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  2. Happy to say I got a second silver spoon today. The swarm trap I put up on Monday has a very active swarm setting up residence in it this afternoon. I’m feel like I’m off to a good start for a new bee keeper.
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  4. https://www.americas1stfreedom.org/content/standing-guard-the-nra-is-back/?utm_source=newsletter
  5. The old Coleman white gas (coleman fuel) stove is a work horse, but they can be gimmicky, shouldnt be used inside, and have a learning curve to simmer/ light cook with. They do require periodic maintenance, and keep them clean. A propane version is much safer if you arent used to them (( no flare ups, no gas to spill) and are fine adjustable easily.
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  7. Even if it made it through the Assembly, it will likely sit on the governor desk without being signed.
  8. I had a airborne swarm come in, about 8:50 in the morning, A couple weeks ago while cutting the lawn. I drove right into the middle of them in hopes of dropping them on a close branch. That wasn't working, so I ran in to get the chainsaw; they just wouldn't drop. ( First time in 40 years, I couldn't make a swarm lite on a limb.) They headed west into the neighbors property. It's like watching a 100 dollar bill fly away Another swarm,in the picture, took up residency in an undesirable spot.
  9. I take out the trash at our local elementary school. Usually the bees are all over the dumpster this time of year. Haven't seen one so far this year, very odd.
  10. Me thinks that you are referring to last year's vote, from June 9th, 2023, when the Senate passed the bill 59-3 but it never made it to the Assembly floor. The same thing is happening this year, with the most recent floor vote 60-1 on June 4th, 2024. It's been passed in Senate, sent to the Assembly, and returned at least once already this year. Just goes to show...same $hit, different day.
  11. A swarm of bees in June, is worth a silver spoon.
  12. RC i'm with Al on this one . I have the propane version instead of the fuel version of the same Coleman stove . Work great for us cooking venison stir fry on both tailgating at football games and in the ice shanty ice fishing . We have percolated coffee with no problem on it. Maybe the propane version would work better at temp control because the pressure in constant ? But I see no reason why the fuel version wouldn't work either .
  13. I just set a swarm trap tonight I made last week it’s about 16 feet up in one of my ladder stands. Fingers crossed! I have some trimming and leveling to do yet, but should be a good spot.
  14. Honey is the nectar of the God's. Have a friend that has a few hives next to his blueberry fields and the honey is awesome. I might be persuaded to barter predator elimination for honey. SJC
  15. Was painless thankfully! Here’s a pic of them getting settled into their new home.
  16. Senator Mannion's bill, S5802 that allows those 60 & over to use a crossbow full season passed the Senate yesterday by a margin of 59-3. Although its not the bill we have been pushing, it's the first sign of movement since 2014 and is movement in the positive direction.The Woerner "Same-As" bill A6815 is stalled in the Assembly. There are people working hard within the Assembly to get it to the floor for a vote. If you look at the margin of support in the Senate, it should easily pass if it's put up for a vote.
  17. No that’s not what they said , I already have that they said if you are 60 or older you can use crossbow during the entire season , nothing to do with disability , that doesn’t matter how old you are
  18. Yes it's true , you have to get your Doctor to sign off ! I have mine - unmodified - and hunted the entire Bow Season last year with my Crossbow ! https://dec.ny.gov/regulatory/permits-licenses/fish-wildlife-plant/special-licenses/modified-crossbow-permit
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