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  2. I personally don't partake in the jalapeños. Thay are for the boys. Never warmed up to jalapeños as I find them very bitter. Hungarian hot wax are more to my liking. I don't grow hot peppers any more. Just the wife and I in the house now. The jalapeños are from my uncles garden . Swapped garlic for the peppers. My pickles are a cold pack . Grandmother's recipe. She called them sun dills. We add a couple wild grape leaves for crispness and of course dill sprigs .
  3. Last and biggest plot in. Worked out perfectly. The farmer cut the area Fri and got done bailing it about 8pm last night. So we dug it up as best we can and planted. The forecast is for showers the next 4 days so hoping it takes. Now we are done til labor day weekend and will get the last 3 stands shooting lanes cleared and trail cams all out with fresh batteries and cards. And am whipped and time for breakfast. Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  4. Just made some garlic jalapeño pickles myself. I usually handle spicy very well but jalapeños are so hot this year I started to sweat just cutting up two yesterday.
  5. Those and racoons. I had no idea till I seen it on camera last year that they would kill chickens
  6. BizCT


    Breakfast beers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/826024828808705/?ref=facebook_story_share Black stone for sale. I assume that they did not know how to season it
  8. Stuffed peppers for dinner tonight . First batch of garlic dills are done . Garlic jalapeños up next.
  9. Never to early as long as it holds up to weather and any hurricanes coming...
  10. Breakfast on the stone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My GF used to keep ducks, they would go into the barn at night. A possum (or two) wiped them out. After that she changed her mind about them, they were disposed of. They have a good set of choppers.
  12. Possums are my least favorite animal. Plenty are killed on the Night Roads.
  13. I have a good supply of spare poles, leftover from an old 10-man dome tent that I had . It used two different sizes poles. I was able to modify the smaller ones, to use in the $ 29 Aldis pop/up. It’s still a little big diameter, to fit in the pop-up’s holding pocket easily, but I can make it work. The canvas of my old 10-man tent flew away somewhere around Watertown, on Highway 81. I saw it starting to lift up out of my boat, and I put the hammer down. I really hated that tent, and the sight of it billowing out and flying across a valley in my rear view mirror, was most welcome.
  14. I had one get into my coop years ago, my Airedale alerted me something was going on outside one night. Slipped on my boots and grabbed a flashlight and we went out the door and immediately could hear squawking coming from the chicken coop. Looked through the wire and could see a big possum had a Rooster by a leg, even with me shinning the light on him and the Airedale going berserk he would not let go of that Rooster. I opened the door and the Airedale went in grabbed him by the head and it was bone crunching time and all over for the possum. The Rooster had some pretty severe damage to his leg, within a few days infection had set in and he died. When you raise poultry it is like ringing the dinner bell for every stinking varmint in the area.
  15. I didn’t even know those spiders were present in NY state ? Im in the fingerlakes region and have never seen or heard of them here. Last year we had a heavy snow here while mine was still up but it didn’t seem to bother it much
  16. I have one just like that, and I am going to set it up and stake it down next week. I want to give the deer a couple weeks to get used to it, prior to the September 10th opener of shotgun antlerless deer season, here in wmu 9F. I got mine at Aldis for $ 29, about (5) years ago. I killed a monster bb (35” chest girth) out of it the first year with my crossbow, so it has already paid for itself in tender meat. A week later, I suffered a brown recluse spider bite on my hand, while I was hunting in it, so I didn’t hunt much out of it after that. 0ne of the poles got busted by the snow load later that first winter. I replaced that broken pole with one from an old tent that I had, and I used it on a few rainy days up in the nz early ML week, the last couple years. No action up there from it yet, but I’ll probably try again this year if it’s rainy. I need to pick up some shooting sticks first (no good gun rest in those), but I hope I can get a mature doe out of it, during this year’s early September shotgun antlerless season.
  17. 30 cherry tomatoes this morning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  18. I caught this one in my sweetcorn last week, a female with a pouch full of wee ones.
  19. I identified the source of the limited damage that I have been seeing in my 2 acre RR corn plot this morning, on my way back to check the dog-proof trap, that I set in it a week ago. There was a bachelor group of (3) bucks back there. The largest one, on the far right in the picture, looked like a 2.4 yr old 8-point. He was standing next to the ditch, a 1.4 yr old 4 or 6-point was about half way between him and the corn, and another 1.4 year old was deep in the corn, when I first drove up in the Durango. Most of the corn in this plot is fairly well developed, but still has a way to go, before it reaches the “full-dent” stage. I have never seen deer damage in field corn this early in the season. I am guessing that the drought has dried up most of their preferred food sources. This plot is a hybrid seed that sets deep roots and it is relatively weed free, making it extremely drought resistant. Unlike my early sweetcorn, which really suffered from the drought and was finished off by the coons, while I was away on summer vacation. Deer are very efficient users of corn. Even so, if they keep up the pressure on this small plot, then it is unlikely that it will last until January 1 as I had hoped that it would. Part of the problem is that there is very little corn around close by this year. Usually there is hundreds of acres within a few miles. High fertilizer, fuel, and seed prices took a huge bite out of that this spring. The larger buck would be a “shooter” for me, starting the last two weeks of archery - peak rut / crossbow time. Hopefully, I can take out a couple of mature does with my shotgun between September 10 and 18. That will help, but I still doubt there will be any corn left back there by the start of ML season, in December. There were also some turkeys out in the adjacent hay field, when I drove back there this morning. Turkeys don’t bother field corn at all, as long as the coons don’t first nock it down for them. I am staying well ahead of that issue, with my sweetcorn, traps, .22, and shovel.
  20. Hate possums with a passion they have no purpose ( bs they eat ticks) they only eat ticks on themselves. Omnivores they eat anything.
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