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    Last day , best buck for the oldest member of camp, his personal best from 55 years of hunting! one of my.personal personal goals this year was to get him a chance.. bonus on drive I took buck as well but it had shed its horns..
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    Yesterday afternoon I was headed out for the evening sit......the south wind had me pondering where to go but I settled on one stand close to a bedding area. Before I got to my stand, I heard and then saw two deer busting out at a good clip. They were quartering away and I knew I had to get to a tree for a rest PDQ if I had a remote chance at the second of the two. The first buck passed through an opening and I quickly got a rest on the side of the tree and focused the cross hairs on the opening then let my left eye cheat over and see the second buck coming to the opening. I brought my left eye back to the scope and let 'er rip, tater chip. The entire sequence didn't take more than 5 seconds from the first I heard them till the buck was down. Although he was down, he wasn't out. I chambered another round and as he wiggled around I had to wait for an opening to get another round into the vitals, within seconds the coup de grace was on the way. The shots were from about 100 yards, maybe a touch more? My rifle is a 7mm-08 shooting 120gr Ballistic Tips, handloaded. He went 175lbs on the scale and has 9pts. I am getting him mounted and asked the taxidermist to hang onto the lower jaw as I'd like to get an age on him if possible.
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    Hot off the wire, here's the bobcat Dan trapped a couple weeks ago.......................
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    I just wanted to throw out a big thank you to all of you guys! I harvested my first deer with a muzzleloader today, a spike under 3 inches. I got to camp last night, woke up this morning and went to pick up the ML after having the new scope mounted. As I got there they were just finishing cleaning the gun. They had actually sighted it in for me that morning. I took it home redialed it in using Blackhorn 209 and waited for my buddy to arrive. We decided which stand we would each sit and started walking. About half way to my stand this guy ran in front of me and stopped broadside at about 40 yards with a clear shot. I fired and he hunched up and slowly walked off. I knew right then and there he was gut shot. I watched Him bed down at about 90 yards. I reloaded and fired he Immediately flopped his way down the hill and came to a stop. I went back to the house to get the ATV and meet my buddy. First shot really hit the liver and just nicked the stomach. 2nd shot I aimed for the neck as it was all I Could really see, I hit the head and basically blew off one of his ears. Hence no real pics of the head lol. I just wanted to say this deer belongs just as much to all of you for all the great advice! It really is a honor to be apart of just a great community. Thank you all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    8 pointer down, 160 yard shot in the neck From my 81 year old dad Semper fi ! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Ok I lied , I said any buck in gun would have to be substantially bigger then my bow buck . Zippo this morning and only heard two guys shoot . This afternoon deer everywhere , had a stare down with the big 11 I got on camera and that was on the walk in ! At least a dozen deer between 2:45 and 4:15 , in fields and all four compass points around me in the woods . I owe that to my scent control program of Irish Spring soap and Mennen Speed stick . So 4:15 a doe and this guy are behind me , I watch them for 4-5 minutes doesn’t have mass or tine length, but he looks head on and looks wide, not sure. Then he clears some trees and I got a shot ,ok I take it. He runs ,doe runs ,deer I didn’t see in field runs , then he stops ,he showed zero sign of being hit ! I climb down walk 75 yards and there he lays. Guy behind comes over with his atv, takes it to his house,I drive over and he loads it into my truck with his tractor. Feel somewhat bad, one less buck for my daughter , but I got plenty more on cam and saw three others tonight .
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    Dad got his first buck in years. He hunts to spend time with me and had only a couple days at camp after coming up from Florida. Gave him my climber and put him in a spot I like, he shot this four point at about eight a.m., was our last hunt of the year together so I couldn't be more happy. Second buck at camp this year between he and I. I still have my buck tag so I might sneak out to state land the next couple mornings in 3m looking for Mr. Big who keeps making all the rubs I've found.
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    Was kinda hoping dad didn’t show up to my house to hunt this am cause it was cold and I’m tired. Glad he did, we head out at 5:30 and are in stands by 6:10. At 7:30 he shoots a small 4 point, I climbed down and do my business in the bushes, climb back up and see a deer across the field 200 yards away. I bino him and think it’s the 7pt I have on camera and decide to pass. This deer stands in the same spot looking the same direction for 45 minutes, later find out he had a doe. He feeds out into the clearing and I notice he’s not the 7 but a broken up 8 and he is HUGE body wise. I put the scope on 4 power and shoot him with the 6.5 Grendel at 200 yards, does a backflip and flops down into the woods. Went and help dad clean his deer (he’s only 150 yards up the hill) we then go over to my hit sight and find him 20 yards in woods. The Grendel outperformed my expectations out of a 16” barrel, in shoulder broke opposite leg in half and got caught by the hide. In 12 years of hunting this is the first time ever my dad and I were able to shoot deer in the same sit. This is pretty much the reason I took him. I didn’t weight him but he is all of 190-200lbs dressed.
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    #bbD* #ontheboard #Ievendragged it** *button buck Down **Had some help for part of the drag
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    Hunting partner Gary, got it done tonight! Nice buck but one side broke off. He didn't notice it before the shot, just saw the right side and didn't have a lot of time to study him. He wasn't having much luck in his primary spot. So I suggested the oak ridge blind. It's been hot this year! I shot my crossbow buck there, and seen some nice buck after that there too, while looking to shoot a doe. I even have a picture of his buck taken with both sides of his rack! Taken on my phone while hunting there. Three year old dressed 160lbs. Came in to check out does that were eating acorns near by. And snort wheezed. At a small buck that was there too! Pretty exciting hunt for him! We were texting back and forth. I was telling him the last hour was gonna be good there, and it was. Picture I took of the deer a couple of weeks ago while sitting the same blind. Might need to blow it up, but he's in there.
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    First rifle doe that I've taken in several years...
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    I decided to head upstate for the opener last weekend, and shortly after I left I started getting pics of a buck parade past my stand for the entire weekend. All good bucks, but not the one I was really after. I left early Sunday morning and rushed home for the evening sit. Unfortunately it was just a few does that night. Then on Monday, my target buck started showing up across the road on another cam. Up until this point I had only got a handful of pics of him since early October. Now he was showing up daily and during the day. It was a long week at work knowing that he was becoming killable, and I was stuck at work waiting for Saturday to get out again. Friday was warm and activity was nonexistent, but I saw a small drop in temps forecasted for Saturday and I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day. The plan was to do an all day sit, but after sitting in the emergency room with my dad until late Friday night, I decided to sleep in a bit. I woke up Saturday morning to a flurry of activity on one of my other cams overnight. I had 4 different bucks chasing a doe late Friday night until Saturday morning as the temps dropped. So I decided to change my plans and jumped into my ground blind for the day. I got in just after 10. Around mid day, I had a small spike come in, then a 4 point. Late in the afternoon, 5 does came through. Then right at last light, he showed up on my left and entered my lane at 15 yards. I let one fly, but I didn’t stop him as he walked. I hit him a touch back. Tracking was a little tough as it was a slight uphill shot, about mid ship, with the exit hole just slightly higher. I tracked him about 90 yards before the blood trail really opened up. It was then that I realized that it looked a bit dark and it might be a liver shot. So at that point me and my friend decided to back out and get some dinner. We came back about 4 hours after the shot and started tracking again. At the point of last blood, it entered a thicket of thorns about 6’ high. So I got down on my belly and tried to crawl under as it was about a foot off the ground underneath. I shined my light ahead of me and there he was about 5’ away in the middle of the thickest nastiest stuff around, dead. I probably never would’ve found him if I was doing a grid search. Turns out I hit liver and one lung and he bled internally for quite a bit. He has a very similar rack to the previous buck I shot in the same area. He is a mainframe 9 with 3 kickers, and has a very dark chocolate rack. I spoke with another hunter in the area that has been targeting this buck as well, and he confirmed what I thought that he was 5.5 years old. He has plenty of mass throughout and I have a feeling that he’s been the one busting up some of the younger bucks racks. #fromtheground
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    Evening sit for hunting partner and I. We passed on a button buck at 2:30 60 yds away. That was all we saw. On way home farm fields were full of deer after dusk.
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    I shot this doe at 8:20 opening day morning. This is the 1st doe for me on my grandpa's old farm in 38 seasons of hunting there. I used his old Ithaca model 37 16 ga. to finally get it done. She may be the same one that I messed up on over there last year, when my Marlin m512 froze up and failed to fire as two small bucks chased her right under my stand. She looks to be about 3.5 years old and has a 37" chest girth. I got up in the stand on the edge of a swamp about 1/2 hour before legal sunrise. At 8:00 I heard a twig snap behind me and turned to see three deer approaching about 50 yards away. They were in some thick brush, but I could see that they all lacked antlers as they got closer. I was seated in a cheap hang-on stand and they were on my right side. They were too close for me to try and stand up, so I shouldered the gun on my left. The biggest one was in front, the smallest in the middle, and a middle sized one in the rear. I got the crosshairs on the last one, quartering away, at about 40 yards. I was 99 percent sure it had no antlers, but only about 60 percent sure I could make the shot, since I had never shot left-handed and there was a bit of brush between me and the deer. I elected to hold off, and just watched them walk out of sight. 20 minutes later, they must have made a big circle and were now headed back to where they came from but were about 80 yards away on my left. The last one stopped behind a downed tree. The shot was on the far side for the old Ithaca with it's 1.5X Weaver scope (that seems to make the deer look smaller), but I was again 99 percent sure that the deer had no antlers and about 80 percent sure that I could make the kill shot, with the gun well-rested with my elbows on my knees, from the seated position. At my shot, the deer dropped straight down. The other two ran forward a bit and stopped, facing towards me. I contemplated trying for a "double" (I have (4) dmp tags), but the downed doe began to lift herself up from behind the tree. I could only see her head and neck and I took a second shot at that and then she disappeared, as did the other two deer. When I climbed down and approached the downed tree, I heard a snort. When I got around the tree I saw her dragging herself away with her front legs. I finished her with a shot to the back of the head. While gutting her, I noted that my first shot had struck a couple inches higher than I intended, and broke her spine, just behind the shoulder. I was sorry that she had to suffer a bit longer than necessary. Had I used the Marlin, I might have been able to place that shot a little better, but there is no guarantee it would have gone off in those cold temperature conditions. It was a good opening weekend. With this doe added to the freezer which also contains my crossbow buck and some "leftovers" from last year, I am thankful that our family will have enough meat to make it thru another year. My brother in law was given a couple of deer from others, so I don't need to worry about getting one for him this year. I am slightly relieved to get thru the weekend and still have my buck tag. Oddly enough, this was the first hunt, since crossbow season began, when all the deer that I saw lacked antlers. Prior to Saturday, I can't say for sure that any that I saw in the Southern zone did not have antlers.
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    11/25/19: while I was at work dad hunted. He seen 5 deer together at 9:45am. Looked like a few ran down towards the stream about 125 plus yds. The closest one was about 75 yards and was a 3 pt. that He has seen before. He could only see one other deer now which was about 130 yards away. He could see he had antlers and was a shooter. He watched him for about 5 minutes and tried soft grunted and after that the bleat called, but the buck wasn't moving much but then just before 10am he started walking fast heading towards the stream. When the buck came through a little opening angling away Dad shot at his left side at 125yds on the move with his shotgun. He aimed high and knew He hit him because he dropped right down. Bur he kept trying to get up. He watched him for a few minutes and watched the 3 pointer start walking down towards him. He then decided to sneak down keeping trees blocking him. When He got to about 30 yards the buck was in a kneeling position but not looking at my dad so He shot him again in the left shoulder. He than dropped for good. Right after the shot Dad noticed about 30 yards three other deer took off heading away further but couldn’t see heads. Buck weighed 138lbs dressed at the butcher. A woman DEC biologist was there and they were taking the head/brain to Albany to check for CWD. She told my dad it was a 2.5 year old, which seems right. Dad only has a flip phone so these are the only pics I have for now until I see him in person with his digital camera. Another buck we did NOT have pics of. When dad told me he shot a buck I thought it was the high rack buck we have pics lately but it’s not so hopefully I’ll get a crack at him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One more slickhead for the freezer, now wait for the muzzy season.
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    Watched her cross the field below, she came right into the plot, made it all of 20 yards.
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    I am ready for tomorrow going to be a good day but also a sad day for me . Going to miss my hunting partners. Hopefully Charlie will be looking down on me from above and helping scare a monster buck to me .
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    Out for the afternoon shift with my grandson Jake and two doe tags in my pocket.
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    Brother in law shot this buck at my camp on Saturday. Take a look at his rear leg, just above the foot. I think it's a scope cap. He musta stepped through it. Didn't seem to be causing him any discomfort.
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    There is no excuse for this "hunter" !! He should be prosecuted, and do hard time! My grandson and I had a monster buck standing on the top of a ridge on Saturday. Only thing we could see behind him was sky. I called off the shot. Easy call. No idea where that bullet would have ended up had my grandson missed, or had a pass through. This non shot, is stressed at every hunter ed course we give! I sincerely hope your neighbor fully recovers. My prayers to him and his family.
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    Went to scout some state land near one of the smaller lakes in the area to see if I could “track” a buck once we get some snow on the ground. Iv never set foot in the area, only fished the lake. I brought my bow just in case. On the walk back toward the car I could hear a deer walking “below” me on the lake side. I stood behind a tree and this little guy passed me. Shot him quartering away. I was trying to “aim for the opposite leg” and hit a little further back than I wanted. Took out off-side lung and Rage did tons of damage. He ran down the hill but dropped in sight. I carried him out and decided if I ever get a buck in that area I’d drag him down to the water and get the boat. Incredibly steep and overgrown. Weighed just under 100lbs. Should be delicious.
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    I will be out with Cynthia looking and I will Drag the Doe out.
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    I think i have an addiction to trail cam pics! I love it when you get lucky enough to harvest a buck but I really love it when I can go back and look at pics of the deer from earlier in the season and even previous years! Here is a pic of my buck shot on Monday from about 1 week ago and 2 weeks ago. It's a shame he busted off all his points 1
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    Whether your hunting or cooking , enjoy your day ..
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    Sunset from my office tonight. Looking west at WNY and saw a sign from the heavens above. Therefore, I’m heading to WNY tomorrow to hunt the weekend. Please excuse my lack of contributions tomorrow while i make the 380mile journey Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Going out tomorrow . Sighted in my muzzleloader today not bad .now if I can just sit and get a deer for me .
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    Got the scope put on my Browning AB3 300 Win Mag last night, and picked up some ammo today. I went With Fusion 180gr ammo, and it looks like I found A winner! I think I also Just found my new favorite hunting rifle! The recoil on it is nowhere near what I thought It would be, the action is silky smooth, and man oh man can she shoot. I put 3 rounds down range, adjusted the scope to them and knocked out a 2 round group, slight scope adjustment and a single shot dead on.
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    Hit it right above foreleg downhill and slight quartering (see pic). My son used my Kimber .300WSM on him. 150grain Winchester deer season ammo. Took one hell of a deep breath and good prayer. Double lung hit with no exit. Used the same rifle on my elk in 2006 with same effect. Deer never took another step. Was DOA when it hit the ground. Must admit I was leaking tears walking over with him. The stuff dreams are made of. So proud!
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    My 81 year old Dad's new knee seems to be holding up fine . That's him in the distance we walked about 1.5 miles in Saw nothing but did see deer droppings so there in there somewhere.
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    You guys got balls! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Crazy Bow season lots of weird stuff happened and back pains kept me out of the woods a lot but in the end a success... 10/14 7:45am Big Doe: 11/3 7:30am Yearling Doe: 11/6 2:30pm 11pt: He came right into my 2d doe decoy and antler Ice after I tickled the rattle bag and made an estrus bleat...5 yards but I regret the between the shoulder shot I took from above...never again 700 yard track over 2 days found him this am don’t think he died til last night all the meat is still perfect temps were awesome! Lucky guy on all counts... All my neighbors are awesome the shot was taken behind my parents and ran through every neighbor property in between and 2 more over, Awesome Rural Community! My wife took rutcation fir me this week I Love Her! Great harvests and nice bucks all (biz with the xbow!) have a great gun season!
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    It goes something like this: Andrew: "wait, wait, wait …." Moog: "tell me when" Andrew: "bang … sorry the yote/fox was on my side and only 50yds" OR Moog: "How far do you think he is" Andrew: "150ish (really 300yds) - shoot" Moog: "Bang - darn it" Andrew: "You suck" OR Andrew: "get on it …. yes the eyes way way out there" Moog: "seriously, that's a long ways" Andrew: "shoot, shoot shoot - its running away" Moog: "bang - darn it" Andrew: "You suck, gotta text the boys about another miss by you." Be forewarned …. just kidding Andrew is great and has done his best to teach a predator hunting newbie. At some point, I will actually learn something and get it done. I think this is the year!
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    Laid my hands on one more set of antlers. Gut shot deer from bow culver found at one of the properties. There were still crows on it a month later. Picked clean. Decided to grab antlers as I pulled cams for year.
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    A few bucks shot. Some nice fat doe's shot. Some beautiful pic's from the woods. Then the "storm" rolled in and clouded everything up for a bit. And now everyone seems to be ignoring the "storm", so it's clearing up nicely again! Forecast is "storm" free, so all is good! Get out and hunt!
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    Man can we just start another thread for this BS? Real pain in the ass for those trying to see how guys are making out. Seriously!
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    Demo instructions wolc sent me for checking for said nut sack Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There’s always disclaimers to cover typos/ mistakes
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    Remember this deer? He was tagged Saturday morning below Heron Hill...
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