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  2. I'm not Pygmy but I've cleaned and fried a few fish in my life. They would be excellent. Just scaling is a pita when they are so easy to fillet. My buddy's Dad always made us scale all the fish. I used to release some just so I didn't have to . But they would be great. Panfish are about the best eating and mild fish there is. Fry em up and post some pics! Good luck
  3. I'm heading up next weekend going to try for bluegills and perch.I never eat ether and want to give them a try.How are the bluegills scaled and pan fried? that's how i'd like to cook them.
  4. Thanks! Hey, I plan to do a YouTube video about shooting with the bow, so I will be sure you see it. I am truly not a social media person either, just Instagram/YouTube/Forum, but it is all based on helping others with arm prosthetics. What are some realistic ideas for crushing things do you guys have in mind? The Greifer can take a beating.
  5. No instagram. This is the closest I get to social media. Guns I can understand. The bow....doesn’t sound difficult....sounds near impossible, which makes it all the more impressive. Where there’s a will there’s a way I suppose. I’m tellin ya...the real life terminator, lol. Too bad about the sensors, from a selfish stand point. I would love to see you squish stuff.
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  7. My buddy Mort and I just finshing cleaning 42 bluegills, taken in about 2 hours from another friend's pond...We kept nothing under 8 inches, and many of them were were 9" to 9 1/2"... I got two and a half pounds of filets from my share of 21 fish...Those are some pretty chunky bluegills, and IMHO some of the very best tasting fresh water fish...
  8. Look great. I know the moose was put on hold do to this covid crap, but any updates?
  9. irony --- listening to radio today while driving and driving and driving.....any way - the local news update comes on at the top of the hour - 1st news story --" several streets are shut down in Syracuse today until further notice for peaceful protests which start at 1pm on Sat. Please be aware of these road closures and delays when coming thru Syracuse downtown. " 2nd news story -- "7 people were shot last night in Syracuse one was in front of Martin Luther King School in Downtown Syracuse. Police responded to several shooting calls throughout the night including one person shot in the head" WTF - somehow this doesnt all add least in my world.
  10. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed Friday a 75 percent spike in coronavirus hospitalizations since a day earlier but rejected the suggestion that the spread could have been caused by massive protests in the wake of the death of George Floyd. "I would be surprised if that's what's causing it," de Blasio said Friday of the sustained demonstrations that have broken out in the Big Apple and cities throughout the world. "I think we're much more likely in the next week [or] 10 days to see a manifestation, if there is one."
  11. OK Biz that one got me, Good Job!
  12. With their constant standing , laying ,standing, taking a knee , standing , my guess is from their appearance, it’s their biggest workout in sometime .
  13. Thanks for subscribing! Do you do Instagram by chance? I have a compound bow, crossbow, rifles, and handguns. I hold the compound with the fake arm, and draw with my sound arm. I am only confident out until about 25 yards. Arm gets wiggly relatively quick. This is because I only have about 2” of arm below the elbow, imagine holding a 4 lb prosthetic arm that is holding a bow all off of 2” of arm, gets heavy quick! Its like trying to hold a sledgehammer straight out with your hand, so its horizontal, and in line with your arm lol
  14. I say it came out beautiful........Nice job...
  15. The vitamin D will help prevent the spread of the deadly covid 19
  16. Yes ytd. Up 11% in the last 12mo.
  17. Easy to spot the protesters from the, burbs, they bring their yoga mats to lay on . Blurry pic as a screen shot of “ live “ footage . Hope those pale folks got sunscreen .
  18. Repowering sucks. Just did mine. She is finally home and ready to go, so I can finally start to contribute to this thread. (About friggin time)
  19. Subscribed! What is it like to draw a bow with? Or do you just go rifle?
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