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    Hi guys i know i have mentioned house hunting, after almost two years I'm in the process of buying a place on 30 acres. I'm really excited to work on the place and make it our own. Me and my girlfriend walked it today and found plenty of deer and Turkey sign, excited for the next chapter in our lives!
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with legally shooting young bucks. Over the years I've shot a good number of them. And proud of every one of em too! At this stage of my hunting career, I "choose" to hunt bucks with a little more age on them for the added challenge. But in no way does that mean I'll "never" shoot another young one! Depends on the circumstances? It is very important to me, to not lose sight of why I hunt. And not be caught up in the quest to shoot older bucks, and lose sight of the many reasons I enjoy being out there! Shoot What You Like...........Like What You Shoot. Pretty simple recipe for deer hunting enjoyment. No one size fits all. No hunter should ever question, what another hunter decides to shoot! And no hunter should ever feel diminished by what they "choose" to shoot. It's all hunting. And it's all good my friends.
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    Helped me construct a bridge to span 14.5’ over a creek for my ATV. Will make things much easier recovering deer. No way I could have done it without his knowledge and muscle. Solid as a rock even with me on the ATV. Bob is just one of those friends that will do anything he can to help. His mentor program is just further proof Thanks much my friend. Hopefully we will be using it to recover a deer you kill there!
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    I would shoot the egg if I came across one at this point. lol
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    Got this guy done today.
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    Gonna use this guy as a bench end. Have to add some eyeballs.., finish up the base.., and let him drink another can of varnish. Just need to carve up something for the other side now and put it all together. Quick eagle I just finished up the other day too.
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    I think its a decent article. Leave the choice to the hunter and let each hunter be happy with his or her choice.
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    Sunday I went down to my buddies and to move a stand. Another friend came with me and before we could get the stand down you know who shows up..........after 4 years she's getting a little too close. I'm wincing because I didn't want her to peck my blinkers out. She's nuts for the 4 wheeler and the company I think. She runs after the wheeler as I drive away, then takes wing and flies right up to if not in to me! Jumped onto the front rack Up onto the handlebars Walked up my arm And across my shoulders before flying down
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    Found this little mutt draggin' his butt through the sawdust today,lol
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    I refuse to hide the fact that I am a hunter. On public land, I won't hunt right on a hiking trail. But if someone has an issue with me being seen with a gun or bow in my hand, that's their problem. I have as much right to be there as they do. I don't intend to infringe on their activity, they shouldn't infringe on mine. Don't disparage my camo and hunting implement, and I won't make fun of your stupid looking hiking and biking shorts!
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    Quick stomp today led us to this deadhead. Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    I went last night locally to Hudson Valley Steakhouse- it was pretty good considering it’s not in NYC. I posted a few pics in the dinner thread. I knew it was going to rain today, so I played golf with my 91 year old grandfather yesterday before dinner. Today I’ll get my haircut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When a hunter first starts out, a buck any buck is s trophy. it was to me, I can remember my first spike he was small and the guys at deer camp were kiding me about the size. My dad spoke right up and said it takes a good shot to hit the smaller ones. It instantly made me feel good about my deer. As I have gotten older I have passed up a bunch of smaller deer and don’t regret it. But this only shooting big bucks has a negative effect on younger/ new hunters. I’ve seen this first hand with my son and wife, they wanted to shoot bigger bucks right from the get go and passing up deer started having a negative effect on them. Let’s face it the end goal of hunting is shooting a animal to enjoy the meat and the accomplishment of making a good kill. Well I could see they both were loosing interest because going hunting and not pulling the trigger or releasing a arrow is well anticlimactic and at times boring. Told them we needed to start hunting for meat and the antlers will come, and what do you know I could see their interest return and they wanted to go hunting more, because they knew that it was ok to shoot a deer any deer.
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    Here's some pictures of my weekend jaunt to coastal Georgia. I brought a first-time hunter and co-worker with me, he made this old man proud. We each killed 2 hogs Saturday and turkey hunted Sunday (no luck). Carried a puppy back home for a fella near Harrisburg PA as a favor. Heading back next week to turkey hunt, I probably should just move there.
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    The guys that piss me off are the career tailgaters! You can be doing 40 in a 30, or 70 in a 55, or 120 in 45 for that matter, and they're still right on your ass! They even got the balls to flash their alternating headlights, then turn on those obnoxious flashing red and blue roof lights, and some will even go so far as to use sirens to intimidate you, or yell at you over an intercom speaker to "PULL OVER" and then they just pull up behind you anyhow. THEN they take you to work with them, and the whole way there they drive 5 under the limit and talk about you to their buddies over the radio like they just caught the biggest fish in the lake,lol
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    Picked up the new king of the basement over the weekend. I'm very happy with how he turned out. I might need to move him as he makes my 8 point look smaller than he really is. Going to be few more months before my once in a lifetime buck comes home. Good things come to those that wait. I hope? I really need to shoot a bear to pull the room together
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    Planted 300 White Spruce from Saratoga Nursery back in 2007. About 250 made it. We planted a small area of 11 trees. I let my daughter do that. We call it Michaela's forest. They are growing real nice! So is she 19 and in college!!! lol
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    I took a couple from ther property today I'll definitely get some more asap
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    Got out for a quick walk this afternoon...found 5 plus a skull. This brings me to my goal of 20, may still get out a few more times yet. Two side by side sets!!!
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    The beginning of the "DEER LIVES MATTER" movement.
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    Went to the farm yesterday to reboot a cell camera and spotted the first shed about 200 yards out in the middle of a field. Actually looks like last year's that got hit with the plow or disk. After finding that one, Evan and I looked more and I found number 2 for the season!
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    I started off going after larger deer and boy was that a futile adventure. I still enjoy going after them and still pass young deer but sometimes you have to take what is given and enjoy the adventure. Last year was one of my more memorable hunting trips. The excitement on the 2nd year hunters face, eating venison in deer camp of the deer we just dragged out a few hours earlier was amazing.
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    Cameras have been soaking since early February.
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    Finally got out for a few hours in between rain showers to change some camera cards and look around for sheds. Found one the mice got to already, and then found a matched set laying next to each other. First time finding a set. Found two deer kill sites and a turkey kill site. Found a bear den too. Black tufts of hair on those broken roots. Productive hike in 60 degree temps!
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    Way back in the summer of 1980, just after I graduated college, custom rifles were all the rage. After reading a book on customizing rifles by T.L. Bish,(https://www.hillcountrybooks.com/products/keyword/%20care) I decided my Plainfield Machine M1 Carbine needed to be gentrified. I spent the better part of that summer doing the work in my back yard. (Got a great tan that summer) The rifle was completely polished, tuned, smoothed and reblued. I added Williams sights, a front ramp and a rear peep. The bolt was jeweled and a Fajen mannlicher walnut stock was also worked from a rough semi finished piece. It was fitted to the rifle when it was completed. She's a hunting rifle with the 5 round mag, but still works as my home defense rifle and will still shoot a 30 round mag without fail. It shoots into a 2" group at 100 yards all day long. It wasn't a collectible M1 to begin with, so no harm done to it's value. Some may not like it, but I love it. The pictures show how it looks, with one added to show how it used to look.