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    Some real beauties on this thread! I arrowed my best buck on 10/2/15 at 12 yds. Awesome hunt...had 4 bucks in range at once with another buck at the base of my stand. I wasn't sure how I was even going to get drawn back on him. He grossed just over 140 nontyp with only a 13" inside spread!!!
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    My nephew and his wife are in the hospital right now .I am going to be a great aunt . Jeep them in your prayers. I am worried for them being in there at this time .
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    Found my second hanger ever this morning. A little while later I came across this stud hanger. My new biggest typical shed to date!!!
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    If someone needs to feed their family (assuming this were true and not a false pretense), I would give them permission to hunt my places. I have no issue with someone truly in need.
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    My biggest buck in 37 years of deer hunting. Taken 11/9/18 @ 10:25. Missed an opportunity at him the last day of muzzleloader in 2017 when he busted me turning in the stand for a shot, hearing noise from build up of snow and ice on the stand. Then bow season 2018, drew bow back on him on 11/7/18 when he followed a doe in but he never presented a shot. He was stopped at about 38 yards...safely behind a tree blocking his vitals. Holding on him for what seemed like an eternity. But then the doe that was now only about 22yds from my tree bolted and he bolted after her. No shot...and feeling helpless hearing them run away through the woods out of sight and out of hearing, hoping and praying they would circle back. Then about half an hour later a nice 8Pt came in sniffing the ground everywhere that doe walked. I passed on him at about 20yds, knowing the big 10Pt was in the area, hoping that he'd come back. Nothing more that day. Then two days later, 11/9/18 while looking at a doe about 10yds right of my tree, I heard a twig snap and see the big 10Pt walking, angling away from me about 40yds away in front of my stand, oblivious to me or the doe in the area. So, I reach for my grunt tube but the doe busted me, running away to my right. The buck heard her running away, snapped his head around looking in her direction, and then turned around slowly walking in her direction now...passing about 25yds in front of me. Buck fever started kicking in real bad, so it took me 3 tries to pull my bow back...LOL...But eventually got it pulled back and made a solid good shot on him. He turned running about 140yds before piling up with a solid double lung hit. Gross score 144-0/8, Net score 136-5/8.
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    Still keeping busy. Can you guess what I'm making now? I used a piece of black walnut that I had from the table top I helped Tacks make to use. It's going to be a backyard Yatzee game! I'll paint the dots white, should look cool!
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    Lots of fun tonight and we clearly had some fortune on our side. Great meeting all the members. from left to right: nomad, Johnplav, EJ’s son, EJ, Red, Al Bundy, Maria and Natalie don’t miss 2021! Kudos to Bob and crew on a great event!
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    I'll jump in with pics now. 11/2/2019: Xbow from the ground, 19 yards away making an aggressive scrape in the spot I always scrape in front of my trail cam. I He was facing me with head down making a scrape so I couldn’t shoot. I planned to wait till he turned broadside either way. Instead he lifted his head way up high and started rubbing the branches above him. I had read a lot about frontal shots for year and to aim for a “front shirt pocket”. Being that i had the xbow and felt steady (while shaking mentally) I took the shot since it was wide open and so close. I heard a loud crack as the bolt went right through him. He tried to run uphill and tumbled back down. I saw him go down. He died 16 yards from the shot. My trail cam 2 pics of him before I shot at 750am. 151lbs dressed and 94 3/8" rack.
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    Played with trout today. Catch and release. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    I don’t but my Uncle Jessie is a legend in the game, and my cousins Bo and Luke have distribution experience Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Boredom got the best of me today and i decided to find a way to make some of my fresh veggies last longer. Made some Kimchi, some red cabbage and honey fermented garlic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Score! Found one side to the buck I've been searching for! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Smoked wild turkey breast. Marinaded in red wine and vinegar dressing. Then did a maple glaze on it.
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    Costanza’s “Pepperjack Hot dogs” courtesy of my friend TurkeyFeathers. Again, very much appreciate it. Absolutely delicious! These are club rolls for those not familiar with these dogs. I topped them with my own homemade chili. Lastly, the cuts in the dogs were to take the curve out of the dog, so it would lay in the roll better!
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    Thanks sir. It was tough decision! Lol jk. I had 3 deer that were becoming ancient that year.. they gave me the slip a few times before.. Passed up many many bucks waiting for them. that is all. Very happy with this buck, I would never say i'm not happy about my decision.. Especially to see my boys face when I got home with him! 2nd picture is the other buck who was older and much bigger bodied, and antler wise within a couple inches of one another.. #217 dressed 11/19/2006 I dont care for antler scores, especially stupid deductions lol. I care for their entertainment and company in my woods and on my wall
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    If I had to guess ,I would say his may or may not do a couple gallons at a time. I think that would get you a couple quarts of 100 proof . I believe he may or may not mix it with distilled water til the proof is between 80 and 90 . Then it may or may not get flavor added so that it may or may not be served over ice or shared over a buck harvest.
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    Beef short rib Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Term limits needed!!! These two creeps are a disgrace to the American People, their States and them selves. VOTE them out to never return. President Trump will nix their play, roll right over them and proceed onward and upward for the American People. HOO-AH for our President!!!
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    Lunch Courtesy of [mention]turkeyfeathers [/mention] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looked for some snows today and didn’t find any. So headed to the range to put some rounds through my NULA. I really need to shake the dust off. Looks like I will have some time for this in the coming months. I also tried out a bunch of reloads my hunting buddy loaded up for me. A few Long overdue pictures for @Lawdwaz.
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    wasn’t sure what to do with my leftover cabbage , potatoes and carrots. Back strap did the trick.
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    I'll spend mine on Genny Light and cheap hookers, to avoid wasting it... I always go with cheap hookers.... Me hiring a high priced call girl would be like mounting a $5000 Zeiss on a Mossberg...
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    I agree 100% with TC III on this one....The dems fielded the most despised woman in politics and she damn near beat Trump.. Biden would have smoked him... I said at the time that I would rather be kicked in the nuts than vote for Trump, but I would rather be breastfed by Bruce Jenner than vote for Hilary... . I still consider The Donald a braying jackass but I think he's done a decent job in the last four years.. Being an asshole doesn't make him a bad president...
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    I actually was off the site for 3 days. This place was always different than the rest of the internet mess for the most part. Not "offended" by the language and stupid porn postings people do on here, just don't want to wade thru it when I am trying to look for news on some people's families that are nurses etc doing some great things. Just a personal preference not to have to read people arguing that they know better than others etc . It becomes like the rest of the internet that I tend to also ignore. If I owned the site I would clean a little house, but I don't so my decision to use it less is what I do. Some great folks on here keep me around. But I also notice they are posting less and less and am guessing they feel about the same way. The slurs, swearing and gay porn I can do without. When I've decided I've had enough of it completely I will just be gone. Again not offended it's just not why I am here. So been using it less and honestly haven't missed it that much. Is what it is. But it's getting old for me and fishing and turkey season is coming.
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    Burgs and dogs fresh off the grill! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As my shoulders got worse, I learned to just anchor... float the pin... release. As I can't hold full draw very long. It's worked OK for me.
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    Tonight dinner is brought to you by Alivia. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My apologies to some of the older members of this forum who have already heard this story... I was hunting caribou in NWT in 1994, and had killed a bull...My guide was a full blooded Inuit named George Konana.. George was butchering my bull, and I was standing alongside with my hands in my pockets feeling weird, because I was accustomed to being the one doing the butchering.. This was my first guided hunt.. George cut out the liver and set it aside...I asked him if caribou liver was good to eat... He cut a slice of the raw liver, and then cut open the stomach.. He dipped the liver slice into the stomach and got a big green gob of the contents and then ate the whole mess, and licked his fingers George looked at me and said " There's too much for me to eat, YOU want some ? " I replied " **** you, George ."....
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    I hate the guy as much as any of us but nobody has the answers to what is going on . Anyone can look at the past and make present day conversation. That goes for anyone making decisions during this time .
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    This winter the local Stihl shot was going out of business and I had been eyeing one of these for a while and with the discount I couldn’t resist. I got it with the hedge trimmer, chainsaw, Roto tiller, brush blade and regular weed walker head. The hedge trimmer is absolutely perfect perfect for trimming shooting lanes and reclaiming grown in trails. This would have taken forever with a chain saw the way I have done it for years. Now I’ll just push all the brush away with the tractor and I’ll be able to drive my truck down what was a runway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think I finished getting everything for my Aculeus. Leupold 3x9-40 with Firedot HHA optimizer Ten Point anticant level Bohning top mount quiver bracket Trophy Ridge 4 banger quiver Limbsaver crossbow sling ( not in the picture) 12 Spinal Tapps from Jerry Really like that you can get a bare bow and build it how you want...now if I could just use it for more than two weeks.
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    Folks need to realize , grocery stores have 3 days of food on hand , so when the Gov. says prepare for two weeks , those that build their house of straw are in a much worse place then those who build of brick . Off to the gym , and those milfs and college girls had better be there !
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    It does look and probably tastes amazing. I would have liked to see a pic AFTER the first bite. If someone can figure out how to eat an egg salad sandwich WITHOUT it exploding after bite 1 they deserve the Nobel Prize. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rock bass are great eating too! When I have a pile of perch crappie and bluegills I cant tell the difference when Im eating them, theyre all great
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    Though a few others contributed to the tirade too, I feel you did the right thing. And hopefully the time off will be temporary. Paul, as well as every member here, has a right to their own opinion. But there has to be a line on how it is expressed. Otherwise, why bother even having forum rules? And if a free for all is what you desire, perhaps this isn't the place for you? There are many other places on the net to participate in whatever you desire. I don't come here for that stuff. JMO..... Thanks Rob. This pretty much somes up how I feel too. Some really great members on here, who contribute to make this place, the great outdoors forum that it is. It only takes a very few, to make it a place I'd rather avoid.
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    I get on at night and got like 20 pages to go through. What the heck is going on. And yes, my 6 year old does read over my shoulder if I'm checking in during the day. Not kidding. He sneaks up behind me quietly. To him it's a game on how quiet he can be. I'll hear him giggling sometimes.
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    I haven't seen a chestnut since maybe an early teenager. I was super excited to stumble upon this on state land today. I forgot how sharp the shell is. There was quite a few on the ground!
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    X2!!!!still going to post it this time though haha.forgot smoker loaded pic....smoked chichen thighs,drumsticks(not in pic)ital sausage and a quick bagged shhhhallllad..cherry cheesecake for dessert.bed time yet??????
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    Well Tommy today it finally happened, the wallpaper is coming off! I know this has been a topic of conversation between you & I over the years but late this afternoon the beginning of the end of my much abhorred kitchen wallpaper started, The wife and I jumped in and as may know, the hardest part is getting started. We did and we both feel great about it as should you Tommy. I'll add pics as things progress but there won't be a big rush as there IS no big rush..........I have time on my hands. The outer layer of paper off...... Hard to see but behind the fridge is where I started, the paper and backing is off and looks pretty good, so far. The "white" area to the left of the door jamb is ready for primer I think. The are in "brown" is the paper backing, ready for scoring and the soaking with the douche solution in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!!! Happy Birthday Bizzy!! LOL
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Either way I’ll be turkey hunting. I have idea how me walking out my back door and shooting a turkey has to do with Corona? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just like the leftist media would lead you to believe ,you're a good sheep.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    At least her fingers went back into proportion and aren't alien fingers anymore [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
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    Found this Pic somewhere and thought after this Virus is all over what a great Get-Together BBQ would be for HuntingNY people !
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    Bottom right is my hero! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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