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    Opening day success was never so sweet for a young hunter! 3 months into his first season of archery and hunting on his first day out he connects from my stand! Was passing those spike bucks last year worth it, hell yea! Now this young hunter is hooked and hopefully will have many more years of success! The smile says it all! Congratulations John!
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    First Bow kill 9/28 Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hung a portable for the first time in about 20 years last week. Since I bought a climber, I've had no desire to hunt from a portable since then. But there was a spot that I've been wanting to hunt and I had no choice. So tonight I decided to put a hunt in because the wind was right. But that was it. It was warm and muggy, and I didn't have any expectations for at least another week or 2. I got in just before 4pm. Around 4:30 to my surprise I spotted a 4p. I then gave a short series of light rattles. Not long after that I had a small basket 7pt within 8 yds looking for the other bucks. I also ad 4 big toms move thru as well as a 6pt at 5:30. A little after 6, I gave another light rattle. Just before dark, I spotted 2 bucks in the thicket behind me. One of them was making a rub. As shooting light began to fade, they came out of the thicket. The first buck was a nontypical, which I was very tempted to shoot. His right main beam came straight down over his eye and hung down several inches, but he was still a young deer. At that point I was finally able to make out the other buck behind him. A big 8. He came within 5 yds and I double lunged him. He only went 40 yds. He's not my biggest, but for mid October and 66 degree weather, I'll remember this hunt for a long time.
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    Found em about 150 yards from where I bumped em. Absolutely STUNK. Sun was beating em on and the flies were going crazy. I got one lung/ liver, and stomach. What a tough animal. Was 250 yards from where I shot em. So glad I backed out and waited. Looked like he was dead for a few hours by the time I got to him, but better safe than sorry. Thanks everyone for the good juju!! I gut em and just stuffed him/ covered him with bags of ice. Will hang em up overnight . Hopefully the meat is good My wife was so happy for me that she took a few awesome pics when I got him home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally! First with a bow. It has definitely been a learning curve. 1:30 arrived at stand. Camera had showed nothing coming during the day but I wanted to sit. Cooled just a bit near 6:00 and this guy stops quartered away.
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    Got him Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk
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    Got em!!! Pics to come tnt... but in the meantime Couldnt be happier!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had to use my buck tag but I'm alright with it he was probably a deer another guy on the property wounded as a spike last season, he has a scar on his right front leg. Went to a tried-and-true early stand on public property this morning was hearing a ton of snorting all up and down the ridge before light. This is a very thick area with only a few lanes and a lot of immature beach still fully greened out at deer head height. Around 7:10 I caught a ear flick than a tail flick about 25 yards out front of me in dense thicket. Assumed it was a decent buck as it was alone and good bodied. But as it approached within 10 yards I could not spot antlers and the head, eyes and ears seemed big. I drew twice on the deer and both times held forever as he hesitated to go through my lane. At this point it was only brown rectangle passing close to my lane I could no longer see the head and thought mature lone doe and released. 520 grains 200 upfront went through the shoulder and out the lower ribcage. He bounded 10 yards, looked around and fell over. Was initially disappointed with antler but quickly turned the attitude around when I noticed the body size. 1/1 w/the new APA Mamba Air TF and 6mm FMJ Strickland Helix combo. 1st 10/1 deer.
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    Last year's doe stand produces again. I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
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    10/11/2017 rained a little bit and he completely snuck up on me. i was in a ground blind and he was less than 10 yds when i finally heard him. truthfully the 1st arrow buried into a 2 inch tree where he was walking across. He was going left to right and i was turning to my right - for me a difficult shot. he did maybe a 3yd circle and just stood and only gave me a neck shot as he was covered by trees.
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    My daughter got her first deer today. She did a great job tracking it. The shot was a little back, but he (button buck) must have turned and it went right through the heart. It went about 60 yards and collapsed.
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    10/6 5:30pm. First time successfully calling one in. Been getting trail cam pics of bucks sparring lately so I decided to just tickle the rattling antlers a bit. About a minute or two later, this guy is rubbing a tree 30 yards from me. Walked 8 yards in front of me perfect broadside. Double lung with an entry and exit hole but not a complete pass through. Good blood trail, ran about 100 yards. Got some bigger bucks on cam on another property I hunt but the access is rough and I'm gonna be working a lot so I decided real quick that I'm wasn't after a trophy that night. Although once gun season comes I might pass on something this big. Just happy to have some meat and time out enjoying the outdoors. Don't be afraid to hit the rattles a little this early in the season. Good luck to everyone! Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
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    Shot him Saturday morning my biggest buck and first deer with muzzleloader.
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    Well after a crappy morning hitting one in the brisket and stomping all over my small urban hunting area looking for her i was not expecting much this evening but knew that deer are all over here. 530 pm i have 3 does coming up from down wind of me... not good. They have no clue i'm there and the constant noise of people driving by and getting home from work keeps them distracted. All three start feeding on my clover mix 20 yards in from of me and i have plenty of time to pick my shot, quartering away 20 yards.. smacked her, drilled opposite shoulder. she didn't make it 35 yards on a dead spring. Arrow and Broad head are toast but was well worth it. After this the other two deer continue to eat the clover under me and have no care in the world, i would have shot another but decided not to due to time restraints so i just started snapping photos and videos. Got to see some cool deer communication with bleats and such. Had to have wife and kid go for a walk to my stand and jump them outa there( they literally trotted 50 yards and just watched us), let the 5 year old track with a flashlight and he did pretty well. A blind man could follow this blood trail.
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    Had a spike and a doe come in. She was bigger than him and walked right under me so I was sure it was a she. Turned broadside at 30 yards. She went 30 yards and fell over. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Draven born on Sept 22nd at 5:55 AM. Completely ruining my hunting this season but I'll gladly trade in a season for this guy. 8 lbs exact. 20 and 1/4 inches. Discharged and home now. Mommy and baby doing really well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So I was going down to my property to hang a Trail Cam and one of the guys at work yesterday said if your going down there might just as well bring your bow .... you never know ! Well I'm not a true bow hunter , yes I have a compound bow and a crossbow ( just bought it last year for the heckuvit ) so I brought the compound bow . I decided to go sit in my ladder stand for about an hour and just relax , I put an arrow in and let it rest . About half an hour later I hear rustling to my left and its a small Doe . Well I've never shot anything with a bow so I decided to let one fly . Below is the results .... hunting 40 plus years and this is my first bow kill ! And this is in 4H where its tough as hell to get a DMP !
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    Well, awesome and eventful night. I finally checked something off the bucket list.... Took my son hunting ! He's only 3.5 and I figured we might spook something at some point. Threw the blind up in the neighbors field and off we went. Wouldn't you know it a couple doe came out after a short time! My son actually waved at then but thankfully we were in the shadow of the blind. We watched them for awhile then I decided to take the shot. She was at 20 yrds broadside. Unfortunately, I grazed the blind window and buried a rage right below her. They came in from a different route and I hadn't had that window open enough to shoot, apparently. Either way, he said he had fun and that we will get her next time !! What a blessing. Tonight will be a night I NEVER forget. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Im working a string of 12hr shifts (6pm-6am) so I didn't plan on hunting but I couldn't take it any longer. Raced out after work this morning and 40 minutes later I had one down. 25yd shot. Chinadermics worked on this girl. Good start to the season. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Ok so I finally got it done although it didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked.I have bow hunted for 4 years without releasing an arrow and last night seemed to be following that pattern until about 630. I had been sitting since 4 and had seen nor heard anything not even a squirrel. I was battling misquotes for my sanity when I heard a twig snap of my left hand shoulder, it turned out to be a spike about 25 yards of quartering slightly towards me between two brush piles. There was an open window between the 2 brush piles of about 2 foot I thought plenty of room. At the shot the deer ducked and started to turn he then took off and I thought I had missed I could see my lighted nock arrow stuck in the ground. I heard him crash seconds later. I gave it till dark and waited for the rest of my hunting party to go look. I Got Him! It ended up being a crappy shot I'm not sure if it's all because he moved at the shot or if it was me getting jittery or a combination of both I took him right across the throat and the rage hypedermics did there job. He had only went about 60 yrds. Finally I got one with a bow not a textbook shot but I got it! Feeling stoked!! Not a giant but will always be a memorial deer for me. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Managed to take a good doe yesterday afternoon. Got the whole thing on film, was a really cool hunt. On to bucks now
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    Shot this 8 last evening. Seen 4 basket bucks coming my way, the one 8 pointer was pretty nice and very tough to pass. But I seen this buck about 300 yards out, and was hoping he joined the group. His body was much bigger then the other 4 and I could see the rack was bigger. About 10 does followed the 4 bucks , some as close as a couple yards from my stand They were all crunching acorns, with no suspicions I was there . It was like nothing I have ever experienced, quite amazing. I could see this buck and 1 other buck coming to join the group, they kept stopping and fighting with each other ( I could hear there antlers crashing from 2-300 yards out) . After about an hour he got within range, he stepped out at 30 yards,. The rage did the job , I heard him crash about 30 yards into the woods.I waited about 30 minutes after harvesting him for all the deer to finally clear from around my stand. This is my first opening day bow harvest and biggest bow harvest yet. Great day !!!
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    I harvested my very first deer with a bow this morning. At about 8:00 this morning she came into the food plot. Wasn't the best shot and my heart instantly sank when I realized how far forward I hit her. After looking at the location I shot her, there was blood everywhere and a very good blood trail. Well I tracked her about 100 yards and there she was laying! I have heard that the first is the hardest so I got the first out of the way!
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    Well the shot placement was perfect!
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    Saw 4 big toms and 5 different bucks tonight including this one. I'll post up my evening in the harvest thread.
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    1st deer deer with the new Halon 32 35 yard shot dropped with in sight ...IAM soaked from the rain yuck
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    Well got a doe today. Haven't had a working computer in a year or more but now that I do, I'm back on the forum. I hunted this morning with my bow and did a little spot and stalk, came up on a doe and her fawn. (which I had the opportunity to shoot last night also) I couldn't get myself to shoot the doe considering the fawn was still seemed clingy and young. So after work today I headed out to a different spot. I may or may not have skipped my English college course after work. I got in my tree around 4:15 and by 4:45 I had arrowed this nice big doe. I had to work fast due to the heat and rain but she's quartered and in the fridge now.
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    The boy just dropped a decent buck! 148 yards TC Triumph ML. Right in its tracks! Boom [emoji95] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last night just before dark! Had to kick more deer out of field to track her. Knew she didn't go far though. Blood spraying everywhere. Love the grim reapers! Got her at a new spot in Madison and first time there. All processed and sausage to package tomorrow. After hunting . Now I can look for that buck since I got the freezer queen.
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    My son made a good shot on this doe tonight.
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    Shot was a lot better than I thought, went 40 yds. Big Female Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Last two seasons I was on public land and it gets pressured all to hell. Very tough slogs each season getting on deer. This year I have some private land I'm using. Been out 6 times including today and have seen deer each time. I got on a crazy spot his morning. Deer everywhere. Only 1-2 at a time, but lots of individual sightings. Got this buck at 7:45 and this doe at 8:30. I'm posting this picture of the doe because as soon as the arrow went I knew it was not a good shot. The deer was 18-20 yards out, very clear sight, walking/eating slowly nice broadside/slight quartering away (textbook), but as I took the shot it quartered away hard (I think not quite as much as this arrow seems to hint--it may have swung a bit in the deer by the time it went down). The saving grace is that the arrow was still heading in the right direction. There was a constant, but light trail of blood. This was not a lung shot at all (it would have been had the arrow gone further in), and it was not a heart shot, but the deer was down in 70-80 yards. Massive internal bleeding but I'm not sure exactly how it died. I guess they can still die even if lungs aren't pierced if the diapham (?) is. Or, maybe I hit an artery. I got lucky on this one, when I saw the light blood and clear not a lung shot or heart I thought uh oh. I gotta say I was quite surprised when I walked up on it. And this is a problem: Per typical, I get very little penetration. This arrow only made it a foot in or so. I'm pulling 60 pounds @ 29" @ 315 IBO w/ 410 grain arrows. I've never even made a second hole in a deer (let alone pass through) no matter where I hit them. I switched to rage 2 blades a couple weeks ago and they make a brutal entrance hole (that alone is why I was able to find this deer, as it bled out of the entrance).
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    Put some meat on the ground this evening. 20yd chipshot. She piled up 50yds away Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    Got this doe opening afternoon. That morning was Ameritech hour for me. I messed up 3 shot opportunities on some big does. I was pretty excited when I saw this guy at 3:23 in my shot window about 25 yards away. The interesting thing was that the deer is actually a hermaphrodite. Now it's mainly buck hunting until rifle season or I get a buck down. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Another one falls victim to the Chinadermics...
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    Tonight is an emotional sit. I'm in my fathers favorite stand, the stand I killed my first deer from. It was his stand and after I killed my first one I never asked him to hunt it again because it is a great spot but very very close to beading area and easy to mess up. It's been over 15 years since I have been in this stand last. I can't count how many times I have helped dad drag deer that he shot out of it. He's been gone almost a year now and it hasn't gotten any easier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Couldn't add the pic so try again. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    I rather like this. Good friend who kills lots of great deer offered up a slam dunk on 2 places holding 8-10 pretty darn nice bucks. Would be borrowing his rifle too. He'd film it too Daughter was honest with me that she really wants her first deer to be more special than that. To use her own shotgun , to get one at my brothers where we've spent so many hours hunting deer and turkey in the past. Where she helped with food plot and checking cams. Thumbs up little one as I have a big smile It's not just about getting my first deer it's where and how she said. And thank you all so much for all your kind words and cheering us on this morning. I let her read "live from the woods ". She let out an awwww and a thumbs up while were out there. Tomorrow's another day. Windy sounding but another day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hunted about 20 hrs since my opening day 7:10 am harvest hadn't seen another deer but I have been smelling them. This evening at 6:22 this healthy yearling doe came in...I let her get real close to make sure no antler hiding... 10 yards she was crouched to pee I got spine heart lung liver ran against the back of the chest cavity all the way out through the leg. Same 522 grain arrow and BH are ready for another harvest.
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    Gotta be in it to win it. Woke daughter with anticipation of a no to go because it's raining quite hard. I was wrong. Gave her some of my rain gear to throw on which is huge on her. Creek was crossable and dumped my waders on this side as going to need them later to carry her across. 8 turkeys roosted in white birch by creek. Lowest one flew but rest remained. Even flipped off red filters of flashlights to check them out. All 15-20' up. Couldn't careless and we almost got pooped on by 2 of them. Very quiet walk in. In pop up blind and dry. Cmon deer. Good luck to all out there today.
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    Not bad for a 40 minute season so far. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Found, only went 75 yards. Stinky but hoseing it out and quartering for the fridge.
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    Just shot a great buck! He ran 10 yards the. haunched over and walked away. Checked my arrow and then backed out. Thinking liver. Ive been here before and lost the deer, so i'm buggin out. Any place he stopped has great blood, spotty after that. Its been an hour already. Gonna give it another hour then head in Wish me luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I received a call at 3:00 this afternoon from a hunter that shot a doe at 9:00 this morning. He reported hitting the deer back by the last rib and very low with white hair found at the hit site. I told him we should give her 8 hours, so I'd meet him at 5:00. He said she had gone into a very thick area which bordered a large swamp, where he had marked last blood and backed out. He doesn't think he pushed her at all. Luna was all over this one. She took us down the trail the doe had gone, and after a couple of self corrections, took us to last blood. We continued into a very thick area that was extremely hard to get through. Once in the thick area we started seeing fresh blood as well as dried blood, but never found a bed. The blood was just a drop here and there, with large gaps between sightings. Luna at one point started to get very excited and was giving little yips, so I believe we were close to the deer but we never saw her. We backed out after unsuccessfully trying to catch up with her. The hunter has to work tomorrow morning, so that's the end of this one. I got home and a minute later had a call from a guy I've tracked for in the past. He was hunting the public land across the road and had a question about the recently installed gate the town put in to stop truck/car access to the property. He had shot a doe a short while ago and watched her drop about 75 yards away. He was wondering if 4 wheelers were still allowed back there. I told him yes and that I'd be happy to take him back in my side by side in exchange for letting Luna track the doe for the experience. He happily agreed to that. It was a short track, but not easy due to the windy conditions and the doe running across an open field. Luna had to work for it, but found her and of course got to chew on the leg as a reward.
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    So with warmer temps approaching and having to drag a deer last year 2.5 miles it isn't always fun after pulling the trigger or in some cases releasing an arrow. Just text a couple of friends and forum members this as well. I'm all in for helping any forum members on tracking and or dragging out a deer. Live in Erie county but will travel within reason. I say this as I've stated before you folks are friends and family to me and haven't met most of you. My drags are always 1 mile to 1.5 miles. Last year one was 2.5. Can only live in the moment of " heck ya , I shot a deer " before it sorta sucks lol. Ive lost 2 retrieving deer I've hit with the gun on shots that were almost perfect but sadly missed my mark by inch or two. Tracked forever until on property until I hit no retrieval properly lines. Both deer give me haunting memories Tracked one last year that went 1000 yards opposite car and one lunged with ML before finishing shot. Not the best tracker by any means but 2 sets of eyes are better than one. Have deer carrier I can attach to back of car if needed too. So what it's worth, I'll definitely help if asked Nothing asked for in return but sharing the moment of helping you find / drag out your prize. I hope that guys in your surrounding areas will do the same. If you don't want my help , call deer search lol.