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  2. ATV Batteries

    with small amp-hour batteries like that they can drain fairly easily. the coil on the wheeler should keep it charged but i like to keep it hooked up to a float charger on batteries when something's not being used often. not just trickle charger that is always on unless you unplug it. float chargers turn on/off automatically when battery if fully charged or not. even expensive ones pay for themselves after a handful of years. it makes that expensive battery last a bit longer.
  3. Letchworth leaks

    I've had the lady fern before but like the ostrich better
  4. opening day trout season

    I will share my first ever fly fishing trout.. a small stocked brown. I fished Elton most of the day yesterday... My friend caught one brown there.. I got skunked. This one I caught in the Catt in Arcade.
  5. ATV Batteries

    Google it , but I believe the newer Polaris battery’s were bad from the get go. But I do use the trickle chargers on all 3 of my atvs and my riding mower battery. Wait for harbor freight to put there’s on sale for like 5 bucks. I have used them going in 5 or so years now and they work great.
  6. Finnaly nice weather

    Got the fox out of the garage after it's winter hibernation
  7. Just curious if you use a trickle charger on your ATV when not in use. I have had a 2005 Polaris Sportsman for years and bought a new one last year.. New one has power steering and a "lot" of electronics... The battery on the new one went dead on me last fall and I have very few hours on it.. I think either I or one of my buddies either left the key on or something.. Battery seems to be shot as it will not take a charge Just curious if others have problems with battery staying strong or if you use a trickle charger when not in use.
  8. Not an emotional guy, but...

    Great story, just reading it almost got me to tears, but I am pretty emotional myself, lol. Anyways, that stinks you are losing the property, you'll have to find a new tree to make more memories at
  9. Today
  10. What's for dinner tonight?

    Lunch at Mona' s in Middleburg. Sent from my SM-S327VL using Tapatalk
  11. Since people are so convinced Russia influenced Trump's election, maybe they will be just as concerned about Russia influencing the fracking ban in NY State. After all, Russia stands to gain the most from NY's fracking ban. New Yorkers who are missing out on the natural gas revolution could be victims of Russian spy operations that fund popular environmental groups, current and former U.S. government officials and experts on Russia worry. "One way for Moscow to conceal its sponsorship of anti-fracking campaigns in New York or elsewhere in the U.S. is to move its funding indirectly and anonymously through various entities, the former CIA analyst told The Daily Signal. “I think the groups and individuals on both sides of the debate over fracking and pipelines have a tendency to just look in their own back yards, without looking at the larger geopolitical picture,” Stiles said. “If it was more widely known that anti-fracking, anti-pipeline operations may be benefitting from a foreign source of funding, this would certainly impact the debate.” The agents of influence described by Stiles range from “controlled agents” and “trusted contacts” who know they’re working for a foreign government to “manipulated sources” who have no idea that they’re doing the bidding of a foreign power."
  12. Letchworth leaks

    Ostrich fern heads..just like asparagus just sweeter.
  13. Footage from a scary hole....

    When I saw that title I thought someone was making a joke about there x girlfriend or something .
  14. Hang On Treestand Question

    Not a bad idea. Those bottoms straps are only to keep the base locked to the tree anyways. May wind up cutting them down when i go turkey hunting then rehang them in september You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  15. Hang On Treestand Question

    Gotcha. In that case, just use regular ratchet straps, thats how I set most of my stands. Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply are where I get mine, they have the best prices.
  16. Ok. This is Dom's story... The night before the season, me, my brother and uncle roosted a few jakes, Tom's and hens. The next morning we set up about 80 yrs from them. They all flew down to the bottom of the hill where we couldn't see them, but they gobbled alot. About a hr went by, and we heard a bunch of gobbling just over the hill. My uncle told me to call get ready, and a few minutes later, 8 Jake's were only 20 yrd away. I had to wait to shoot because they were too close together. Everytime I'd get ready to shoot, my uncle would stop because he wanted to make sure I didn't shoot 2. The longer I waited the more nervous I got. My uncle kept telling me to calm down and breathe. Finally one Jake stepped away from the others, and I shot. He went down. Buy the time we got to him, he stopped flopping. I had my first turkey. I was very exciting. He weighed 13# and had a 3 3/4” beard.
  17. Letchworth leaks

    I had fiddleheads with every meal in New Brunswick and was unimpressed, I guess mi in the minority lol
  18. Letchworth leaks

    Yes. Only a select few ferns fiddleheads are edible
  19. Letchworth leaks

    Yeah yeah...I get that and love them but never found them in the wild (only on chi-chi menus). What I so poorly expressed in my haste was my actual question about best growing locales and areas i should begin my quest for fiddleheads Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Footage from a scary hole....

    Yes again. Maybe I just hang around too many dens to know there really is little to no threat as long as you don't go looking for trouble in and around them. Your one year old should be under close watch whether he's around a fox den or in a shopping cart at the grocery store. It's up to the supervising adult to know just how much their kiddo can be trusted with what they've taught them when they turn their backs on them.
  21. Footage from a scary hole....

    Had one raise 12 in my old house foundation Kits got to where they would follow riding lawnmower waiting for crickets and grasshoppers to devour. Kind of creepy having a pack follow you around though.
  22. Letchworth leaks

    You can come pick, and vacuum pack and freeze all you want.. they are everywhere..
  23. Letchworth leaks

    It’s always been a hunt for me. Hopefully not so much anymore. We grilled some last night. They sweet tasting, and free!!!
  24. Hang On Treestand Question

    I have the m150 they loop around two rod things at the platform and then wrap into the tree and ratchet tight You Can't Beat My Meat!!!
  25. Thank you, i am looking forward to, can't wait. I have been going to Maine for about 13 yrs now, but have never been on ATV trails, tons of logging roads, so this will be a new chapter!
  26. Good to know. I really only plan to use it for yard work, and crusing trails upstate, and in Maine. I won't be romping on it, or trail breaking, so I hope they will of good use until they need replacing. Thanks! Loving the lift, and lights, I am very happy with the machine so far.
  27. Hang On Treestand Question

    What straps? Mine uses a chain on bracket to attach to the tree. I use a regular ratchet strap to hold the bottom of the stand to the tree.
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