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    Finally picked up my once in a lifetime NY buck. Highlight of the trip was watching my little guy walk into a taxidermist shop and lose his mind .Absolutely thrilled with how this guy turned out! Really happy that I went with a floor pedestal as a wall pedestal wouldn't have worked very well in my basement. Still trying to figure out what direction to face him, and if he should even stay on that wall. He dwarfs my other two bucks something terrible. Lab came back and said he was a 5.5 year old which seems about right given the cinder block he had for a skull.
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    Pet peeve of mine and one that reallllllly irritates me first thing in the morning. THE COFFEE CHEMIST. I usually make coffee at home before work. If I do stop for it on the way in it is usually because I am running later than I want to be. SO this type of person is NOT the one I want in front of me. They get their coffee and then proceed to the table with the cream and sugar. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. all while standing squarely in the middle so no one else can use the ingredients. Today was the day that I had to finally say something and the look on this guys face was priceless. I finally had to ask him. "It's a hard habit to kick once you start. why would you choose to start drinking coffee today?" He looked at me bewildered and said he has been drinking coffee for decades. I followed up with "oh. I am sorry. I would have thought that after all that time you would have figured out how much cream and sugar you like" He didn't find my comments as amusing as I did. Rant over
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    Some pictures from last weekend's long weekend trip to the Hill Country in Texas. Went primarily to kill a nice axis buck and a doe. Wound up killing a very nice buck and a cull buck (rancher wanted it killed instead of a doe) and my buddy also got a respectable buck also. Weather was extremely hot, but we had plenty of ice on hand and meat arrived back home in fine shape. Most axis deer rut in the summer rather than the fall. A LOT of eating here, axis deer yield more than a whitetail, I got about 60# boneless from the smaller deer, and about 75# on the larger deer. Can't wait to go back some day!!
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    My 19 year old daughters boyfriend is coming down so she can't come. We decided this weekend would be like the weekends we spent when they were in single digits. Get to the cabin unload. See what we needed and off to Canisteo to Wegmans and the dollar store. I used to give them 10 bucks each to buy stuff. Probably she will ask for 20! Back to the cabin and mow the yard take a ride on the quad. Fires Friday and Saturday night. At some point lay in the field and look up at the stars for satelites and shooting stars. Do some antiquing and fishing, enjoy life. No work this weekend!!!!
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    Just thought I would share a few pictures of that bull I shot last fall. I know a few of you hate pictures from the taxidermist but the mount only came in a few weeks ago and I haven't had a chance to put it up yet.
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    On Friday I made the 9+ hour drive up to Millinocket, ME to set up base camp at Big Moose Inn and Cabins. Fairly exhausted, the first order of business was to crack open a beer (see beer thread) and then start a fire. The camp sites are ok, but the main Inn, including the "Loose Moose" bar has tons of character! And right next door is the coolest Trading Post I could have asked for. Yesterday was pretty much a day to rest and relax. I also met a former ranger at Chimney Pond in Baxter Park and he gave me all kinds of local knowledge about the "hill" that you won't find in any hiking guides. So Monday I'm heading up, weather permitting, of course. Here are a few shots of Katahdin from various spots around the area. I also saw a couple of bald eagles (pics on my cam, not cell) and this sea plane at sunset. Really stoked for the walk up tomorrow!
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    Reclaiming old Christmas tree fields to plant hasn’t been super easy but I’m happy for my first year with the property. Lots of other projects on the farm to do but these plots are doing ok. FWIW, this was all done with a 1025r HYDRO, single row JD planter. Fall plots are going in this week. The Brown truck just delivered my frigid forage order.
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    Well, after many starts and stops in the process we finally purchased a small camp. Just 2 acres in NE Allegany County with a 2 bedroom cabin. There's state land bordering 2 sides, and more across the street. First step was to get the grass knocked down, that took two mows with the Husqvarna rider. Now to get the rutted driveway looked at, some maintenance on the well, and replace the soft living room floor, oh and need to buy a chainsaw for some clean up. I'm sure I will have many questions in the future.
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    Pygmy, robhuntfish, Moho and myself at the yelling goat. Sloop disco blastoff transitioning into Threes I hate myself IPA. Berbere wings around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After the rifle range session we stopped at the local park to fish their pond and had a blast. Fished for just over 2 hours and between the three of us we caught at least 15 fish. Most being sunnies and bluegills. Caroline my youngest at 6 got the fish of the day a nice little bass. I’m also proud to say she mad the cast and set the hook all by herself. I did have to help bring it in only because of the large amount of weeds in front of us. Her little Barbie pole just didn’t have the power to bring it through. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've had 2 Ram 3500 SEW CC. 6.4 hemi. Love the trucks. But if I bought a third, it just wouldn't "feel" like a new truck. I needed a change. My choices were obviously, Chevy or ford. The 6.0 Chevy is underpowered. The new 6.6 GM gasser has some impressive numbers, better then the 6.4 hemi, but it's a new platform, just released, and I'm very hesitant to buy a unproven platform. So, that left ford.... F350 SRW SCLB. 6.2.
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    get ready for the live from the woods thread coming soon! Damn cant wait so we dont have to talk about filet o fish or shark week (these might be the same) or Oniontown people. Bring it on. Get your #*@& together folks! lol Cams go up this weekend - bow comes out for the first shot of the year. GF season is about to end so better take her out to dinner or plan some time so she is happy at least thru the rut! lol
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    I know a lot of you enjoyed watching me finish the ADK 46 last summer so it's about time that I posted pics from my recent hikes. Needless to say, it's been a busy summer! About a month ago, my friend Jenny joined me for a sunrise hike up to Rocky Peak Ridge and Giant. Zero parking issues along rt 73 when you're starting out at night! The hike up Giant is short (3 miles), but demanding (3000' elevation gain). However, the payoff is hiking along open ridges for much of the top half. You can't see much in the moonlight, but we enjoyed it on the way down. The trail to RPR drops down just before Giant's summit and it is a steep one! This is the toughest stretch of the hike. Once the trail finally leveled out, it was a pretty easy walk up to RPR's summit where we took in a gorgeous wrap-around view of the mountains waking up at sunrise. Two weeks ago I told my daughter, "Hey, I'm getting you up at 12:30 and taking you on a sunrise hike!" At first she thought I meant 12:30 PM! The forecast was for a clear night and perfectly sunny Saturday. But no! Fog began to fill my headlamp beam about half way up the mountain and would never clear off. While she enjoyed the hike (kinda, sort of), I don't think she'll be hounding me to go again soon. I'm proud if her for hiking her first 46er with me and bummed that she didn't get to experience the spectacular views from Cascade's summit. We stopped for chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate shakes on the way home. This might have been her favorite part of the whole day! Next up, I'm leaving Friday to tackle the most epic hike in the northeast: Mt. Katahdin and the Knife Edge! Should be an awesome trip!!
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    Aye Capt! Hell of a day on the water on Erie with Pygmy and Treeguy. Andrew you are the real deal all day out there. Started off the am with some serious waves 4-5 footers so we fished inside the wall and still got into a couple including one big one that I managed to lose. Andrew wouldn't give and the wind switched and away we went on the big lake. Got out and first rod out just got into holder and Fish on! A nice 7+#er . Best walleye I've gotten in 25 years and my first lake Erie eye! Made a pass and hooked a couple more. Wind picked right back up and made another pass and we had a double. I sent a text to my GF telling her that when they make " the Perfect Storm 2" based on our day on Erie I wanted " The Rock" to play me. Lol. So we came back in. But really wasn't worried Andrew can handle that boat! Impressive! Thanks Andrew for a great day on the water and Dan for getting together for another great fishing day! Had a blast.
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    I was graced with pygmys presence today on a not so calm lake. Pygmy and his buddy "handsome Howie" are quite a treat. Was a great time out with these boys, when I grow up I wanna be just like them. Boxed out ! Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    I had some custom printed screens made .
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    Many more pics to come when I get home, but can I just say, FUCK YEAH!!! Up the Cathedral trail (what in the hell was I thinking!) across Knife Edge (insane) and down the Helon Taylor. I have never been more psyched and terrified in my life!!!
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    So I called Bob yesterday at about 5:30pm and asked his thoughts on what we could use to upset the dirt in the plot before spreading seed on Sat. Plot is pretty much weed free at this point but dirt is hard. I was thinking of dragging a cut telephone pole with screws in it. Bob says, I have an idea and I think all the materials we need. By 10:15pm, he engineered and welded up the prototype CulverCreek ATV plow. It’s pretty darn cool and heavy duty. We can even ratchet on logs if we need more weight (it ain’t real light now) but I suspect due to the angle on the pointed tines it will dig in good enough for what we need (only 1” or so will be plenty) without weight. Plus you can flip it over and drag after spreading with the flat bar. I have to say, Bob has skills and is creative. His camp is a greater example of that though. Nice Job Culver!
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    I hate pitbulls and would never trust one around children. Come @ me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Took screenshots off a couple videos
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    Long post. Last October we got a letter in the mail for my oldest daught for an Ambassador leaders program. She was nominated by her music teacher. This program takes some of the top students in the world you have to be great in the class room,volunteer and extras for the school. Her grades do not come easy to her and has busted her butt to be top of her class has won numerous top state awards, 3 sport athlete,in the hs drama club since 5th grade her achievements just keep going. She had a choice to go to 4 top schools in the country for a week to study and interact with some people from around the world along with lectures from some politicians,professors, entrepreneurs Her choices were Ucla,yale,harvard and john hopkins. So she is currently at yale for the week,goes to NYC for a tour today along with some lectures and a broadway show, its a pretty busy week. Her goal is to become a doctor in marine biology. She is also on pace going into 9th grade to grauduate with a hs diploma and a 2 yr college degree. And plans on getting worlking papers in the fall so she can save for her first car. Couldnt be any happier for her and the work she has done. Thanks for reading.
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    My 40th high school reunion was last night but unofficially started Thursday night and ended at 5pm tonight. A small gathering Thursday night with a little bigger one Friday night got things going nicely. Lots of buddies came in town for the weekend and we had a blast. A couple brought their wives but more came solo. Understandably it can be very tedious for the spouse who didn't attend the same school but fortunately my wife and others locally know each other well. The main event was last night at a local restaurant but that included a couple hours of "warm ups" at a friends house prior to our grand entrance. We had almost 500 in our graduating class and were thrilled to have almost 200 attend, including significant others. It was great to see everyone and catch up. Today I took a couple friends down to see the Buffalo waterfront and we met up with another bunch then went to eat on Allen Street, downtown after walking around Canalside for a bit. I dropped one of the guys off at the airport for his trip back to Boulder CO around 5pm then came home and CRASHED. All told it was a great weekend but I'm ready to get back to normal hours, eating and LESS drinking. Here is a picture from Friday night.....