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  2. Here is why there are so many articles on CWD it’s spreading and contrary to what some think it is always fatal to deer. If CWD ever jumps the species barrier to humans it would mean the end of deer hunting. I would google CWD in white tail deer there is some good information out there on CWD.
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  4. Beer

    Dude...serious? Less manscaping and you'll figure it out.
  5. There are a bunch of articles out recently about CWD and how it might be more transmittable to humans than previously thought, citing a study that showed that macaque monkeys, close cousins to humans, can get CWD from eating infected meat (or having it injected in their brain . . . .) The article that appears to have kicked off the current round of articles is from Colorado link (It has some cool pictures, btw.) All of the current batch of articles cite a Canadian health advisory link that came out in April of last year. This advisory is based on a white paper that came out in March of last year link. So why the new rash of articles, when there is no new info out? One notable thing from the March 2017 white paper is the following text: But these findings are from a different 2015 study. So scary stuff, but again, nothing new. So why all of the articles all of a sudden? (Really, I just miss 4SW as he hasn't been around much last the few days.)
  6. Grow Alot

    And who is on the far side of me????
  7. Grow Alot

    Who’s the guy next to Jeremy in the light blue shirt. I can’t seem to remember.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Wonderful Quote From The Late Charlie Alsheimer

    Charlie was an agitator!
  9. Beer

    Idk how you guys keep pounding those heavy stouts. I can have like 1 left hand nitro milk stout or mothers milk but that’s it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Grow Alot

    Jeremy's shirt takes the cake lol
  11. rust prevention oil for muzzleloader question

    I'm not familiar with the guts of your gun but I wouldn't be afraid to wipe down almost any part of it with a LIGHTLY oiled cloth. The only part I'd shy away from is the touch hole area, other than the threads. LIGHTLY Store in a dry place and call me in the morning..........oh wait, scratch that part.
  12. Beer

    this is very good. Also had Maine Mo at a restaurant and it’s excellent Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. NFL humor

    Insane fact: Brady has never scored in the first quarter of a SB Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Deer with a m1 .30 carbine ?

    If I wanted to use a carbine I would try to by a Ruger 44 mag carbine. the bullet weighs more than twice what the 30cal does and has 1651efp at the muzzle.
  15. Looking into new single pin sight-opinions?

    .010 are plenty need to crowd the target with a bigger pin. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  16. Bow League

    What type of league? Indoor...15 target? Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  17. Beer

    Breakfast Nitecap.
  18. rust prevention oil for muzzleloader question

    thanks. I forgot to ask, should I oil around where the firing pin assembly touches the face of the breech plug or the outside of the barrel? Last question, to clean the outside of the scope, just a damp rag? Windex? thanks again.
  19. Rifle for my daughter

    Nice choice.....
  20. rust prevention oil for muzzleloader question

    Run a lightly oiled patch down the barrel time you shoot it, a few dry patches will get all the remaining oil out and you're ready to roll, Joel.
  21. Rifle for my daughter

    My wife loves her Remington 700 youth model 243 great caliber enough knockdown power for deer, perfect for varmit. Light weight no recoil. Bought hers couple years back not sure of price now tho.
  22. Rifle for my daughter

    I vote for a savage. The lightweight hunter is a phenomenal rifle, lightweight and a tack driver. I absolutely love mine and the recoil won't be horrible even though it's so light. Super easy to carry around and also easily moved around in a blind. You should be able to score one in your price range. Second would be a tikka. Gonna cost a couple bucks more but another great rifle. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  23. I finally got around to cleaning my muzzleloader (yes, I know, should have done it weeks ago.) It has a Nitride-treated Bergara barrel. On the bottle of the CVA barrel blaster cleaning patches it says to wipe with a dry patch, and then with Barrel Blaster Rust Prevention patches once clean. It sounds like the Barrel Blaster Rust Prevention patches are a type of oil. Can I use regular gun oil, like Rem Oil for this step? (I know the solvents/cleaning patches for muzzleloaders are completely different than regular guns, but what about the rust prevention/oil part?) If not, i will just suck it up and order the Barrel Blaster Rust Prevention patches. Thanks.
  24. Bow League

    So I went to my first week shoot the 18th. Didn't do well. You see I have a single pin set for 25 yds. The 3 distances we shoot at inside are 10, 15 and 20 yds. So as you can figure I was high at all 3 distances. I haven't shot since last Oct/Nov as well. So for the entire night I had to shoot low and estimate. We were shooting at animal targets and I had 5 zeros and finished at 213 out of 300. Saturday I went over to adjust my sight for the 20 yd pin and nailed it the first adjustment. I have a future makeup shoot coming up in a few weeks and 3 others were shooting a makeup so we all shot Saturday. Everyone had a single pin adjustable but myself. Anyway I shot 246.
  25. Doe's ears trimmed

    C. W. D. Lol. Jk Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  26. What's for dinner tonight?

    Thanks! Seems to work out better when I take two 1/4 lb patties and mix them together into one big 1/2 lb burger. Buy that beer with confidence!
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