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  2. Definitely, condolences to family & friends for their loss!!! Very bizarre and freakish hunting accident!
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  4. The main drawback of these Winn releases is they are super cumbersome to try and do anything with the hand the "glove" is on! Can adjust the amount of travel before actual release of arrow, which I never found the need to fool with. Getting the exact, correct size can be a challenge too! Last time I bought one was ~5-6yrs ago and they were a little hard to find other than online. Meaning - Getting a replacement in an emergency situation basically put your hunting on hold. Not sure if their availability has improved since!?! Other than that, they are ideal for kids, hunters with smaller frames or us old farts with declining muscles.
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  6. So, Coumo was on the news for approving something stupid again ( actually forgot about what it was because I got into a rant about how the hell do we get this moron out of office, cut taxes and getting rid of the Safe Act ). My fiancee says, "So you don't know about the gondola?". I had no clue. But this is pure ripping off of tax payer dollars. You wonder why the taxes on our homes go up and up? Here's why! Stupid things being built by a moron thief, anti gun, anti hunting idiot! How in the hell can we get this buffoon out of his seat? He "allocated" $70 million for a fair grounds? Seriously? $70 million? $15 million for a gondola? People support this jack ass? How why? Any way I look at it, he's voted in time and time again by money and his universal "Anti" attitude. Please, stop voting this idiot into office!
  7. Are you sure your not my long lost brother lol
  8. After getting thoroughly soaked on the early morning hunt and passing on a 2 year old during a frog strangling rain I headed back to camp to put things in the dryer. Along the way I darn near hit a newborn fawn as the mother tried taking her up a steep bank. The fawn couldn't make it so I stopped while the doe stood at the top of the bank I picked up the fawn and crawled up the bank with her as the doe stood watch. I set the baby down on the other side of a large fallen cherry tree while the doe stood about 5 yards from me. I turned around and jumped down to the road as the doe gave a snort as to say thanks. Got back to camp as it stopped raining, got all the gear out of the vest and threw all the wet gear in the dryer.......note to self do NOT dry turkey gear when better half is you know how much brush and leaves can accumulate in turkey gear in 2 months?? A lot!! It was at the time I thought it would be safer to go hunting than stay at camp. Lol. Off to target bird number 1 area, had been a while since I tried him late morning. The farm this bird resided on is under a hunter access program which is baically private land but open to public hunting and it gets POUNDED by hunters daily. This is the same farm I killed the silage thief last year. I parked the truck and started the hike back towards the large hidden field. With all the rain the woods were deathly quiet. I eased within 80 yards of the field and sent out a series of clucks and Yelps on the bomber and he cut me off with a thundering gobble. I took advantage of the heavy foliage and wet forest floor and eased ahead 40 yards and set up against a maple tree. In a few minutes I sent out another series of clucks and once again he hammered it but had closed the distance considerably. The next sound he was going to hear from me was the gunblast. Finally I see his snowball head through the deep green leaves as he is working the field edge and has a hen in tow. Slowly the hen works towards me as he stands like a statue at the field edge 40 yrds away. The hen is purring and clucking and closing the distance, he can't stand it anymore and steps into the woods. There is no way I can verify it's the right bird so I let him close the distance on the deer trail he is on. Finally at 25 yards he turns a bit and I can see the ivory spurs in the scope. Easing the safety off and settled the cross hair on his head and squeezed the trigger. At the shot he rocked backwards and went down hard and never moved. A never before feeling washed over me as this bird and I had numerous encounters over 3 years including a morning 2 years ago during a vicious thunder and lightening storm that when a lightning bolt lit up a tree less than 100 feet from us sent us both running for safety. I at the moment was somewhat disappointed in myself for killing such a knoble oponant. I guess it was all the hours I watched him, laid out hunt strategies, tried being one step ahead of him to only be beat at my own game and now it finally all came together and I was going to put my tag on him, all the while knowing I will never hear his thundering gobble again. Ended up both spurs were broke off and pretty rounded tips. 20 lbs. 1 1/4" ivory spurs 9 7/8" beard. I get back to camp and this little gal was born just off the front yard in the horse pasture. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  9. This thread could take a turn let's hear the jokes roll in
  10. Thanks that was the plan..just wondered if anyone had an opinion on what these boys might do...continue coming into the clover with those 3 hens or go back to the wood lot hens I encountered today and they had bred earlier.
  11. I use e-mail and then if someone is interested , we do phone conversation .
  12. You HAD to ask huh?? I'll post a pic tomorrow........keep ya in suspense.
  13. What are ya selling Larry?
  14. Homemade fish fingers , tilapia dredged in taco seasoning , flour , cayenne pepper , egg , corn meal and onion rings with siracha Mayo. Spicy ancho chile brownies with spicy chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Even if my price on something is negotiable I ALWAYS list it high and FIRM! That seems to weed out some of the CL lowballer groupies who weren't really interested in anything more than a steal on an item anyhow. Once you got someone seriously interested on the horn you can finagle with prices some. I still get the occasional guys that want to meet me half way for pick up in Lewiston and NF,lol
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  17. Venison sausage and peppers with fresh onions Sent from my SM-G900T3 using Tapatalk
  18. Larry the Cable Guy.... A policeman pulled me over and said " Sir, have you been drinking? " I said " Why.....Is there a fat girl in my back seat ? "
  19. I've always used email like most of you but just thought I'd check. I listed something the other day and within minutes thought I had it sold....then the stupid questions started! Had another email today with a ridiculously low offer that wasn't worth the effort of a "pound salt" reply. Oh well, I'll keep moving it to the top.
  20. Watching Warriors/Spurs since no Red Sox game tonight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Tough deal there.........condolences to his family & friends.
  22. Preds are so good
  23. Reading that story from various sources, the comments are sickening to say the least
  24. Haha, and I like to call the bigger ones "sturdy." Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Anywhere but bed will do... Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
  26. Hehehehe...That brings to mind a few of the "utilitarian" girls I woke up with in years past.....<<grin>>.....
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