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    Been running crazy this week doing prep work on a new build and finished up drafting the set of prints this afternoon and went to see the bldg. Inspector but he was gone for the day. So what else to do but go check in the water and ice. I pull in and just as I am ready to leave I see a drake blue bill huddled in the sand I could see he needed help and without help he would not survive. I tried getting out but he started to dart towards the water and I knew if he made it to the water he would not survive for long. So I sent Ziva to get him knowing that she would not hurt him and would bring him back to me. That worked like a charm but now that I had him I couldn't hold him and cut all the line off him so I called my buddy Doug and he came down to help. I put him in my truck so he could warm up as he felt extremely cold to the touch. We had a tough time getting all the line cut and untangled but we finally got all the line off him and after a thorough exam other than a few missing wing feathers on the elbow and an open sore and being malnourished he seemed ok. So I walked him to the waters edge told him don't come back next duck season and set him in the water and he swam away then swam back towards me as I left. He should be able to eat in the shallows till he builds up strength and heals up. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    At the Woodlawn Sportsmens Club! Been waiting for almost two years to become a member! I first went there with my grandson, for his NYS, archery, and then firearms, safety courses. They really did a terrific job giving the courses, and put so much into it. As each instructor was very good, and my grandson loved it there! I was then invited back to do a Deer Search seminar for them. And the turn out was great! Met some really good guy's that were members, who graciously offered to sponsor me. They have a nice 3-D archery range, as well as elevated shooting platforms. Along with an indoor and outdoor firearms range along with a trap range. And so much more, on a beatiful property. I'm looking forward to meeting, and sharing with new friends, and possibly becoming a NYS certified safety instructor. I think my grandson is more excited than I am, as he really likes to shoot, and it's much closer than our farm property. So with his busy sports schedule, we can just zip over there, most any time. Most importantly, is that this is an organization, that publicly promotes the safe use of firearms. And in this day, every bit we can do as individuals, helps us all.
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    Haha- I just stopped in to see if anybody missed me! Looks like this place is falling apart since I last logged on! Well, gotta run for now. Everybody is getting along really well and really happy with my new site! Growie and bubba say hi everybody! Moog- I'm gonna carve that dragon fly and send him to ya! So inspiring! I can't believe you still hang out here with these losers!!! Here's to all my HuntingNY enemies!!!
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    https://www.wkbw.com/news/reaching-out-a-brotherhood-of-firefighters 16 year old kid who is battiling cancer and wants to be a FF . He asked for T-shirt’s from depts so he can wear a different one each day in the hospital , well sh!t son your going to need a bigger closet, story went nationwide and the brothers are responding . I sent him a package including my “lucky “ T shirt .
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    Meet Dutch, our new DD puppy that we got yesterday! My wife and I couldn't be more excited. I've raised one of these before and was amazed at how smart they were, so I promised myself i'd get my own once I got my own house. What better day to hang with the new pup then on a snow day! Some pics below​​​​​​​! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll get this thread back on track. I went out with a buddy to walk a spot where I have my cam set up. I had a pic of my #1 that dropped last week. I didn't find his sheds. But my buddy did find the sheds of a wide 8 that I had pics of from yesterday morning and he was still holding. He must've just dropped. They where laying on top of one another. We also found one side of a larger 8 and one side of a 3 point. I have pics of both deer from during the season. Also found was a a shed from the previous year. Not a bad day for only being out for 90 minutes.
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    About 3 hours this morning. Found the match to yesterdays shed.
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    I am excited about this. Bought an 07 prairie 360 4x4 this afternoon. Stupid clean, barely used, it was my dad's neighbor. We know it was barely used, since we can see his house from my dads. They are like brothers, so everyone wins. He plowed his driveway about 3x. I plan to use it at home, and at our camp upstate. My current 220 Bayou, ois obviously too small, but did its job. This machine I plan to bring to northern Maine in August to explore the trails. I have been going to Maine for about 12 yrs npw, and never had a machine decent enough for trails that get remote. There is honestly not much point in this thread, other than to share my excitement. This is not me on the quad by the way. I will bring it home one night this week.
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    I am nominating myself as the new no. 1 artist if Wooly is gone! Woo hoo. Climbing the ladder.
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    Miss the old days sometimes. What else was back in youre day.....
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    oooooooh nooooooo....... Mr. Bill! I do enjoy your turkey posts. And my opinion is, you contribute more than you take away, from this forum. Don't think there is one member, that's been here any length of time, that hasn't had to defend themselves for their opinion on a topic. Comes with being on a forum! Where all differing opinions and statements are part of the concept of a forum. We all won't always get along, or agree on everything! I understand how this concept is not for everyone. As some take things more literally or personally. But any post you make is open for discussion, thats why you post! And you may not always agree with every response. But that's what you get, when on a forum. Sorry that growalot left. And would be sorry to see you go too. Or any member here. But if a person gets more bad, than good from something, perhaps that something isn't for them.
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    So I had been asking for recommendations a while back, and had a few guys offer to let Haley try out a few different calibers. One of my girlfriends cousins had the 7-08 right handed Savage Axis and brought it over and let her shoot it. She fell in love with it, so I ordered her a left handed version of the same gun from Buds Gun Shop and had it shipped to an FFL in Canandaigua. It arrived yesterday and I stopped to pick it up last night. The FFL I used was great, he is a county Sheriff that runs his business out of his garage in his spare time. The name of the place is Top Notch Firearms Sales. If you are in the area and need an FFL, I would recommend him any day of the week. $25 transfer fee, and he his pretty flexible with when you can get together with him. The rifle was around $100 cheaper through Buds than anywhere local, the transaction was smooth, and I had the rifle in a week. The gun seems great, nice and light so it should be an easy carry for her. I have an extra Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 laying around that will go on top of it. Once she gets the gun, tomorrow night, I will see if I have a set of rings that will work with it. Next weekend we will get it sighted in, and then we are going to start going out after woodchucks when the weather warms up a bit. Should be fun, and great practice to get her ready for this coming deer season. Cant wait to see her put her first deer on the ground with it!
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    I’m back, baby, I’m back! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trust me guys, nobody was more shocked to hear the news of me leaving this place than I was! It's absolutely devastating to not see my favorite member posting here anymore! Oh well, I'm off to install some new upgrades to the site! We're getting new smilies today of rainbows, and kittens, and virtual hugs and kisses, to ensure all our members feel loved whenever they browse the new hunting forums! Smooches!~ wooly
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    I pulled some cards yesterday and SOB the drop tine buck made it through! I never saw him all season, I did kill one of the 8pts, and my buddy got the other 8 pt, but we never saw the drop tine until these pics.
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    Went out early this morning planned to hit a few parks,but it got to warm. Hit it good in one small hunting/nuisance area two doubles and a single. Funny how this big double brow tine lives in there with all the pressure it gets,but there are some big boys in there for sure. I looked all over hoping to find the one that snapped those tines off. I found one of his shed two years ago he really blow up.
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    After a few week break I decided to take a vacation day yesterday and go do some crow hunting at the farm we picked up this year. Let me tell you, this was one for the books! Got set up by sunrise and as soon as we heard the first crow sound off, we had a constant wave of singles and doubles dropping in to check us out. We stayed quiet, just responding w some light hand calls as needed. I ended up going 8 for 8 in the first hour! We didn’t even use the foxpro caller until noon, which by then we figured we had around 17. Of course we had some that hopped away and a couple that we hit and watched fly a few hundred yards before falling but we were on fire! The wind picked up for a few hours but playing two foxpro’s on high volume running crow fight (10 minutes on, 15 minutes quiet) helped us call in a handful in crappy conditions. The shooting definitely got tough in the high wind. From 4 to 5 o’clock the wind calmed a lot and we caught the groups heading back towards their roost and the shooting was hot again. We knocked down about 9 in that last bit of time just running dueling crow fights w the foxpros. Shattered our previous record of 18! One thing worth mentioning was that as we killed a few crows, we’d go out and set them up and incorporate them into our decoy set. We have about 9 decoys and 1 scout that we start w but we found that the more dead crows we used in our setup, the easier it was to get them to drop in...even in the high winds Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
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    Figured this may be the last snow had some fun with the Fam this morning. Who remembers having the old black tube. I’ve had this since I was a kid still going strong
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    Hour and a half looking this morning.
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    This is probably the most realistic way to color old antlers I've found. Very cheap and easy- just mix the granular powder with water and brush it on your old bleached horns. When the solution dries and changes color, hit it with a ball of steel wool to bring out a shine and some highlights. You can find it on Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/KP02N-Greensand-Filter-Regenerant-Pounds/dp/B00HVX4HUI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1519589407&sr=8-2&keywords=POTASSIUM+PERMANGANATE Here's a weathered old sun bleached antler I did this morning in a matter of 10 minutes. I'm sure I'll come up with a few other applications for this stuff on some of my other projects.
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    Got out this morning with cousin.hit up oatka creek.conditions are pretty good for the upcoming april 1st opener.should b stocking this coming week or so i would think.only fish caught and a solid brown at that.didnt get length or anything.hard enough trying hold the feisty thing for a quick pic then back in water.caught it on a small hair jig 3 feet under a float.hit in a deep pool
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    Can't we all just get along? Let's just take a deep breath and contemplate the natural beauty of this dragonfly.
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    Pygmy is the kindest, nicest, most gentle dirty ole man I know.
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    Last night Haley was over and after dinner I laid the box on the table and said "Happy Birthday Kiddo" as her eyes lit up. I helped show her how to install the bolt and magazine and work the action. The smile on her face was priceless and she started asking when she could shoot it. I told her next weekend, as long as the weather is good, we can stop by Runnings and pick up the scope mount and rings, along with a couple of boxes of rounds, and take it out back and get it sighted in along with patterning her turkey gun she got last year. She kept talking about what kind of sling she wants, and that she needs a gun case to carry it in. It was great to see her so excited. I told her to wipe it down before it went into the safe. I swear she sat there for 10 mins with a clean cloth making sure every bit of it was clean before she put it away. I forgot my darn phone at my office last night, or Id add a pic of her with her new baby. Ill get a few when we take it out to sight it in.
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    These words of wisdom are very good for his first strip bar encounter when he's older
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    I just got home walk a whole park from one side to the other found two spikes and a 30rd. Mag. Must of fell out of a helicopter there’s an airbase about 10 miles up the road. It was in the middle of nowhere.
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    So far 1 drawing 1 gun for me a savage 308 can I get a hell ya My Biz prediction lives on
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    Whether you like the NRA or not, the NRA is THE biggest reason that we still have the gun rights that we still have in this country... The fact that the antis wail and whine about the NRA is proof positive of that... I wonder if some of you non-supporters DESERVE what gun rights the rest of us have struggled to preserve for you... I am sending in my donation tomorrow...NRA Life member, loud and proud...
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    I was hinge cutting a small area a week ago and cutting down a couple trees out by the towers stand. I knocked down a sumac for the deer. They appreciated it!
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    Went for a hike yesterday, 3/10/18, and saw two bucks still holding on to their antlers. I saw another deer that I think was a buck that had already dropped his antlers but not completely sure if it was a buck or a big bodied doe. Here's a pic I got of one of the bucks.
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    For an ethical kill, spend the money and get a deer rifle. A 223 is for shooting at woodchucks.
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    Wild duck breast stir fry.
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    Gotta share my sisters birthday cake to her granddaughter she made for her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The money the NRA begs for is not for the organization, it's for their Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). By law, that money cannot come from membership dues or any of the NRA's funds. It's a legislative lobbying org and a special legal interest group that must be a totally separate entity by law. It was only formed when anti-gun groups starting legally attacking the 2nd Amendment in the courts. Google NRA-ILA for an education so you won't sound clueless. That money is used to fight legal battles in this land, of which there are thousands. The ILA requires millions a year to fight the overwhelming onslaught of legislative attacks being perpetrated on responsible gun owners every single day in this land. How do you expect them to effectively fight the battles without the funds needed to do it? Of course they want you to e-mail and call legislators. That's part of the battle plan. They need those elected hacks to know who's against these laws. But the money is needed for lawyers and legal challenges. I'm sorry, but to say they factually do nothing to help gun owners and hunters is the most ignorant thing anyone can say about the NRA. That only proves the speaker knows absolutely nothing about what they are fighting, with the limited funds they have to fight with. To disagree that the problem is lack of funds is also ignorant. The NRA looks to you, exactly the way the anti-gun agencies want it to look to you, because they are spending millions more than the NRA is, putting out their anti-NRA propaganda. Why are they doing that? Because the want the NRA gone, they want the 2nd Amendment gone and they want your gun rights gone. Regarding what they print in their magazine, it's not a self praise magazine touting successes. It's a monthly update on the battles they are involved in and plenty of info to help members understand the truth of the matters, so they can inform the clueless gun owners they associate with, who would otherwise remain uninformed. If you are not an NRA member, you are helping the anti-gun groups accomplish everything they want. There is NO excuse for any gun owner not to be an NRA member. Especially today. If you are not an NRA member, just sit this fight out. The last thing you should be doing is minimizing the only organization in this land that is fighting this fight for you. I'm a proud Life Member of the NRA since 1980, who has made it my mission to be properly informed on all things 2nd Amendment related, so it really infuriates me when a gun owner, who knows next to nothing about the NRA, speaks out against it using anti-gun produced talking points they've actually swallowed. The NRA is the only friend American gun owners have right now. Show a little gratitude for God's sake.
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    Just an off season topic I thought might be entertaining. Post up some of your own stories, near death experiences, wild animal attacks, edible plant poisonings, treacherous terrain accidents...etc, etc.. I'm sure many here are like myself and don't find NY to be a very dangerous place to enjoy the outdoors throughout the seasons, but I've had my share of close calls. Probably my most serious happened within the last 10 years or so as I was hiking along one cold winter day looking for antlers. Back then I would set out for the day with everything I could possibly ever need in my backpack and hike for miles and miles. Being so familiar with the area, I often wondered why I even bothered carrying all that crap with me. One day after setting out at the crack of dawn, I began working my way towards home to get there before the sun went down. After hiking for miles in knee deep snow all day, I was exhausted and looking for short cuts to get me back to a nice warm house, a hot meal, and a bed to rest up for the following days hike. In the home stretch of my hike, I came to a creek I have to cross just about 3/4 mile from my front porch. I could see all the critter tracks on the frozen creek taking advantage of the hard water and packed down snow that made travel easier on them. This of course seemed like a brilliant idea at the time and one I would also use to make the last leg of this hike much easier on my tired body. With sub freezing temps for weeks leading up to this, there was no doubt in my mind the ice was plenty thick enough. My mind was already celebrating making it through another all day hike and was on "auto pilot" as I made my way upstream at a good clip anxious to cover those last few hundred yards as quick as I could. As I came around a bend in the creek, I noticed a spot ahead that was drifted over with snow. Without giving it much thought at the time, and with no easier way around it, I marched on and decided to trudge right through it just the way I had with all the deep snows behind me that day. By the time I took my first few steps onto this different kind of surface in front of me, I could feel the difference under my feet and got a bad feeling about where I was, but it was too late to turn back. Without warning, and faster than I could react, the ice below me opened up and swallowed me whole! When my feet didn't hit bottom, I knew I was in trouble. Fortunately for me, that bulking backpack full of "survival gear" I questioned myself for carrying on all my hikes had hung up on the edge of the hole in the ice preventing me from going straight through, perhaps getting sucked under into the swift current that flowed below. To this day I'm not exactly sure how I managed to pull myself out of the water and back on top of the ice. I do remember what a chore it was though with all my clothes and gear being so much heavier after being filled with water. I can promise you though, there was no well planned technique or training involved. Almost instantly after I recovered from the close call, I realized I still had a ways to go through the knee deep snow again as soon as I got off the creek, and I could already feel my layers of clothes turning to ice around me. My entire body was feeling intense pain from the shock of being submerged in ice cold water and the air temperature wasn't helping none. I knew I had to get home, and I had to get there FAST! I took off on a sprint to cover the last few hundred yards, but the deep snow wouldn't allow that to go on for any longer than 20-30 yard bursts. Every time I'd stop to catch my breath, the bitter cold wasted no time freezing me in my tracks to the point where it was hard to get moving again. I'm not sure it was a conscious decision, but at some point I just began to take a slow and steady walking pace that kept me warm(er) since I didn't have to take any breaks even though I wouldn't cover any more ground any quicker the way I hoped to. I eventually made it home and got out of my soaking wet clothes. My body was numb and shaking uncontrollably until it slowly started to warm back up hours later. I couldn't even talk to explain what happened when I walked through the door, but I think it was pretty obvious without saying. No telling what would have happened had I gone through further down stream farther from home. No telling what would have happened without all that "survival gear" strapped to my back that never came out of the pack. I finally warmed up and realized just what a close call I had. I also found a new respect for hard water even in familiar territory and NEVER take my proximity to home for granted any more, or as an excuse to get lazy and take chances while alone afield in the dangerous state of NY! Let's here some of your scary schtuff!
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    Marinated Venison Backstrap
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    I had the neighbors over for a feast, we did right by those perch@reeltime put us on Beer batter, lemon pepper, and good old flour/garlic powder/pepper Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Was expecting a high fence thread
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    Corned Venison with Roasted Potatoes, carrots and onions. Turned out pretty dam good, even my wife had seconds helpings. Can't wait for Corned Venison sandwiches tomorrow! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Mini pasta shells baked and homemade garlic bread. Had the hot Italian sausages and sauce in the slow cooker for about 6 hours, then put on warm. Boiled the pasta, mixed it with the sauce, sliced the mozzarella and put in the oven. Cut the Italian bread and put on spices and EVOO. Sent from my SM-S327VL using Tapatalk
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    This is why deer die at my hands!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Check out these pro’s . Thanks for the laughs boys was a good morning