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  2. absolutely no matter what, I would never sell a vehicle for anything but green cash in hand in person.
  3. I love my reveal X ,never tried the solar but i dont have any spots it would work. I bet its an amazing option for watching plots.
  4. Any one try it yet , I've had good luck with the spy point micro link solar ,seems like this is similar in design . https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1023274297
  5. Persistence- dogged determination- pays off. Congrats Bob. You earned this one big time!
  6. I have bought and sold cars with out of state parties. Always went smooth. Makes sense asking if title is clean and for VIN to do carfax. Not sure why a photo is needed but then again, there isn’t much info on a title that isn’t something you will provide anyways. Without looking, name, address and VIN.
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  8. Hunter of the year award goes to cabin!! Solid buck!!
  9. There is nobody more judgmental and prejudice than a leftist indoctrinated liberal. If you post anything they don't agree with, they label you a racist, homophobe, bigot. They don't have the ability to see the truth in a lot of things and don't understand the message. They just fear being ostracized by their herd and continuously virtue signal to remain accepted by the people they are subservient to. BTW, the photos I post don't always stay up because I just copy and paste them from other sources. I find it too troublesome to save them to my files and then paste them on this site. If you see them when I put them up, you see them. If not, they may drop off. I really don't care. But I can assure you, none of them are of a bigoted or racist nature. Some people just love to be offended. Why do some people think it's important to inform the masses? This is why.
  10. Hard No! If he needs a loan for the vehicle you can send him the Vin # and info. But no $ no title!
  11. Up and getting ready for my last rifle hunt of the year in NY. I'm sitting first thing then since we got a couple inches of fresh snow last night I'll go for a walk hoping to catch fresh tracks. I'll be back out again come ml and once more in pa but my season is coming to a close quickly with only 3 or 4 more days left for me to hunt.
  12. Have 3 that hunt here all have 3 kids ,plus 1 wife whos kids are older out of the house. she just started this year and took he 1ST deer yesterday afternoon.
  13. ^^^ This ^^^ why would he need the title info before buying when you would sign it over .
  14. Deer out in front of house now I can count 11 (blobs in the corn n soybean) will be gone by daylight I'm sure off to hide for the day.. will have 2 hunters in camp this after noon, friend and his wife are here but guessing they will be sleeping in after last night's celebration drinks and are headed home this am, other two will show around noon I guess.
  15. That a buck cannot reach maturity is simply a habitat issue, they maKe it here and there are over 20 hunters per square mile. HabitT improvement and çreation of a sanctuary on private land does that very quick. Most of ny habitat is pretty poor the dec can manage numbers on a large scale but small scale must be done by private land owners. Wmu are large and great hunting cN be found in them but deer are in pockets is what you hear hunters complain about. My area gave out nearly no doe tags thus year, but last year knowing the population was down I didn't let everyone fill doe tags tonwhile the dec reacted this year by knowing the local population I have a abundance of doe this year and no tags. Next year I'll be swamped if I did nothing , fortunately muzzleloader will allow me to take 3 to 5 doe I need to keep population stable here regardless of what the state issues for tag in the wmu.. It's not up to the dec to fine tune harvest numbers on a small scale its up to individuals.
  16. Wide awake can’t sleep Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I would love a much shorter gun season for all of NY except the Adirondack park. The only reason the season should stay the same in the park is that hunters have basically zero impact on deer herd. Where my home farm is we have 8 weeks of gun season in agriculture land on the south eastern tip of the northern zone. On 250 acres with 13 cameras I didn’t get a pic of a buck older than 2.5 this year. The only buck killed on the property was a 1.5yr old shot by my 14tr old daughter. It’s basically impossible to have a buck reach maturity around here with the hunting pressure and length of gun season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Dont do it ! Interest in buying the truck has nothing to do with if you have a loan on it or not . The only time that would matter at all is if he wants to pay cash for the truck . Even then it doesn't matter because the bank just mails him the titles in a couple days . Sounds like he just wants to see your name and address info . Too many scams out there. Do you have the truck listed for sale somewhere ?
  19. congrats. sounds like all the teeth were flat and no longer looked like each had 4 sections divided sections to each. pictures aren't the best for aging. if that old you should definitely send them out.
  20. brought some moonshine back from Kentucky. wife wouldn't try it tonight but i had a couple nips.
  21. Drank some Fidens beer. no pictures. gotta knock down the supply in my beer and deer fridge. season is getting toward the end and if I shoot a deer i'll want the room.
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