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  2. These are the type of rifles Wyatt Earp would've needed if he had a SWAT team. Why are they making a tactical lever gun in .35 Rem? Don't you need lots of ammo for a tactical firearm? Can't find .35 Rem and it costs a fortune to stock up 1000 rounds if you can find it.
  3. A few more lever rifles trending on the tactical theme. These rifles are expensive! Al
  4. It will be restricted to 10 round magazines even though it's a lever gun. It could take 30 round AR mags, but those are illegal in NY.
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  6. Perhaps the next rifle to have senseless restrictions placed on it because of the way it looks!
  7. I agree with Bugs, those suckers are YEW-GLEE !... John Browning is rolling over in his grave....
  8. One more yesterday, and a lone dumb gobbler that was gobbling like crazy and walked to 20 yds of me standing in the open... Sent from my moto g fast using Tapatalk
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  10. I agree that the BLR is a nice looking rifle.
  11. You got that right but there are plenty of folks that like that look. I do like the idea of a 223 lever action. Browning I think chambered their BLR in 223 at one time in a much better looking rifle. Al
  12. It now looks like I will be putting just over 7 acres into clover this year. The other 10 acre area will be a mix of soybeans (6 acres) and a brassica mix (4 acres). I still have an adjoining 10 acre plot that will be planted with alfalfa.
  13. That is great all around. Clover is a hard seed, and unless it got moisture somehow.. You should have good results. Keep us posted!
  14. i love projects like these, IT also has me wanting to break off on my own, buy a few machines and start my own business. I cant wait to shoot it. Just need to put a couple more shells together this weekend and a nice day coming up, I will send it. and post it! Thank you sir, I take pride in my work, I was just a floor worker in a factory a decade or so ago, I passed a hands on test for an entry level position and passed. Between mistakes and being taught by a handful of guys in the shop. I am where I am now because of it. Cant wait to shoot it, plus a shell i load myself. It should be fun!
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