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  2. As a regular goose hunter here are my thoughts. The author states that he edited some footage but he definitely should have edited out the profanities from the video. Foul language hunters display a negative image of hunters and is not something we want to pass on to our new young hunters. Secondly cripples do happen to the best shooters. It is ideal to have a dog to send after cripples but if you do not have a dog you should slowly and safely walk towards a cripple until you are in range to dispatch it. The video shows a hunter running with a loaded gun towards a cripple which is an unsafe practice. A safe hunt is a good hunt any day. valoroutdoors.com
  3. I never understood why it's ok for someone to go home and drink their ass off but not smoke some weed and go to sleep.
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  5. Better to shoot incoming geese, then let them land and try to shoot them in the backside as they try to fly away. I think a lot of geese were crippled here. I'm afraid this video will not enhance the image of goose hunters among the general populace. Heck, can't even let my grandchildren watch it, unless I turn the sound off and want to explain the poor shooting choices that were made. I doubt you would consider taking the video down from Youtube, but I would like you to.
  6. There is nothing wrong with any of these crazy ideas the left pushes all the time. There is something very wrong when the left mandates these ideas on everyone at the barrel of a gun. When you destroy freedom of choice for your constituents, you no longer see them as citizens. You see them as subjects. This is what voters need to ask themselves. Are they going to do what they say they will do for me, or are they going to do to me what they haven't said?
  7. Who says they want you to eat lol. This is good old stalinist tactics by the left to commit genocide by starvation in the name of lowering the population to curb climate change. Cause the only way the climate is going to change now is if a few billion die. Only way!
  8. Should have also said not cell. Regular cams from bushnell so might be 10 yrs old now. Ill have to look at the receipts. All i know is ive been putting them out for a long time untill recently and they just keep going.
  9. Dad hunted all while i grew up, I never had an interest although i never recall him asking me too. at about 18 I went and bought a shotgun and it was like a light switch flipped. Shot my first deer out of his stand with his shotgun since i didn't have time to sight mine in, he had double pneumonia and their was a ton of snow. Still came up and showed me how to gut it. This was Nov 2007.
  10. No one should have to pass a drug test, if you’re able to make it to work on time and perform your duties safely who cares how F*cked up you get on your off time? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. First deer hunt was 1984 Before that i was hunting small game a few years before that .
  12. That one part is actually a hell of a coincidence. I had two uncles who hunted but never took me. I struck out on my own for squirrel season 2010. Didn't see a thing at first, but my first morning in the woods I met a guy about my age in the parking lot. We got to chatting, hunted together the rest of the day, exchanged info, and he became one of my best friends. I have hunted every deer season since with him and a few other strays we picked up over the years.
  13. Red Birds on a 10 game streak now!
  14. I hope you didn’t have to pay this person In Boston Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. In my quest to aquire better thermal optics to aid in my night time hunting, I decided to jump on a really good deal for a Pulsar XG50 rifle scope. Since selling my Halo scope years ago, I've been looking at getting another BAE sensor scope, but couldn't afford one. My XP38 scope has a great image and wide FOV(field of view), but I've been looking at upping the base magnification for more precise shots, since I've been hunting in areas that offer longer shots. The XG50 has a 3x base mag, twice the base mag of the XP38, but half the FOV. I was worried about the smaller FOV of the XG, but after looking through the XG for the last couple of hours, I was worried for nothing and the 3x base mag is growing on me. With a 3x base mag, the XG has a 384 res image at 6x. With the 1.5x base mag of the XP38, it's 384 res at 3x. The clarity of the XG is awesome and while the XP38 image looks good , the XG does edge it out, especially at longer distances. I linked videos of both scopes focused on a neighbors jeep at 100 yards. All scope settings the same. Recorded image doesn't do the XG or XP image your viewing while behind the scopes justice. I had to add that about a half hour after these videos were taken, it started pouring rain. Humidity degrades a thermal image and I think both of these scopes performed well considering. Enjoy. XP38 XG50
  16. Me too Caveman…..but I need to add 15 more years to your total. My college roommate took me along with his grandfather and father for opening weekend of deer season when I was 21. I was woefully unprepared and froze my ass off on Russell Brook state lands up By Roscoe as it dumped a heavy wet snow on us - and yet I loved it even though no one saw a deer. I had an uncle that hunted but never took me. Guess it was deep in my blood as once my buddy took me for that first hunt, I haven’t missed a season and added to his experience by getting a bird dog then getting us both into bow hunting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Awesome day and experience! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. The shooting sucked just like the language in the video.
  19. I kept going and going lol. The nice thing about Stoddard is it runs parallel to the road. I took my nephews fishing last weekend and they kept saying "are we going to catch a huge bass?!" And I said guys when I go fishing I just want to catch whatever happens to live there. These tiny trout make me as happy as that bluefin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. Been a few years since I fished for steelies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  21. I actually agree with you there and welfare should also have to pass a drug test Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I guess you didn't view the ER nurse video that grouse posted, or lost interest while watching it because there's to many facts for you to handle ?
  23. Wow I'm used to the legion $1 drafts and $2 can of bud light. $6 it's NYC.
  24. Oh, man you guys are old. I've been in it 11 years. I didn't start until I was 20 but I haven't missed a season since. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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