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    It started as a joke as I was helping sis with some tree removal this weekend. As I started to get the hang of things a little bit, I decided to keep going and gave that little electric saw a workout! In the end, sis decided she wanted to keep him, and my plan to throw him in the firepit and starting over was over ruled,lol! I'll definitely be messing around with more of this stuff in the future.
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    Finally got to see the little pecker heads today!
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    I still need a little work on my grizzly bears, but I'm pretty happy with the owl. Gotta haul some more lumber home and I'll probably try an eagle next. The bear was cherry and the owl maple. Huge difference in working with each.
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    Took the step yesterday, and most already know. Wife and I Planned on getting more pics with our phones couldn't really, but I got a few. She does have about 100 or so on her camera, and people snapping pics right and left with cameras and phones. Between that, drinking, socializing and eating, I barely got any, but my brother sent me a few he took. I had to resize those and clean them up a little, but here's a few pics of the day below. The day was awesome, great weather, great people, great food, and some good conversations. Once the ceremony was over, I think I saw my wife about 4 times for a total of 15 minutes over 3+ hours. LOL. Caught up with some people I hadn't talked to in a while, met some of new people she works with. The final part of our ceremony was a traditional Celtic Binding. That even went perfectly. Was just an awesome afternoon!
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    Shoot be decent for bow and great for gun. Will be fun bringing Natalie along more often or roughing it in lousy weather. Tough job solo but got her done and it will be worth it. Only sits about 20 yds from edge of late season food plot but also is tucked in woods where we have big oaks loaded with acorns this year.
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    I have three personal friends (and a couple on here) that are battling cancer. Late today I got some very good news.......one of the three who has prostate prostrate cancer that has spread to his abdomen went for a CT scan last week and saw the doctor today. The tumor has shrunk after hormone treatment for the last few months and his PSA was under "1". Far, far from being out of the woods I know but it's good news regardless. I'll get some more information tomorrow on the situation but for now it's a glimmer of hope. Bottoms up if you imbibe......
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    So,after 28 years it ends at 0800 hours. Very bittersweet,love the job and the men ,but my time has passed, an old boss stopped by and told how I was a beast, well not anymore, time to step aside for the new beasts . Ill miss the fires, the brotherhood, and drinking IPAs with cute TV news reporters , but I’m tired of the BS and being a shadow of past self.
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    Woodies! I have no idea how they didn't see me. When I finally put the sneak on them and peaked over the creek bank, they were gone. Also bumped into a turtle I think was looking for a nesting area. Got a little snapper stank on my fingers before I let her go about her business!
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    Hardly perfect, but turned out better than I imagined when I first got started. I definitely need to work on my eyeballs more,lol No real good way to take a pic of the whole thing so here's a short vid clip.
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    I killed this buck a few years ago in East Aurora with the ML'r. I made a good shot on him and he just dropped right there..........can you see the bullet hole? I always thought the picture looked good, the blood on the stock wasn't staged.
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    Yes I have and will do it again.. I have one again on the property. A very dark brown almost black and white.
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    About 6 months ago my 14 year old daughter came to us for a conversation. She wanted to change teams and league. She was playing D1 EDP league soccer. Her goal was to play for the top league in the country ECNL Elite Clubs National League. She gave her reasons and we gave our blessings. She worked hard training by herself at home 30 minutes a day. She has a personal trainer 1 time a week. I actually caught her pulling a tub full of fire wood around the backyard in the snow training. Well tryouts ended and she got the call that she made the team. I'm so proud of her and her aspirations! I'll be traveling all over the country with her and so looking forward to it! FL
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    Getting my moneys worth this season...#2 down @11:00. What a rough/grueling season!!
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    Had a fun weekend on Keuka with@Pygmy and@Otto. We fried up a mess of rock bass, huge perch, and my first ever laker. May have had a beer or nine as well lol. We had a raccoon come in and steal stuff each night, and apparently stuck his hands in the fry oil. Top it off with a big Quick Draw win! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Last night was my retirement party, at which my former crew gave me this rifle ! It was way more then necessary, but I’m honored , and almost don’t want to use it . Not the best pics I know .
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    I cut this beech sapling down for a hiking stick a couple years ago and forgot about. It was the perfect shape and size for my hand. It dried perfectly with no cracks, so now it's time to decorate it with some wood spirits! I still got 3 or four more faces to carve on it, but it's coming along nicely and I thought I'd share my progress so far. I'm really getting tired of doing these guys already, but it's a fun piece to pick up when I can't think of anything fresh to work on. Then I just scribble on another face and get a little more done on it.
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    Had this little guy visit our middle school yesterday. He was chased off, and school went about things normally, except for a short lockout. He likely had a good breakfast before being moved along. These young bears are only looking for a place, where people and bigger bears leave them alone.
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    before and after.....of bow harvested buck from 2017. Meat went to Hunters for the Hungry.
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    Was a great day, we had lots of fun, Came to this mud hole and the wife drove around. So I called her a chicken and I hit it , well I ended up getting high centered and the bottom fell out from under my tires. Picture doesn’t do it justice, I stood on one floor board and had it tipped sideways quite a bit and almost got it to back out, I had some nice rooster tails flying and ended up getting water on my electronics under my seat and stalling out the wheeler. So we ended up hooking up the winch on the wife’s wheeler and pulled it out..
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    I dated a tall chick for awhile.....Probably looked kinda like that guy..... We used the BUCKET method of birth control..... When we got "friendly" she liked to do it standing up....Since she was so tall and I am so short, I would stand on a bucket... At the crucial time, she'd watch my face, and when my eyes started to roll back in my head, she'd kick the BUCKET out from under me...
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    I got this pic of a piebald doe earlier today. I've been hunting this area for years and this is the first time I've seen a piebald in the area.
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    He was sooooo excited to get the shotgun, and we are so happy to be able to give it to him. Mossberg 500 20ga with 22" barrel.
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    Pulled a few cards last weekend. Haven't been through them all and still have a few more to swap, but got this bear about 30 yds from one of my pop-up blinds. It's a poor exposure, but looks to be a good sized one, presumably male? It was the second to last day of turkey season. I was at work that day, and I admittedly would have experienced the pucker factor if I was sitting in the blind at the time. The time is correct, so I would have probably just gotten settled in if I was out. Hope to see him in the Fall when I have a bit more than turkey loads in the gun!
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    How did all you fellers Fathers Day go? My youngest boy turns 1 today so we did his 1 year pics, and celebrated on Saturday at The Almond Rod and Gun Club. It was a wonderful day, with friends and family. I woke up Fathers Day morning put up an acre of electric fence around one of my soybean plots for late season action. Then enjoyed the rest of the day with friends and Family, BBQ, Yard games, jokes, lies etc... It was a great day. Then at the end of the day after Dinner time, and several beers later. My wife walks out to me with a brand new Ruger American Predator in 22-250 for my birthday/Fathers day gift. That was an even better ending to an already great day. I told her no guns until after we move in to our 1st house we just purchased. But she didn't listen lol. I must be doing somethign right lol. Hope everyone's day was fabulous as well!
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    I hope all the Fathers here have a great day. I'll be spending the day with my father & father in law and consider myself fortunate. If your father has passed, I hope you can conjure up some good memories of him. If you & your father can't be together today, give him a call. If having a picnic; don't eat raw burgers and stay hydrated.......
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    I hate when these folks lump all us hard core bikers into one crazy group. Had my ride opened right up full throttle today and I'm not apologizing for doing it either, so tough for you complainers. Got her purring like a kitten right now too....
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    I will be attending my 50th high school reunion this weekend....Never thought I'd survive this long..Hehehe.. I'm sure that my first question will be " Who the heck ARE all these OLD people ??"..... I have been going through my senior class yearbook trying to refresh my memory...I hope I don't call somebody by the wrong name, especially if that name is someone who's dead....
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    This bear stopped by a few minutes ago. Love seeing them!
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    Daughters first fish. Really cool moment.
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    Wife cooked me some walleye from saturday.
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    We pulled the trigger on the keystone
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    My grandsons and I made some carp bait took it to the Hudson and caught some great catfish
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    A good weekend for a nice variety of fish...I ended up catching 14 Largemouth, 2 Smallmouth, 2 Pike, and a Perch. All catch and release except for some perch. They became perch tacos Tuesday night!
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    I'd rather see a "wild" 150 inch ten point. Though this deer is "wild" too, it was born and died inside a fence.
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    Another instance of OVERESTIMATING Antler size. That buck is in the low 380s max!
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    Prado Restaurant- Scottsdale, AZ. Braised Short Ribs & Paella Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Staying after em... Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Got a 2yr old this morning in the Adirondacks, tagged out. Had to really work for them this year but I accomplished my goal of killing 2 birds with the bow with no blinds and no calls. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bought this plaque at runnings for my office ......cause well I'm pretty sure it's me!!!!! WTH!???? Lol. Freaked me out a little.
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    Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers , to your father’s and father’s fathers. Sister just messaged me from Scotland. She just spread our folks cremains at the isle of Skye in Scotland near a bench overlooking Kilted rock and water fall. Mom n Pop had been there a couple of times , we named our daughters middle name Skye as they both said most beautiful place they’ve ever been. We had no idea if boy or girl and no middle name picked out for either. Only been a couple of months after losing them both in a short span. Today and Mother’s Day pretty rough Cherish every moment with your family as you never know what tomorrow brings. Happy Father’s Day Pop. Wish we could go fishing tonight as we always did on Father’s Day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Didn’t realize it was mating season for bears I took my kids to see what I do and opened up my trail cam and was looking through pictures I saw 2 bears who I thought were playing ( blonde moment) and showed my girls. My eldest tells me mom they are not wrestling look again smh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bacon wrapped venison t loins.
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    Got out today on the willowemoc and ended up with 2 11” Brookies. First time I’ve ever gotten a brook trout, first time I caught a fish on a fly and first time I caught a trout on a fly I made. First one hit a red and partridge and the second hit a black spider. I tied both and even shit the bird that I got the feathers for the black spider. I lost one big one and had a few more hits that I missed. All in all t was a good day on the river. I want to go tomorrow, but I doubt I will. I’m thinking I’ll go up again next week after Tuesday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It occurred to me that this year marked an important occasion, five spring seasons in the books since my switch to a 20ga. It's been one of the best turkey hunting decisions I ever made, I wouldn't go back to a 12ga if someone paid me. It's significantly lighter than my old 870 and just a dream to carry, and my ears no longer ring for 5 minutes after a shot. Over five years of hunting with it I've carried it in four states and managed to kill birds in three of those, including taking a public land Osceola in Florida. I've pulled the trigger thirteen times on spring gobblers, at distances from 12 to 41 yards, and each one has dropped like it was hit by lightning. Two birds in Maine were taken with Federal Heavyweight 6's, the rest fell to Heavyweight 7's. My collection of shells from successful hunts. I record the date, location, distance, and stats of the bird on each shell. Eight of these birds were 3-years old or older, the other five were two-year olds (although two of them were over 3/4" but under 1", so a bit of a gray area). The NY birds were killed as early as May 1st and as late as May 22nd. The best set of spurs from this bunch was 1 3/8". Heaviest bird was 22lbs 9oz, and the lightest was 16lbs 4oz. _DSC3917 by Shadow Hills Photography, on Flickr A few of the birds that have dropped to the 20. _Q7Q7968 by Shadow Hills Photography, on Flickr _Q7Q8070 by Shadow Hills Photography, on Flickr _DSC2389 by Shadow Hills Photography, on Flickr _DSC2394 by Shadow Hills Photography, on Flickr IMG_2326 by Shadow Hills Photography, on Flickr _B8I5994 by Shadow Hills Photography, on Flickr
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    Limit of eyes and some perch. Got lost in the land of 14" walleyes for a while and had to keep letting them go.. lol. Must've caught 10 shorts. Caught 2 other keepers but not big enough to cull. 22' of water was the magic number. Not 21, not 23.... But it seemed as soon as I hit it in 3 different spots there were fish. Fishing buddy Corey wasn't feeling well so he didn't make it this morn.
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    To all our heroes, past, present and future... Thank you.
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    Off my sissy truck this morning, it occurred to me that I have now had the pleasure of hunting with several members that I met on the forum: Phade, Nomad, Grampy, Tree Guy, Pygmy and now Culver Creek. All are top notch guys and all know their way around the woods. It’s cool that each was willing to share their knowledge and I soaked up as much as I could. I count each as a friend now too. Each shared the same characteristic of putting others before themselves. Can’t say that about any other forum on which I have participated. There are also bunch of members that I haven’t hunted with yet but feel like I know from the forum or sharing some food. I think highly of all of them too. Pretty cool in my opinion. This place is filled with a lot of good people Don’t miss the chance to meet these folks when it arises. I have yet to be disappointed. Happy Memorial Day to all of you.
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    I like having a "truck boat" or two and for the last few years have been using a flat back canoe for fishing the small waters around my area. I found this on Craigslist today from a seller in PA. 12 ft Sea Nymph. It's a lightweight model so it only weighs 100 lbs. I've already got a little 4hp Yamaha outboard to put on it. Hopefully I'll have an easy time at the DMV tomorrow to transfer it, and can get it wet this weekend. It'll be nice to have a little more elbow room, but still be able to get in the small waters.