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  2. While hauling maple sap yesterday, I seen turkey in the clover. They know where the protein is.
  3. This one went 247#. Large body that had trouble fitting in a 72" loader bucket.
  4. We weigh every deer we get. A very nice example in our area is 150-160lbs, and not very common. Average doe is 105. My heaviest buck was 168, and doe was 146.
  5. Probably about 10 years ago my neighbors daughter shot a buck that weighed 219! It was a monster. Rack was nice but busted up.
  6. Back in the late seventies my buddy's sporting goods store I worked in held a big buck contest, the winning criteria would be determined by dressed weight. If I remember right we had 19 entries, there were some beauties entered, most of the Deer entered came in the mid 180s including one giant Doe The deer that won was taken from the Cicero Swamp out by Syracuse and he weighed 193 lbs. You hear a lot about 200 lb Deer dressed but there are not many out there and we did not get a single one. Al
  7. I’m thinking it’s a balance beam maybe used in a foundry or something
  8. Went to dinner with a buddy who is staying at bunk house. When we came home in the the field across from my place was over 20 deer all together. Clover field, pretty cool.
  9. I have like a 8 acre parcel full of Poplar. They are a pain. Any use for them? I would lie to cut them all down to let the sunlight in. They killed most of the pine in that area.
  10. It sure is heavy duty and made for something with substantial weight, looks like a giant version of a skinning gambrel. The needle in the middle looks to be there to help making sure the weight is evenly distributed on both sides. Al
  11. The state land I hunt does not take much effort to kill just any deer. Massive effort to kill a top one. You can sit in a stand where you can see your truck and kill a deer.
  12. The only. thing I don't agree with is your comment "little effort" other than that all good.
  13. Yesterday
  14. My wife and I over-seeded 8 acres of clover today. Hoping we get enough freezing to draw it in good. We shall see. Was fun to get out and play. I have some wind damage in the woods. I have a bunch of junk poplar (I think) thats like cork. Very dark smooth bark. Twists and falls over. Most are hung up too. Ill pick around and drop them. Pain the backside.
  15. It’s heavy like 60 pounds its a balance beam scale but what’s it used for ? Only markings are “ Vulcan” in the hooks and “406” on the brass graduated pc
  16. Exactly. I have 1000 acres of land out my back door of good hunting yet I travel 3 hours to hunt great state land. There are plenty of deer to be had for free with a little effort. When it comes to bucks I have two tags and they will carry something really mature or something 120’ or better. I have no problem not filling my buck tags when I have 4-6 doe tags that can be used. And it does not hurt the hunting area letting 15-20 smaller bucks walk every season. A smart hunter does not Ruin his buck hunting chances during the special time of year by stinking up their land harvesting does. All the late seasons we have in this state works fine for that.
  17. The Micron plant is a perfect example of political BS. I was in a position where my business provides a vital component to chip fabrication facilities, so I do know something about them. They're very highly automated and will require very few people to run once constructed. The only real bump in employment will be to build them. But even then, some of this construction will be from outside sources familiar with chip fabrication facilities. Which presently, are mostly located in Pacific Rim and a lot of the equipment inside of them will be from Japan. Labor isn't a huge component of cost for chip manufacturing. But I'm sure these facts are way above our Governor's head, and these would be ignored anyway since we want to spin a positive narrative.
  18. Looks like a low turnout. Results of Genesee Valley Trappers Association February 17, 2024 Fur Auction 16 Beaver- High- $47.00 Low- $1.00 Average- $21.56 26 Muskrats- High- $6.50 Low- $0.40 Average- $3.28 6 Mink- High $8.00 Low- $2.00 Average- $5.79 1- 8 ounce castor- $13.00 8 Coyote- High- $15.50 Low- $3.00 Average- $13.50 18 Red Fox- High- $11.00 Low- $3.50 Average- $8.00 15 Raccoon- High- $5.50 Low- $0.25 Average- $2.65 3 opossum- High- $1.00 Low- $0.25 Average- $0.75 1 Fisher- $43.00 1 Marten- $47.00 1 Otter- $46.00 7 Buyers 13 Sellers
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