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  1. Good luck this season!
  2. Applied for a second 7M, got the first and obvious rejection on 2nd, my fault for not checking probability table. Last week, second one came in the mail!
  3. Had success with both, just a matter of preference depending on the hunt.
  4. Wooly, absolutely great shots!! Thank you for posting!
  5. They got that scumbag today!
  6. Whenever I find trash in the woods, cig butts, cans, candy wrappers, etc., I always pick it up. If I pass something knowingly, I always turn around and go back and get it. I always think the man upstairs will appreciate having his carpet cleaned and send a buck my way. I always seem to get at least one deer a year with that practice.
  7. Looks like a wrestling match more than a fight, sort of like when dogs horse around.
  8. A trapper ran a line for Coyotes along Route 20 between Cazenovia & LaFayette here in Central NY. Look up the locations on a map, pretty much and West - East run along a "rural highway". He got 220 coyotes along the 20 miles he was trapping. An average of 10 dogs every mile. I drive through the area pretty regularly during the Southern Zone Season and a couple times a month during off season. Still see those animals a lot during day & night travel. Hunters are the only predators for them and lets face it, not many go out to go after them. I live next to Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, hear them every night and find scat in my backyard, a neighborhood of 278 houses. My family lives on Wellesley Island up on the St. Lawrence. The Island is riddled with them. Hunt them all you want, the only thing that seems to slow the population is Mange, not allowing them to survive winters without the proper insulation from their fur.
  9. LOL, Paul DeLima's?? Smells great when I drive by during the day.
  10. What grain bullet do you use? 168 grains here with the Winchester Silver Tip Ballistic. Just curious about bullet weight, I used the mentioned brand simply because it's what was available the day I bought the rifle, was itching to shoot it and I got upsold by the clerk. I use it still (7 yrs and counting) since my gun is sighted dead on with it. Again, interested in weight and why.
  11. Welcome to the site, a lot of great discussion & information on here. Good luck this season!
  12. IMHO, they have decent hearing but movement is what they track with their eyesight. Had a fun experience last weekend, after being in the woods for all of 3 minutes, had one Doe fly by about 30 yds away and then right behind it was another. The 2nd one and I had a staring contest for about 45 seconds, then I watched it turn it's head and cock it's ears towards the sounds of my two hunting partners walking up a logging trail. After those sounds diminished, she looked at me again for another minute or so (I was just standing there not moving) and then took about ten stiff legged steps (reminded me of a soldier goose stepping) and then relaxed and went off to join the first deer. I love watching deer and their mannerisms in the woods.
  13. I've packed my hunting clothes after being washed (usually air dry) in a garbage bag with Pine boughs and Leaves. Try to leave them in for at least a couple of days. Then again, had two Doe within 20 yds of me last week with some Brush Buster jeans I just had out of the wash.
  14. I love nothing more than a well informed opinion. Well done!!
  15. Fact - What Gavin did was LEGAL. That should be the end of the arguments from anyone who gives this kid and his family a hard time. FACT - The only thing different about this Deer is that it has a rare genetic deficiency. Nothing special about it at all. Albinos are taken every year, people who haven't a clue about hunting are just looking to make an argument against a National Pastime that has been around long before baseball. FACT - Gavin and his father used their own judgement on whether or not to kill the deer, same as all of us whether we choose to or not - Shoot a Doe, Fawn, Button Buck, Spike, Crotch Horn, etc. No one is right or wrong on their personal choice to legally kill a deer or any other animal that has a season.
  16. We always put on drives, we hunt a big area, usually do a Morning Hunt, Drive during the day and then Afternoon Watch if we are up to it. Check out www.madriverclub.com if it makes sense to you geographically, we are always taking new members. 16,000+ acres to hunt with a couple of spots in and around CNY - NNY.
  17. Got to take of Thurs & Fri to enjoy a little peace and quiet before the whole crew (which diminished to 5 out of an expected 9) rolled in. Saw a ton of Doe all day, first two were within 2 minutes of being in the woods. Three drives for the day on top of Morning Watch. This Buck was shot by my buddy around 3:15 pm in a slow drizzle that mixed in absolute downpour every 10 minutes or so. Thankfully my son can come up for this weekend and enjoy this time honored tradition.
  18. I used to use the term but thankfully (for myself, to each his own) have developed patience. I am not a trophy hunter either, got my first 8 pt last year, my 19th season for Deer. I look for body size and that's what works for me. We also need to remember, there was a time when Deer were not as plentiful as they are today. I recall seeing a picture of a hunter in the Adirondacks, circa. 1950's with a Buck. It was a big deal back then as Deer were sparse.
  19. http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/10/cornell_university_deer_population_buck_magnets.html#incart_river Really??
  20. 1997, Button Buck with a Browning A5. Let all 5 slugs fly at the biggest deer I had ever seen. Of course it was a yearling.
  21. Lacrosse 1000, just wear a regular sock early in the season, heavy sock in winter. Climb trees stands every year with them and there is good ankle support if walking up and down a lot.
  22. Anxiously awaiting Northern Opener for Rifle!!

  23. Read an article once about someone who made a lot of mock scrapes and due to the sheer necessity of lots of Buck Urine, decide to just pee in the scrapes himself. Said it worked every time. Did it myself a couple years back into a scrape, the next day, tripled in size and was just marked up.
  24. My first experience with Deer Heart was less than an hour after the Buck had been shot. Straight to the cast iron skillet with butter, S&P and Garlic. Freakin Delicious. I have pickled it as well, tastes great as a sandwich in camp.
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