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    60 yards and piled up 30 yards behind cousin.by far biggest buck!
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    I'll write up the full story later. Still trying to settle down. Basket case of emotions today. The long story short on this buck.... I missed/hit a tree 2 years ago. Didn't see him last year. Had an arrow deflection this year and hit him in the ham. Saw him alive a week later. Dad "Duke" finally put the old boy down this am. I can honestly say I'm happier he got him than me. He deserves it. 71years old and laying em down ! Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    7 pointer! BBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my biggest buck to date, and first crossbow deer. Sullivan County 3k at home. Basically in tears happy. BBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Got him I'm stoked! Big 8 Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Not live from the woods but it’s the first free minute I’ve had....I made a poor shot on a bruiser around 9:25 yesterday morning. I left him go till 3pm then went and found him. I’ll type up all the details later on when I can use my computer and not the phone. He could be my best buck ever.....dressed at 205lbs but last night laying in bed I remembered that after I got the stomach and lower parts out I forgot (my mind was on how in the heck I was going to get him out in daylight) to pull the heart and lungs.
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    Bad shot. Agonizing overnight weight and Treeguy remains 100% on recovery on his bday. story later.
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    I got out yesterday for the last couple of hours. Pretty windy but wind was in the right direction. Saw 2 doe way off and literally just at sunset this guy walks out and gives me a shot at 22 yds. He was walking to a scrape behind me, paid no attention to the little bit of moving I had to do to get on him. He never stopped walking even when I gave him a couple of bleahs. So I shot anyway. At first I thought it was high and too far back but he was angled away from me and I was in a stand so it actually was a good shot. He ran maybe 80 yds. And of course piled up in the thick stuff. I am so blessed! 2 deer with a bow! And I have great friends that came to help me with the track and drag!!
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    10/31/20 A.M. Action packed morning for both of us.. Ill try to keep it short.. My stepson Cole's first Mature buck... at 14 yrs old!! He came home from his dads the night before to hunt with me after showing him some recent cell cam pics, I was so happy when he did this... I have a little slice of heaven i try to leave alone until The halloween time frame.. I put him there. Great spot between several bedding areas. I told him good luck, text me when your in and ready, and you should find it no problem at all.. Shoot straight and be safe. Lets bring one home today.. we fist bumped and off he went.. He informed me he will not shoot a buck he wont shoulder mount, it has to be a good one he says.. Even though on this property I told him he could shoot whatever he wanted to.. he insisted it has got to be a wall mounter or no go! lol. Alright bud im cool with it if you are.. I said keep your eyes peeled bc they will be on top of you there when you first see them.. he had several deer and a shooter on him shortly after first light but no shots.. passed a couple small bucks waiting on mr big.. he text me at 915 saying he hadn't seen anything in awhile and his feet were getting cold.. I Told him we can get down if you'd like but if you can hold out, that stand usually gets hot again around 10am .. or we can leave no big deal to me, were here for his hunting pleasure i'm just watching and guiding from a long distance lol.. he wanted to warm his feet.. I told him ill head to the car and come get you now.. as i started walking out of my stand a giant 8 and young buck appeared with a doe and fed in the corn in front of me for awhile.. I text him if your feet get cold go for a short walk if you need or hold out until 10, there's a slammer right in front of me taking his time... Long story short i moved on him and got 40 yards and couldn't seal the deal. so darn close but he went the other direction and i left the grunt call home.. there was another shooter further down the field too! All while this is going on, I get a text from Cole, I just missed a doe... twice! lol. First shot caught a branch and deflected the arrow and broke... the second shot went under her... Then moments i get the "just shot a buck" text.. and i start shaking! lol. heck yes heck yes!! he told me, as he hung his bow up, turned his head to look the other way around the tree, and there is this good buck and he's walking through his 20 yard lane, he had to act fast as there was one more small hole to shoot through or not shots will be taken.. in one motion he grabs the bow turns and comes to full draw, stops the buck in the small opening and lets it fly. The arrows connects just behind the front shoulder and the buck takes off... so we text back and forth I told him to stay put ill be right down with the car.. and we will go in and check it out. I meet with him at the road, we discuss things, go grab a coffee and a snack then come back. About 20 yards from the hit site we find the arrow, blood soaked about 12in deep and broken the broadhead plus 2 inches of arrow. We followed a scuffed up trail a running deer had made in a straight line from the direction of the hit site... no blood for a while but its the direction he went supposedly.. 100 yrds in we find a drop of blood.. awesome awesome awesome, this most certainly has to be the buck.. Finally after tracking a small drop of blood every 10 - 15 yrds or so, the 200 yard mark was when the blood trail gets heavier steadier, and splatter everywhere. as we go over another nole, I pick the binoculars up and see him up on the creek bank 75 yards ahead.. he's laying dead right there... He double lunged him with a rage, 2 big slashed holes in both lungs, and the cape stopped it upon exiting.. that deer had an extreme will to live.. Hes shooting 58# 27in draw. We almost got messed up on our tracking efforts as we began starting the track, another shooter buck came pass us all injured bleeding from the mouth hacking coughing, struggling to walk.. so we immediately thought it was him.. we stopped the direction we were going and began to tracked him slightly to check the blood, and couldn't find any sign.. But this buck was seriously wounded. So we decided that it was best we got back on to our initial trail and stayed after the evidence we found which instead, led us to the end of the right crime scene.. So someone got an arrow in a good one and we have a wounded breeder running around .. I couldn't be more proud of this Kid! Our hunting trips together just keep getting better and better every time... from Deer to turkey and coyotes.. its always a blast and action packed with him!
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    Nice double lung shot. Went about seventy yards. Seven pointer.
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    15 yard shot. Saw 3 other Bucks aswell. First deer shooting a thumb button release. Love it
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    A quick version of my hunt......around 9:20am Saturday morning I had a small 8pt buck come from the south, slowly feeding in the pines. A few minutes later something told me to look behind me, sure enough here is another deer and it's a bigger buck. The two bucks are on a collision course! My buck is maybe 40 yards from the other buck and I don't believe they've seen each other yet......my buck paws a scrape three or four times. The 8pt snaps his head up and laid his ears flat back! He advances towards my buck and my buck goes completely on defense; hair stands up on his back, ears FLAT back and his body all stiffed out, like a Battle Royal is going down! They walk towards each other and when they get about 5-8 yards apart they start to parallel each other and head towards my stand. Neither one would give the other eye contact.... I drew my bow when my buck was about 10 yards and coming straight to me. He turned to my right to face off with the other buck. At full draw I had to lower my bow arm as I have a dead tree in front of my stand that wouldn't allow me to swing to him, then, after that he was very close at about 7-8 yards I think my left eye took over and I saw the pin on him and punched the trigger BEFORE I centered the pin in my peep? I'm sick about that and need professional help. Seriously...... The shot was too far back and low. He ran about 40-50 yards and stood looking back at me. I figured he was going to die a slow death and I may not find him so I better at least try and get another arrow in him. I took a Texas heart shot and heard a loud CRACK. I backed out and felt sick..... Fast forward 5.5 hours; I get on the track fast, find decent blood, track him 75 yards very fast and find my 2nd arrow. 50 yards later I see him and he sees me, jumps and stumbles 30 yards to a small gully, goes down and can only go half way up before stopping. I was shaking like a leaf and promptly missed him broadside at 30 yards with two arrows and hit him high with a third. He went down and died but it took a bit of time. I went back to the truck and got my camera and came back and field dressed him. Then I went back to the house and grabbed the four wheeler and got him out but it was a struggle. Weighed him at 205lbs but during the middle of the night while laying in bed I remembered I left the heart and lungs in him! So I'll say he weighed 195lbs to satisfy any questions! I'm late for work now but here's a picture or two......
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    BBD! 9 pointer. Shot him from the ground on the way to the stand. I'll put a detailed story in the harvest thread. 17.5 inch inside spread. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Hey, i follow and read every post and have for 3 years now, only posted a few time. Yesterday was one of my best all time bow days ever. Got nin stand a 5AM and didnt see anything most the day. A lone doe at 8:30 AM, then a lone 4 PT at 2:30 PM. At 4PM i was thinking as you often do, am i going to go another all day sit this time of year and really only see what i noted above? I was in one of my sitting stretches at 4PM and look behind me, 8 does coming at me single file. Well they literally stayed under me 15 minutes and finally walked off back the way they came. I contemplated after that as it had been a long day, then my common sense kicked in and i said to myself, you idiot, still till legal time. I stand up, get my crossbow in hand, catch movement behind me sand look over my shoulder and this guy comes right down the lane the does were on. What a day, what a feeling!
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    Daughter’s buck. Was 135 yds from the tower in the background.
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    Better to be lucky than good... Story will be in the harvest thread when i get to it. Biggest buck to date!
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    Well my luck change:) Thank Jesus for the harvest. Meet in the freezer:)
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    Thank you to everyone keeping my spirits up today. I’ve been hunting now for about 7 years and have not harvested anything worth showing, it feels so good to finally get a big buck like this and with the bow. I had guys reaching out to me to help find him who don’t even know me and that is truly awesome. 9 pointer in 6S
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    So the story. Hunting with Culver Creek and our friend Terry on Halloween. Great morning and lots of activity. Sat an area that is typically good last weekend of Oct - wall hanger shot 3 years in a row there- now 4. 10:30 I text Culver saying that everything seemed to be going quiet. All of a sudden I see a doe to my left running straight at me. Behind her in full stride are several bucks one of which looked huge. I didn’t think I would even get the bow off the hanger let alone a shot before they ran by. But the cooperative doe she was (we make quite a team) she stopped and started circling through the brush 15yds to my left. I draw and one buck steps out and it was a shooter but not the bigger one so I start scrambling trying to find the bigger one as they keep chasing around. I see tall tines running out to my left at 20yds but he was through the lane before I could get on him. He starts heading up a hill behind me so I find a small opening and bleat when he hits it and let the arrow fly. Still pretty brushy but I thought a good shot until he runs 50 yds away, stops and watches the chasing still going on. Then the doe takes off away from me with the other buck in tow. I am expecting my buck to tip over but nope, he runs full speed after the doe. Well that ain’t good. Check arrow and sure enough, green and brown. No blood. Sneak over to where he stood and find some blood. So I decided to back out and go home. After consulting with my trusted member friends - thanks guys- we decided it was best to let him lay overnight. Culver thought he saw him the buck head over a hill in the direction of the chase. Tough 24hrs for sure Treeguy offered/stated he would be there this morning for the track. He is 100% on recoveries on his Bday, this being his third. Long story somewhat shorter, we had little blood but with Culver’s intel and a photo I had on a trail camera we were able to search the right area. Took a while grid searching and I was thinking we were done when Drew calls me over. Sure enough, that buck laid down with his back to yesterday’s wind in brush looking down the hill on the trail he took when injured. Textbook. Got stomach and some liver. Not sure if I just made a bad shot or there was a deflection. Regardless the good Lord showed us favor. I think he will break 140 based on a quick tape. Jason will confirm but that would make him my highest scoring buck to date. Very very happy. Little time to hunt over the next few weeks with things taking precedent at home. Thank you God and my friends. Some pics as he laid.
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    This was 1 of the 2 bucks I saw this morning. Not the one I was hoping to see, but big bodied and will make some yummy sausage and bologna. Sent from my SM-S767VL using Tapatalk
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    Congrats to all who scored today..I wasn't even gonna go today,i am behind at work and thought i would catch up. My neighbor texted me last night and said you gotta go on opening day. Well,i woke up early so figured i would give it a few hrs. I had to get all my muzzleloader stuff together and find the orange vest and hat. My plan was to sit by a swamp,but i decided to take the long way round on my way there to check for vehicles,see who else was around. I saw a group of doe heading from low ground to high. A little further down the road a nice buck crossed,also going from low to high ground. So i switched my plan and went to a point on a north south ridge. I got in in the dark and once it got light i saw it wasn't quite the spot i wanted. I moved slowly closer to the point and stood there for a while. I was debating dropping to a lower bench on the leeward side of the ridge but then i wouldn't be able to see the top. Right then this guy pops up onto the top,nose to the ground..I was downwind and had plenty of time to rest my gun on a tree and pick a spot. He stopped briefly and i shot. I thought I saw him mule kick through the smoke and he took off. I lost sight of him but thought he crashed. I gave it some time and then followed the trail. He was bigger than i thought,rack-wise. By far the biggest racked buck i have gotten,but i think he is only 2.5 years old. What do you guys think? 18.5" spread,i am in 4F.
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    Buck down! Daughter waited for legal light and dropped this guy at the first minute! 8 point from the tower at 110 yards. She’s off to a fast start! I’m the camp cook this morning, but looks like I’m getting out shortly! Breakfast with Evie - skull shaped eggs!
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    Not the biggest doe ever but this is the first archery deer in a long time and the first archery deer on my new property. Meat in the freezer!!!
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    Went out a little while ago to see if I could find the buck I shot this morning with my friend. My woods are really thick with multiflora rose and buckthorn and all other kinds of nasty stuff. There was no blood to follow so I just started circling where he entered the woods while my friend stayed close to where the blood ran out as it entered the woods from my field. After about 20 minutes I found him stiff as a board. I hit him in the liver.
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    The only thing better than getting a big one is when your grandson finds it for you story later
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    Well I didnt get chance to post this yesterday so , had a spike come by at 8 am and this doe came out about 9 am gave me a 20 yards shot ran 20 yard bed down and died in sight of the stand , nice doe dressed 110. So went out this am to back of property took an hours walk to get there. Was just settled in and was going to read a few pages of online novel I've been reading when I heard walking ,watched this guy come across neighbors woods and as it got closer I decided I'd better shoot it though it is not biggest I have on cam at 20 yards it went behind I tree I drew and it froze. Thought about liver shot but it was only a second and it stepped out other side of tree and gave me perfect heart/lung shot at 22 yards , ran about 45 and collapsed . 1st time i broke a blade on broadhead shooting a deer. Dressed 150 or so ( notches on my 120 year old hog scale are pretty wore between 140 and 160 so I cannot get closer than 2 lbs or so. )
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    About a 100 lb doe. Went 50 yds, heard her crash. Disconnected the main pump from the manifold.
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    Here is a little better shot. I don’t think he is the deer I thought he was, but I haven’t had a chance to really compare the video. He’s big, but not huge. I Couldn’t be happier. Shot was high but I clipped the top of both lungs, he went 100 yards and was right where I saw the movement before backing out. Caped him at the truck, ran down to Kennedy and packed everything in ice and straight to the butcher, the cape and head will go to S&S first thing in the am. Did not find the arrow, clearly the Bowtech is so hard hitting that it is buried to the nock. LOL! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Iv got some work to do, but here he is... 2020 - 9 point
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    Sorry for the late post. Had some things to do and need to get cleaned up first. I waited for little Squirrel to get home from school and we went back in around 330. I found him not 10 yards from where I pushed him. I could tell by the way he walked off he was almost done. He’s almost a tiny 8. His G2 is broken on one side. He musta been a fighter. I will be headed back in in the am and then will butcher him after tomorrow’s hunt. Will post more pics and details in the harvest thread tomorrow. Sorry no deer selfie in the woods. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sure have my work cut out for me today!! Story later!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thank you, very happy for him. Yes sir! We are both excited, he was in the woods for 40 mins, 40 yard shot. Crazy for us to both get deer in the same year! Last time that happened was 2014. This was my dad’s first crossbow deer. First deer he has ever shot at also with a crossbow. He is a meat hunter, and is extremely thankful for this deer. Extremely. I have been trying to get my dad to pay attention to his clothing, and how he walks in/out of where he hunts. I told him to wash him coveralls in either a no scent soap, or straight hot water, and store outside of possible, or in a non-scented plastic bag. He was like why? But I told him I have done this lately, and I try to walk extremely quietly as well. We were always the type to just go hunting....pure luck, and frankly for obvious reasons we only get lucky, once every 5 yrs to be honest, give or take. He hunted this spot 3x this crossbow season, and saw a nice buck but no shot opportunity, he was a changed man, found his interest back in the sport he got me into. Went out his second sit, and does instantly picked him out. Third sit I cannot remember details of. This 4th sit he texted me and said, I am leaving my eyeglasses home this hunt, I think the deer see reflections/glare off of them. I said do it, this is how we have to start thinking, so we can get deer more often. He did, and 40 minutes into the hunt his buck came out. Dad said he(dad) was scanning left to right for movement, and saw this buck like dead center of him(dad), and he was like how did I not see him, where did he come from?!?(no glasses lol). So my dad picks up crossbow, Get the buck in scope, and realizes oh $&@t the safety is still in! My dad clicks the safety off, and it went CLICK, loud safety that the buck heard it, looked in his direction, and took a few steps back. Buck is now behind branches that fell, so no shot opportunity, well my dad was in good cover, which was again something he is starting to pay attention too, and the buck relaxes, and takes the few steps forward, to where he was before, and whack! He gets him right behind should just a pinch high. Deer dropped at roughly 40-50 yards from shot. Dad used a Sniper 370, if anyone recalls the thread I started a few years back. I have nice photos of him with the deer, but not sure if he would prefer them to not be shared. I was up in my stand, hoping for bear, or yote, or just to see rut action, but saw nothing. He texted me “is hot one”...i’m like ummm OH! Text back “you shot one??” He called me, told me what happened, I climbed down, and drove the 45 mins to help him drag, and hang, or whatever else. Great day.
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    First whitetail, bow from stand, double lung. Saw this doe on my trail cam several times. She walked under me last week, but it wasn’t light enough to see the sight or take a shot. Today was a perfect stroll under the stand [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yea! Story later Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys got lucky the other morning,, this guy was chasing does and came in to about 25 yards behind some trees and then turned around and went back into the thick stuff,,, I gave two small grunts and he came right back to smack down town .. Not a huge buck but my 2 1/2 year goal and it has been a slow season,,, so one in the bag is better than two to talk about ..
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    Finally made it out for my first sit of the season with my son. On the way to our stand at around 3:15 we came up on some does feeding in the field. Made a 230 yard heart shot with the 308 And dropped her. Now spending the rest of the rainy evening sitting in our tower stand waiting to see if we can get a shot at a buck.
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    Shot this buck at 8:45am this morning. Came crashing through the woods, crossed in front of me, grunted at it, shot at 24 yards. Made a poor shot, but got lucky-spined it.
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    I shot at a buck just before closing time. He looked good enough for me,although i saw a bigger one earlier. I had time to range and he walked past at 35. I stopped him with several bleats and shot. The lighted nock tracked true but the hit looked forward. He ran off. I waited and got down after dark and checked the hit site,expecting very little. That's what i got too,the arrow was buried and looked very clean. I found a tuft of hair and decided to track some. I got blood,but no bubbles. I thought maybe brisket or low neck/chest. I marked where i left,50 yds on the track. I went home to tell my wife that i had to go out again and make sure the bleeding stopped. At first i wasn't even gonna take my bow,but i did. Well,much to my surprise the bloodtrail got thicker,but it still looked pretty bright,like muscle hit. I found a bed and it was drenched. After that the trail looked really good for a while,then diminished some. Eventually it almost petered out. Thats where some deer were looking at me and my flashlight. The trail went to the left of them and to my surprise the buck was laying there,still alive. He couldn't get up and i finished him. Its not easy to shoot in the dark at 5 yds. It turns out i hit him in the neck. I dont think i got much if any of the artery. My single bevel broadhead did good work though. It pays to be lucky rather than good. That was the case tonight. There was some ground shrinkage,he was a forkhorn. The drag almost killed me,so i was happy he wasn't any bigger. I have to see if i can weigh him,he seemed big to me. Either way,i am happy to have some meat in the freezer.
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    Another big doe down tonight. Watched 6 does for around an hour and had a 4pt come out. My little man told me to shoot a big doe not a baby buck, so big doe it is!
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    Wow what a morning,not even sure where to start.got settled in right around 630 and waited for day break.around 730 i had a buck sneak in behind me and make a scrape 20yrds from stand.decided to pass as he looked smaller,watched him wonder onto neighbors property around 80 yards away.a few mins later i see another figure then heard antlers smashing,sure enough it was bucks fighting!!!!gave em a few grunts,got their attention but wouldnt commit.a few mins later 2 doe pop out and i saw a dark figure around 120yards away.let out a few grunts and it slowly worked my way.got within 50 and knew it was him!!!worked his way right to me at 30,drew and bow hit limbs on pine tree!!!!had to draw down,by then he's walking away from me.give em 2 more grunts and he turns right back to me beating up saplings on his way.draw and the rest is history at about 17 yards!cousin also took a shot today but at a 6pter,right under him at 35 yards.felt my phone going off as i had this buck coming in.answered n told em to hold on,all this happened with him on the phone in coat pocket!!!!.target buck and couldnt be more happy!!!!!by far my biggest buck aswell!sorry for long story,have plenty more i could say but you guys get it.
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    I Killed him this morning trailing a doe. My son did a good job blood trailing him
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