area. As I set there listening and watching I made a vow to myself that after 2 years and now what looks to be a poor shot by me that will be 100% fatal for the deer if for some reason I don't recover him he will be the last deer I ever shoot with a bow. The doe under me walked back out to the field so I called dad and told him what happened, he gave me a pep talk cause I was not being so nice to myself over what I had done. 45 minutes passed so I climbed down the climbing sticks and eased over to the arrow and just as I thought dark blood and stomach matter. I looked at the edge of the field and had good blood. I eased to the filed edge to the east and there was blood sprayed up the side of a cherry tree and the leaves were crimson. Walked right to him and man There was no ground shrinkage!! Of course I called dad first and then sent a pic to just and a couple hunting friends as I was trying to calm down. After last years screw up by me pushing the envelope and having him smell me thus blowing my chance at I'm the rest of last season I vowed to not make that mistake again and I was going to kill picket or eat tag soup. The range of emotions was unreal, from elation walking up to him to the pangs of sadness for taking his life after being such a stellar opponent that really made me step up all aspects of my game this season, and for that I will be eternally grateful. As it turned out somehow the arrow turned after entrance took entire top lobe off the right lung, turned and center punched liver out through the lower left stomach. 19 inches inside 18 inches tip to tip Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    Lots of firsts for me this year. First deer ever on opening day and first with a handgun. I can't believe how incredibly lucky and blessed I've been this season. The weather was cold and rainy all morning but that didn't stop this guy from showing up at 10 a.m. Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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    So it’s actually been a long season for me so far... I bow hunted my ass off passed on this buck a few times during bow, I had some nice 8’s I’ve been after. So any way I was away in mass for work the past few days. At yesterday’s meeting I found out I was going to be traveling the next 2.5 weeks and wasn’t really going to get a chance to hunt. Between that and my 4 month old. My hunting season was shot. So any way I got in the car yesterday at 4:30 and made the almost 7 hour drive up to camp. In my head I thought I was crazy driving 7 hours to hunt opening morning. I have to be home tonight to spend time with the wife and kid before I travel. Any way at around this guy showed up and just kinda milled around for a while. Needing meat and having a very limited season this year I said screw it, and heart punched him at 80 yards. Also this little guy is the first deer taken at our new camp, so even though he’s small I caped him out and he’s going front and center about the fireplace here, never to be replaced by his bigger friends to follow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well I guess I'll be the first to post. My dad shot the biggest deer of his life this morning at 7:22. He christened the new hunting rifle I gave him a couple years ago. Deer dressed out at 170 lbs. Clean heart shot.
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    I went out solo this morning for muzzleloader. Went to a stand in the back left corner of the property. Saw nothing and started to get cold after two hours, so I took a walk to another stand near the front left corner of the property. Within a few minutes, I see a white tail bounding from right to left, about 100 yards away, then another. They quickly go out of my range of vision, but then they circled back. It was almost like they were playing. I take a look with the rangefinder and see it is a buck chasing two does. I stupidly zoomed in my scope to the max 9x, and now I am struggling to get a deer in the scope. Finally, I spot them and get them in the scope. The buck pauses, I quickly line up a shot and fire away. The buck bounds off to the left again, after the does. I try to watch him go as far as I can. No drop. So I wait a few minutes, get down, reload (you never know) and start looking for tracks, blood or hair. The shot was between 80 and 100 yards, best I could figure. I find the tracks, but no blood or hair. I follow them as far as I could go where I lost the buck to the left of my field of vision. Nothing. Oh well, I missed. At this point I'm near another tree stand at the front center of the property, so I just decide to go sit in that one. It's about 10:45, and I was going to take a lunch/heat break around 11:30 anyway. Go up, get all settled in, etc. and within 5 minutes, almost directly in front of me, I see a buck standing in the middle of the food plot that's in front of the treestand I had just shot from! Well, this time, I'm not rushing it, and he was he kind enough to just stand there in the middle of the food plot and wait for me. I guess he was still looking for the does that gave him the slip. I use the range finder to range him in at 150 yards. Then I look at the chart for my scope/ballistics (I printed it, laminated it front and back with packing tape, and attached it to my scope with a garbage twist tie) and see that the second circle at 8x is 149 yards. So I crank my scope to 8x, carefully like up my shot, and gently pull the trigger. Bam! He drops like he is supposed to. Saw the legs try to move for a few seconds, but that was it. I quickly went to go get the UTV, then went over to field dress him. Although the middle of the day, I was worried about the coyotes coming. Fortunately, that was not an issue. When I finally get to him I see he is a six pointer with a surprisingly wide rack; medium sized body. For my first muzzleloader kill, and my first deer of this season, I'm happy. After two misses in shotgun, and one miss earlier this morning, it was a relief to finally connect. Sorry for the pic. I was solo and in a bit of a hurry.
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    After a short stay in the hospital, to have a tumor in my bladder removed. Been following the forum a little here and there, while coming out of the fog of surgery and meds. But I'm back, and doing much better today!! Want to thank those that sent well wishes and prayers, as no doubt they all helped. I ask that the good thoughts and prayers continue, not for myself, but for a couple of others from this forum, who are fighting a much bigger battle than I. Not sure if I'll be able to get back out to hunt this year, but I'd like to, if at all possible. I have a couple spots on our property, that I can almost drive to with my truck or wheeler, for a short sit. Hopefully my grandson will come with me and we start to make memories with the Sako! Take care all. Hold your loved ones a little closer today.
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    This guy tried sneaking through a thicket full of prickers and rose bush. He didn't make it!
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    I posted yesterday that it was my wife's turn to get a buck today, and she got some pretty good reward for her effort. We all stayed up a bit too late last night, and it would have been pretty easy to just sleep in. But she was up and at 'em and out the door by 6:00. It was a pretty slow morning here, and she saw only one small doe by 11:00. She had a doe tag, but it was her turn for a buck today after all, so that doe was left alone. Back out for the afternoon sit by 1:30, and after about a half hour this guy trotted out from the pines she was in and went trotting out into the field 40 yards in front of her. She said it took only two more steps right into the ground, courtesy of her Ruger 7mm-08. Her best ever deer, a handsome, symmetrical 8 pointer, with not a bit of damage on his rack. It's destined for the living room wall, and after waffling on whether to mount my 9-pointer, we'll get our first ever husband and wife mounts from the same season. I an more happier for her than any deer I've ever shot. She's all calm and relaxed, and I'm still stoked. This is rounding up to be our best season ever hunting on the homestead. Her 8, my 9, and our daughter's 6. I'm picking up our 10 year old grandson from Rochester on Friday to hopefully go fill my doe tag with him along for the hunt. Did that last year for the first time. Friday's his turn.
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    Had a heartwrenching encounter with the buck of my dreams yesterday afternoon. I had him at 20yds. All I needed was for him to take 5 steps so I could put a bolt through his heart, but a scrub buck pulled him the other way. Luck shone on me today though! Took my father in-law to a different spot today and I saw this buck heading right for him, but when the buck turned the other way I took a 120yd shot. .243 clipped his heart. His death dash was only 60yds. Dragging him out was the pits, but well worth it. 9 point. Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    I shot this doe at 11:00 Saturday, .270 through the scapula on the passenger side. She went about 50 yards with an excellent blood trail
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    Finally closed the deal on a buck. Last morning of archery. He came wandering through about 9:00 . He looked tired and was just browsing some leaves off the honeysuckle as he did. I hit him high... (again). And he went down on the spot ,followed up with a quick 2nd shot and watched the air go right out of him.. a lot better performance than the 5 arrows it took to kill the doe I shot few days ago from the same stand...lol.. I would love to have seen him in another year. But I'm not that guy yet.. this was a LOT of fun... This is becoming my favorite spot at Letchworth.. 2 nine points and 3 doe in the last 3 years..
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    Well as we walked up to Gavin deer we heard a shot from where I put our other Jr. Hunter and his dad. Just as we finished gutting Gavin deer I got a text and Colton had a 7 point down, he made a great shot for only being 10 years old. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    Well couldn't do live from the stand because in the middle of nowhere there's no cell service.... So I am live from camp now. At 745 am we had a buck chasing 7 doe. Tipped the can a few times and did a couple soft grunts. He turned and walked right towards us but one doe was trying to take him back up the hill. Gavin was shaking but calm he said I can shoot him in the neck. That's all he could see, I hear the safety click off and an immediate shot and the buck dropped in his tracks. Gavin did great for being 11 and making a great 75 yard shot. There ain't enough napkins to wipe the smile off his face. Lol. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    My uncle got a nice 8 tonight not a bad 8 point
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    My oldest son has been asking to go on a hunt with me this year so yesterday afternoon we headed up to my property in 6G and setup in a field surrounded by thick woods. I had been hunting a nice 8 that I have had camera pics of all year but didnt want to pass on an opportunity to hunt with one of my kids so we setup in a spot where the buck hadnt been seen all year. Knowing that the rut was nearing the end, I decided to use a decoy and a little code blue just in case. In the field by 2:30. At 4:15 I grunted 5 times and the deer I have been hunting all season runs out of the woods with his nose to the ground and immediately tries to breed my decoy (I guess it wouldnt hurt to have another one....). He dismounted when he was staring down my barrel at 75 yards and dropped in his tracks when the .300 Win Mag barked. Sadly, we see very few large deer and by most standards on this site, its probably a less than impressive deer but to my boy and I it was the greatest thing that could have happened to us yesterday. Bonding time and getting a deer that we were specifically targeting. In a couple months he will be 14 and it will be his time to start sitting with a gun. Thankful and blessed!
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    Cranberry mountain paid off Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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    I included a picture of the stand ,except it's from last week. I had 3 doe move briskly across the back property line (mowed field meets the woods). I decide I would take the biggest one. The 3 of them actually looked confused and were bumping in to each other on which way to go,they ended up in the field and all 3 were clear shots until I noticed that a nice 8 was headed towards the doe. He stopped in the field broadside at 70 yards ,i let him have it with the henry 30 30 that i just recently acquired.
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    I'd just gotten comfy in a stand I had not sit yet this year. Button...then young doe... then her 8 point date shows up from the opposite direction. All behind me. Tons of brush. Few openings. Split second green light for a quartering away shot. Nailed it. This one is for a friends freezer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have been watching this guy on the cam for a while and he finally stepped out in front of me today. Took him 15 minutes to commit. There are not a lot of deer up here in 5H but they do have nice racks. Anyway, biggest one I ever got up here. He ran right into a pile of tops the loggers left behind this year. Biggest one taken here in the last 8 years or so. Imma happy boy!
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    Got it done in NW 8J this morning using my old Savage lever Model 99 chambered in 300 Savage. Time to switch to another gun and look for a good buck to harvest.
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    Well.... A 400 hundred yard walk in through a frozen muddy field, not the quietest walk in ! Can't cross the drainage ditch , find a spot I can and get a soaker walking through flooded brush / woods. Up in a little cheap ladderstand used once in bow . A doe comes through I thought of taking her but hear a ba ba ba behind her, a young bucks stops broadside , I pass as we have rules the farm and so do I on what I want to take . He keeps looking back more ba ba ba , must be a bigger one right ? He stays somewhat hidden but I see part of the rack it looks bigger then first , find an opening bang ! Little pink 7mm08 drops it right there. Stay on stand a few minutes see coyote moving around , seems he thinks that should be his meal . Bang drop him . Get down opps , ground shrinkage !! Text pics to farmer tell him I messed up on buck , he's ok with it as we have a fair number of big ones can afford to take a couple young ones. About and hour and 15 minute drag through the mud to my car . Hunting after work around 9:30 with my daughter tomorrow, she gets to use pink gun , seems to shoot ok .
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    8 Pointer in 4H , he was traveling alone ! Hope he scored with the ladies !
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    Got it done in 8N Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    My son scored this morning with a Buck and a Doe ! Thank God we had the ATV !
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    As planned, we picked up our 10 year old grandson yesterday to hopefully fill my last doe tag that I was saving for this. Last year we did this for the first time and got lucky in five minutes after settling in. This year we had about 3 hours of stand time before seeing any deer. I could tell he was getting a little bored. With just a couple of minutes of legal light, we had a 150 yard shot opportunity across the field along the far tree line. The doe bolted into the woods, and I had that tiny bit of anxiety as I lost sight of it. Jake's eyes were zeroed in on it, and he said I think it's down. He sounded pretty confident about that. Got down with him immediately and without looking for any signs, we marched up to where it entered the woods. He took a few steps in and he spotted it laying about 60 yards downhill. The second doe for he and I on the day after Thanksgiving two years in a row. So I guess we go shopping on Black Friday too. For whitetails. This season is going to be pretty hard to top for our family. Thankful for every minute of it!
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    After a tough archery season, I wasn't seeing many does and I passed on 5 different bucks on stateland, I decided I wasn't holding out for anything too special this gun season, the last 4 years I haven't pulled the trigger on a deer with my rifle because I was waiting for a real good one, well, I got sick of waiting and at 7AM I shot this buck, he's not big by any means but sometimes you get too wrapped up in "big buck" mode that it takes the fun out of hunting. Hunting only public land can be frustrating enough but when you're waiting on a 3 year old buck it gets super tough. 30 yd shot, hit him directly through the heart, he ran 30 yds straight into a tree and down. The bloody blob is what a heart looks like after a 180gr soft point hits it... Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    So went to a piece of stateland ive only pushed on but decided i was going to sit it at least once this year. So during the summer i found a blowdown and decided that would be my spot. So my goal this year was another nice buck, but sitting there waiting for it to get light i realized. Im not a trophy hunter i'm a meat hunter. And between 3 kids now and my disabled father wants to get out this year i figured filling my tag to spend time with the kids and help my dad took priority. So at 7:30 i hear one walking in and at 25 yards he popped out of the thicket past a tree and took him through the heart. He maybe went 45 yards. Decent body i would guess 120ish. Ended up being a broken up little wanna be 5.
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    Poor signal from the stand so posting now. My wife gets in done! Story in the harvest thread.
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    This morning was a bust!! I was out of the stand by 900. Had limbs falling and just wasn't liking the wind. I went out this afternoon and before I had my gun up I had a spike horn in front of me. I thought " Its going to be a good night" About 400 I start hearing something behind me. I look back and just see horns. As I start to swing around he jumps and ran 10 yards stops and looks back. It was a quick shot and it was true. Lungs and heart. 60-70 yards dash and it was all over. Didn't want anybody to see the identity of the deer!!!!!!!
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    we had two encounters with this guy during bow season, but he eluded a shot. Today at 9:25AM he came back to his rub line and an old scrape he was making early on. Watched him rub a tree down and he turned to the old scrape as freshened up the scrape and with his head in the overhanging pine limbs he game me this 25yd neck shot.
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    My dad shot the biggest deer of his life this morning.