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  2. And Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest President ever at 42 (a record that still stands), up at an Adirondack hunting camp, when Filmore got shot in Buffalo.
  3. johnplav


    Fraser and Lemaheiu!
  4. Blessings Patriot Rattler! Lomax~
  5. X2 just put another twist in the string. It should not affect anything. Had a similar problem with my peep and that was what the bow shop did to fix it. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  6. Forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question. I am not a tech guy when it comes to bows. But I would need a new string just cause of that? Is it that the string has lost some twist or has stretched or something? It looks in good shape. And is 4 years usual for a string?
  7. It drove me nuts on my old bow. I think it might be time for a new string for you.
  8. I hear ya. Hell when I got my first compound I shot it with fingers for years. Lol. Used to go to 3 D shoots and people behind us were always "you shoot that with fingers and no peep and no site? " I shot it pretty well too, but I def did improve with adding some upgrades.
  9. After her attacks against Biden in the debates her speech today was just lip service like she gave Willie Brown for that 70000 dollar a year job.
  10. This will be my 4th season with it this year. Was thinking going to the two string. Just hate to touch it when it's dialed in. Lol. Shop I got it at sold me on the three string cause they said they stay better. Might have to try that. I liked the old site picture with the old style and rubber tube and the two string would be like that. Just heard sometimes they pop out? Am thinking this year just gonna deal with it. If I turn the string just a little it works fine. Was trying to figure an easy way to adjust it.
  11. That could definitely cause some problems....I just do not like a peep and feel a lot more at ease without one. Everyone has to find their own comfort and confidence level and use what works for them. All I know is a lot of deer were shot with bows before peeps came into existence. Keeping it as simple and gadget free as possible and shooting accurately is what I strive for.
  12. Close enough. People are firing at the President’s vehicles...long hot summer continues- this election cycle is gonna be bonkers (and not in a good way) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. If Apple keeps performing over next 8 to 10 years i am selling property in NY and moving to SE Iowa. Just saw 300 acres sell there for 2750 per acre let Apple Pay move Lomax and Weesie on up like the Jeffersons
  14. Senator Harris has been rude with former Vice-President Biden. Her insults and attacks against Biden showed her lack of character and intelligence. But the fact Biden selected Harris shows his lack of intelligence. What leader in their right mind would want their second in command be a nasty and insulting person next to them? I wonder if Biden was “told” to select Harris. She was hardly the best of any Democrat to be his VP choice. Biden does have the baggage of the Ukraine-Son Hunter scandal hanging over his head along with who knows what. So maybe Biden had no choice but to select Harris because she is someone else’s choice for VP.
  15. How old is your string? Sometimes all it takes is one twist or half twist of your string to straighten the peep back out. I used to have trouble with my three string one on my old bow and went to a two string one on my new bow. I like that better.
  16. I take them as they come . I usually set up for a buck, but if presented with a good shot on a full size doe, and I'm not miles from the rd I will shoot.. That said, the 1st week I will stay closer to the rd so I can get some venison in the fridge early..
  17. Usually leftovers after Nov 1 for 7J as well. Can get two more.
  18. Here is my idea for all those who want to defund the police. Since the amount of police actions factors into how much funding a police agency receives, those who want to defund the police can help by reducing police activity. The “defund the police” supporters should: 1. Wear a distinctive wrist band that identifies them as a “defund the police” supporter. If they are a victim of crime, the police will not involve themselves. They are on their own to be raped, robbed or rolled without having to get the police involved. 2. Identify their property, vehicles, bicycles and other property with distinctive signs that identifies the property as being owned by a “defund the police” supporter. If they are a victim of crime, the police will not involve themselves. By reducing police involvement, then the police can be defunded since they will not have to have to protect or investigate crimes against a “defund the police” supporter.
  19. Jealous!!!! That’s awesome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. crappyice


    Judge who?!? Clint F 3-3!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I personally spend the first part of the season just observing to see what is out there and tend to target bucks first. As the season progresses and the season changes I get less and less selective and will take a doe without fawns around the first part of November just to get one in the freezer, but usually take any does I might shoot during gun season because the odds of getting a buck decline and it gets later in the season. To me it seems like the bucks (at least in this area) tend to go nocturnal around the first of November and sightings become less and less as the month goes on. Trail cameras also tend to tell the same story.
  22. I shot without a peep or a site for years with my first bow. I shot a lot more consistent once I used both. I think it's also because I am left eye dominate and right handed. Prob also why I suck with a pistol. Everything is fine with it, just that string now shows up right over my pins. It didn't use to.
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    Let’s try this again
  24. Today
  25. No I only live about 10 minutes from it to. Would not know where too start
  26. A Jamaican Father and Indian Mother, close ties with the deceased "Beau" Biden, and the fact she could pass for a "Black American" gives her the right to call herself what she wants...similar to Elizabeth Warren claiming to be of Indian decent because she met one once.
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