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  1. Meet Moses, my new hunting partner.  Hope to have him trained on Partridge, Ducks and tracking Deer.  After having a Springer for 16 years, passed away 4 years ago, I was ready again.  Why Moses?  Name just came to me first time I picked him up.  Guess you could say he parted the seas of my wife saying "No"!





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  2. Nice picture of Bear prints about 30 feet of my buddy's camp at the birdfeeder.  Have gotten some really nice photos of bear over the years at this spot.  Other pic of the Coyote is about 65 yds behind the camp on an atv trail,  Nice detail on the Coyote pic.  As the crow flies, about 30 miles southeast from Syracuse NY.  Now, I am not of the wolves in NY group but could see why people would mistake that as such.



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  3. post-3771-0-50811600-1422299334_thumb.jp


    Had the opportunity to see Troy & Jacob Landry from Swamp People this weekend at the NYS Fairgrounds.  My son and I got a kick out of meeting them.  We watch the show pretty regularly.  Great guys, very funny and accommodating for pictures.  Nice setup at the Expo, a lot of booths, not a bad way to kill a couple of hours. 

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  4. I have seen three fox within the last two weeks.  Usually lucky to see one a year while driving, have never encountered one in 18 years of hunting in the woods.  Any opinion of why I may be seeing them so much lately?  Lots of tracks in my yard as well (I live next to Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY).  Don't think the Coyote population is down, heard them a lot during the Spring / Summer / Fall this year.  First Fox I saw (in Minoa) was the biggest I've ever seen, if it wasn't for the red hair and black tail I would've thought it was a small coyote.  I realize the winter coat makes them look larger but wow, he looked huge.


    I picture a couple different scenarios:


    • somebody kicking themselves, "that's where I left grampa's rifle"
    • someone lost track of it while retrieving their black-tail deer
    • left it chasing down their spooked horse



    I agree, don't think it has been out there since the late 1800's or early 1900's, would've thought there would be a lot more deterioration on the barrel and stock.  Fun article to read.


  6. Saw deer every day, couldn't shoot Doe in the Northern WMU I was in.  No bother as just seeing a Deer while still hunting or setting on watch or participating in a drive always makes my day.  Southern Zone was the same but no shooting opportunities except for one on a drive but wasn't sure where the other hunter was as two Deer ran in his general direction downhill.  Best part of the season was spending a ton of time with my 15 yr old son who is hooked on this time honored tradition.  I love every minute of it and watched him become a valued member of a hunting party.


    Merry Christmas everyone!

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  7. I live about 45 minutes from the area this happened, Buffalo from both the Onondaga & Oneida Indian lands have escaped only to be rounded back up eventually.  Looks like this is just a case of one that was never caught.  This kill looks like it will be an awesome memory and a cool tale at the hunting camp!

  8. Many sympathies to those in WNY and Directly east of Watertown.  Drove up to Redfield my self last night to grab my ATV, otherwise it would've sat there til May '15.  They had about 18" although they had 1 - 3 feet predicted by Wed.  Logging roads are impassible at that point.


  9. Getting ready to hunt 6N Fri, Sat & Sun with the guys from camp and a high school buddy rolling into town.  Cannot wait, Snow, Full Moon & the Rut cranking up.  Wishful thinking but...God, please let us knock down a Buck each (cannot hunt Doe there) so we can spend all day Sat around the campfire lying about how easy it was to shoot em!


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