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    Proud dad moment ,I decided to buy archer his lifetime hunting/fishing tonight while I was buying my license.
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    Picked up a new family member today. I’ve been wanting a English chocolate lab for a long time now and my wife keeps bringing it up about getting one. So she came across some labs online yesterday and we went and picked one up today. My sister had a English chocolate lab that was the best dog ever, hoping this little guy can be close to as good as her dog was. I’ve always liked the English labs temperament and their big blocky features. So far he’s the calmest puppy I’ve ever had, hoping he stays this way haha
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    ... on that little electric Remington chainsaw. This purdy little lady is gonna wrap her lips around some wood tomorrow and spit out a mouthfull of chips,lol! I got her set up with the little 12" dime tip carving bar, sprocket, and 1/4" chain. I've only run it with the standard 16" bar and 3/8 chain so far to whack down a few small trees, so I'm not really sure yet how she'll handle with her specialty accessories. She sure feels like a nimble little screamer!
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    Picked up my grandson after work tonight. He came to help me cut grass, and we had plans to shoot our bows after we were done. So we went downstairs to get them, and he picks up my Savage Axis 7mm-08, with Leuplold VX2 and some trigger work. He asks if we can shoot this instead? He is 14, and this will be his first deer season to hunt with a rifle. So I said sure, we can go shoot "YOUR" rifle! It officially became "His" at that moment! He set it down and gave me a big hug, and said thanks grampy. Well, after the lump left my throat, I said lets gather up our stuff and head over to the club range. He has shot this a couple of times. But now he was shooting His rifle for the first time! He did pretty good at 117 yards! We have always shared a special bond of hunting and the outdoors. I think today made us just a little closer. This rifle will be what he takes afield, for his first gun hunt, and he will kill the first of many deer with this. I'll be along side him when that first one falls. With a smile on my face, and tears welling in my eyes. The circle will be complete then.
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    Pheeeew..., I didn't realize just how much wood I had left to remove from my latest bruin after getting him blocked out!My dream with all this carving stuff has been to carve some realistic animals at some point (preferably sooner than later), and I think I may have learned a few tricks along the way through all my screw ups that have got me a few steps closer to that goal.Here's a sneak peak of my day one blocking out of the log compared to where I left off yesterday.Still got plenty of work to do on him, and a few subtle changes to make, but man am I excited about how this one is coming along so far! I forgot to measure him, but he's probably in the 32"-36" range. This new saw package is such a step up from what I was working with in that electric model and I'm thinking there may be another one added to the line up shortly so I'm not wasting so much time swapping out sprockets, bars, and chains.
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    have a lot of them on old pc but here is one i keep on phone
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    Wrapped up the chainsaw eagle today. A lot more Dremel work in this thing than I anticipated. Burned with torch, and applied 3 coats of boiled linseed oil over a 3 day period. Undecided if I'll add a urethane finish or not until I do some research to find out how it'll affect future maintenance.
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    I’ve tried getting Mrs TF out there with us / me with no luck. Told her she could read her book. But time in the woods has been become daughter n my time when we can. She can wake up upon me playing reveille on my phone at 3 am and she’s ready , dressed at 3:02. Wife isn’t a fan of my girlfriends going lol. But they’re all make believe anyhow. Started taking Samanatha turkey scouting as a toddler before spring season as a toddler. I’d let her hit the call when I knew birds were about to rip anyhow. But seeing a 4 year old smile thinking she got them to gobble was priceless. She’s grown to love our woods time together. Gets the happy place thing , long discussion after she shot her first deer last year. She was ok with it but I had to make sure. She said I took its life , we’ll eat the venison Gave me a huge hug , her smile was etched for days too. Someday she’ll roll a bird. Dang the last few years and hang ups. Watched me tip over a few. A deer with my .44. Never regret not having a boy to hunt with. She’s the total package I couldn’t dream up. Great fisherman too. Disclaimer: I’ve never taken a nap in the woods in my life. I did NOT teach her that lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Clover is coming in but very small. Brassicas are kicking.
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    Was hanging out with a group of friends at Sodus Bay on 7/15/18, the girls all wanted to hang out at Chimney Bluffs and at the Sand Bar so that's what we did for the majority of the day but I managed to get in about 30 - 45 minutes of fishing in between and caught this Largemouth Bass...4.65 Pounds!
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    Lunch with daughter. Taco Bell tacos , Pepsi , peanut donuts at home. My Pops favorites. He’d be 94 today. Happy birthday Pop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ł have been harassed while hunting. Spring 2016 ł was opening camp, going through the chores list. Got around to firing up my 4 wheeler for the first time after Winter (Old and sputtering son of a gun it is) and suddenly ł am greeted with the charge of a new to my woods Ruffed Grouse who must've thought he had company near his drumming log. This Grouse who became known as "Quad" followed me around until his unfortunate disappearance the same Winter. Quad would stop by every now and again to say hello throughout that year but it wasn't until hunting season that he became a bit of a nuisance. I thought it was funny when he followed me up my ladder while replacing an electrical mast... he used this skill set to follow me in to my treestand as well. ł wouldn't trade the "Harrassing" from Quad during hunting season for the world but ł do wish ł didn't have to go to my buddies property to fill my tags. Here are a couple photos of Quad harassing me while hunting, he used to climb the ladder one rung at a time... all you would hear were his wings whirring and clink... clink... clink... as he flew from one rung to the next as opposed to just flying up. Quad walked around the shooting rail and would even jump up on my head or perch behind me on a close branch. How is this hunter harrassment some may be wondering... Well, Quad spooked dozens of deer that year because he wouldn't sit still and made it so ł couldn't hunt my own land lol. This guy could find me no matter what treestand ł decided on for the day, like he patrolled my Woodlot checking for an occupied tree. ł could've just taken him during season, from what ł hear they're tasty birds... But ł liked him too much regardless of his quirky personality.
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    After 6 years, 27 days of hiking, hundreds of rugged ADK miles and tens of thousands of feet of elevation gain, I finally reached my last summit on Haystack to become an ADK 46'R! I had been patiently waiting for a break in the continuous thunderstorm forecasts and made the decision to go on Saturday afternoon. To make this finish even sweeter, my close friend Jenny (#8022) surprised me with a call only hours before leaving Saturday night saying that she and her friend would love to join me. What an incredible surprise! We hiked all night (starting at 11:30 pm) and after breaking treeline I could have sprinted over Little Haystack and up to Haystack's summit! However, I wanted to share that moment and together we enjoyed a spectacular sunrise and jaw-dropping summit views. In fact, I'd rate Haystack's views and grueling 18 miles RT as the best I've experienced of all the 46ers.Normally I would share a more detailed story about the hike itself, but this day was all about my 46'R journey and the motivations behind it. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this. I wanted to say "Thank You" to those in our military (since I could not serve) who provide the very blanket of Freedom that allows us to enjoy our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I wanted to stare down and conquer fear and self-doubt by hiking nearly all of the 46 peaks solo, including several throughout the night with no sleep. I wanted to enjoy each mountain a certain way and patiently planned each hike to ensure success. And I wanted to share these amazing experiences with those who couldn't be there or those who might also be inspired in the same way that others inspired me. Ultimately, I completed the 46'R because of a very difficult reminder that Life is too short. Tomorrow isn't promised to me or any of us. What we do today and who we share our time with is what truly matters most! I appreciate all of the time everyone gave me in support of reaching this day. I may have completed my 46'R journey, but this isn't the end, it is only the beginning.
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    Hope this guy continues to show up . It was a foggy day .
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    None of your business who carries all the time.
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    . Fun time , met some more great guys from this forum , and got to meet a couple more again , delicious food ( lobster roll was divine ) , enjoy those Sahlens hot dogs fellas Thanks philoshop for putting this together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The only hunter in my family before me was my great Uncle Sam. Passed away quite a few years ago but a recall him as a young boy. He was a hoot. Always the life of the family parties. Hunted the ADK. The first pic is him in the middle. The second pic are some ADK bucks he and his brothers killed with my father sitting on the buck and grandfather next to him. Looks like it was behind the old family home on Akinson St in Rochester. Anyone know the car? Just came across them. Kinda cool. Thought I would share.
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    Hey all, long time no see. Life has been hectic so my spare time got away from me when I picked up a woodworking hobby. It is nothing like Maytoms or Woolys caliber of work but I enjoy it and am making some side cash doing it. I set up this past weekend at a gun show/flea market and the weather was not the best so I have lots of inventory left over ( I did sell a bunch too). A few of you liked the stuff I posted before so I thought I'd share some pictures with everyone else. Hope you enjoy and I hope to be more active back here as I miss this place and the characters that come with it. Hope all is well. Now for the pictures Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    Salmon burger with goat cheese, tomato and avacodo
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    Well after 14 years of aggravation of owning a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 I decided it was time to get a replacement. I have been studing and looking over what has been available for several years and finally made up my mind that I was going with the Honda Ridgeline. Was bummed out when they stopped producing them in 2014 and happy when they did a bit of a redesign in 2017 and brought them back. It is the only truck with a unibody and many traditionalists in the truck world scoff at it but for me it will do everything I need a truck to do. And after dealing with that Dodge for so long this Honda makes me feel like I have died and gone to Heaven. Below are pics the dealer took, she is a slightly used 2017 with 10000 miles, took delivery last Friday. Al
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    Of our own trail cam pics, here are some good ones. Only killed one of the three.
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    I have a ton of pics that are saved to my phone that make the favorites,and saved in the archives. But i think my all time favorite is this guy... And I will tell you all, with no shame in my game.. I missed both these boys the year prior, one during bow, other last day of gun.. The pretty 10 right here where this cam is, and the big brow tine boy about 300 yards away.. That would have been one hell of a season.. and taxidermy bill lol Both were killed that year this pic was taken. Big 10 scored 157 after deductions, never heard about the other guy..
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    I got this beast on Seneca Shoals tonight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Fried Gator night!! The ladies are on a trip to Italy and the Greek Islands. Me and the boys diets Pulled pork, venison, gator, venison, venison lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here she is fellas all clean for now, traded in my smaller 9 yr old Massey for this larger framed, larger tires, more HP Massey Ferguson. Nice feature is that the newer Masseys now use skid steer attachments so bucket, plows and other front end attachments are interchangle with the likes of skid steer, bobcat etc. Shes much bigger then my prior massey so the bucket needs to be stored separately as the tractor wont fit in the shed with it on. I havent mowed with it yet but i assume visibility without the bucket out front is much better. And if needed it only takes a few minutes to get the bucket hooked up. Hoping to use her next season to change up some of my food plots.
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    Took my son to papas pond, where I learned to fish. We caught a pile. My son kept asking if there were kings in the pond though.... Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Haley sighted in her rifle today. There’s a 2 shot group on the right of the bullseye and a 3 shot group to the left. She’s running Hornady American Whitetail 139gr. Should be just fine for hunting. Pics taken shooting at 50, groups shot at 100.
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    Daughter turned sweet 16 today. Got drivers permit. She chose sushi for dinner. Mamas car new in June , got mine back from collision shop Friday after rear ended and $6K damage. Going to Hertz to rent a Sherman tank. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mrs TF stopped at Wegmans on way home from work Crab stuffed banana peppers , lobster Mac n cheese , sausage, veggie focaccia Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fish fry at a great family dinner
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    Not a trail cam photo, but one I snapped with my phone from the stand..
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    Went through the stands I have at home and got them loaded up in the side by side to start hanging this week. I have a ladder and 2 hang ons for a double set. I’m going to go grab a few stands off of one of the farms that I domy hunt much anymore as well. I’d like to have 5 or 6 sets in this year to start. I’ll adjust and add others after the season depending on what patterns I see while I hunt this season.
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    Sounds like you got a good deal. Personally though, I dont care how much I would save going there, I refuse to set foot in their stores. Funny story, my gf and I were down in Tampa a few weeks ago, and we stopped in to the mall. The entrance of Dicks had a bunch of open parking spots right in front of it. She said "Why dont you just park there?" and I told her "No way am I walking through that S-hole, Ill walk across the entire parking lot to a different entrance before I do that." She just rolled her eyes, and we went in through the food court.
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    I'm thinking it's a tiny spider hanging in front of your camera lens.
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    This is our 5th season here at the new place and have been letting the little bucks grow. This is proof that even when it's not perfect and only some of the other land owners also practice the same plan it can work. The first year nothing but little bucks and each year it has gotten better.
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    Another view of the Walworth Buck . Not quite as much fog in this pic .
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    My family and I are in South Carolina for the week on lake Monticello. Beautiful place and fishing is suppose to be great. Hope to post some big bass pics and catch some catfish for a fish fry.
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    I'd like to see the front page........
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    I started trapping a little last season after a 20 plus year hiatus. I have never trapped a bobcat before and made it my only trapping goal last year. Although I found some bobcat sign , I unfortunately came up short. So I decided to put out a few trail cameras after the season ended to hopefully get one on film. Unfortunately I had my first trail camera stolen in the process. Why people can't leave shit alone is beyond me. Anyway , I had the trail cameras out for 5 months and decided to get them and see what was on the cards. Most of the photos were of numerous deer , fox , coyote , squirrels , coons etc.... Much to my surprise I finally got a photo of one that has beautiful markings on it. I sure would like to get him this year.
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    Well I fished a beautiful stretch of the Saranac River and couldn’t raise a trout. It was a really cool hike in though and a gorgeous morning! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Only picture I've ever gotten of a bobcat.
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    My three favorites shrimp and bay scallops. Lemon bbq chicken. There will be no vegetables consumed with this meal.
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    Chicken Chipotle crunch wrap.
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    Checked trail cameras today. Got another tree toad on the camera. It didn't move when I changed the card. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Looked out my bedroom window this morning to see this fawn chasing birds and kicking up his heels. Made me laugh out loud! A few times, his mom came out to usher him into the thick brush. Each time, he would follow her until she disappeared, then stop, turn around and run back into the yard. Seemed like mom, barely tolerated this little game. This went on for 45 minutes, until I left for work. Had me smiling all the way there. What a way to start the day.