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  2. Been a long busy summer with the kids, Just finally checked stands this week! No time to mess around with cams. MY first year going in blind and I'm excited. Haven't been on all year so ill add this, got my first turkey this spring ( a jake double with a friend).
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  4. Bought a new Crossbow Scope ... Truglo Opti Speed Scope .... Just waiting for Bow ... I mean Crossbow Season to start this Sunday !
  5. Did the final sight in today with the 6.5 PRC, I use just a two shot cold barrel group for pencil barrel sporters like this Featherweight Model 70. These are the 123 Gr Hornady SST bullets with a Norma MRP powder charge at 100 yards traveling in the 3300 FPS range. I believe these will do the job on Deer and hopefully they will get to prove it in a few weeks. Al
  6. When I see him on Sunday I’m going to say, this is strictly business nothing personal.
  7. He's just buttering you up!!! And trying to get on your good side! Smart deer!
  8. Great advice as always Al.
  9. I cut my teeth on reloading with the Lyman number 44 Reloading Handbook back in 1967. I picked the Lyman manual to start out with for several reasons. Lyman covered all phases of reloading, handguns, rifles, shotshells along with casting and loading your own bullets. The other brand specific manuals like Hornady or Speer would have data for only what bullets they themselves manufactured, same with powder manuals listing only loads for what powders they produced. Lyman had data for everyone's components. Lyman also gave very good explanations and instructions on how to actually reload along a specific accuracy load with each bullet which I found to be pretty much spot on. As I got into reloading more and more I obtained all the manufacturer's manuals and all have proven to be useful. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Lyman number 44, many new cartridges and many new powders have come on to the scene, some really good ones with longevity and stellar performance and others that were pretty much flashes in the pan and faded into obscurity. With all the new cartridges that keep popping up new additions in manuals appear from time to time to keep abreast on the handloading front Just picked up both the new Hodgdon and Lyman number 51, Hodgdon lists 161 powders for reloading and goes into detail on the use and burn rates of each one, talk about selection! The new Lyman is as good as ever keeping up with all the new cartridges that have appeared on the market the past few years. What I did not care for is Lyman dropped some of the old cartridges and their loading data. Looking to update I would say the new Lyman is still a top choice for the handloader. If you are not handloading you should be, the ammo situation is steadily getting worse and as long as you have Democrats in power it will continue to do so. Al
  10. He knows season opener is a few days away...
  11. Last week
  12. That’s what my wife said when I told her the story.
  13. Just trying to make friends. Give him a pass lol
  14. It is called natural selection, LOL! Al
  15. With the exception of Fire Island, where the deer will take a hot dog bun out of your hand. I’ve never been able to just walk within 20 ft of a deer before. While scouting my property in Sullivan county today, I walked up to this guy who didn’t care at all. I trimmed some shooting lanes while he stood next to me and ate. I said you do realize I’m back here on Sunday right? He looked at me and kept eating acorns.
  16. Nice crossbow. But it is not legal in NY. Needs to be a minimum of 17 inches across limbs.
  17. Seasonal workers. Don’t worry. My prediction is they will be back. Election season.
  18. Just throw a little human scent their way. That'll mov'em.
  19. I am selling my Mission Sub-1 crossbow. It is in UA camo and comes with the complete package. Scope, bolts, case, broadheads, etc. etc. I bought it for one trip and it was never used. I paid over $2k for the whole package. Looking for $1500. Text me at 516-946-7720
  20. Hey that came out pretty cool, really like the bird mounts. Check your PM’s
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