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Avon Bowmen Archery Club

  • http://sites.google.com/site/avonbowmen/shoots [email protected]

    Welcome to the Avon Bowmen Archery Club

    A practice range with 11 targets that range in distance from 10 to 60 yards in 5 yard increments. The 60 yard target also has 70 and 80 yard markers. The range incorporates an elevated platform to simulate shooting from a tree stand.

    There are 3 NFAA (National Field Archery Association) regulation 14 target courses on 50 acres of woodland.

    A “Hunter” course fitted with hunter targets; distances range from 11 yards out to 70 yards.

    An “Animal” course fitted with 2D animal targets; distances range from 11 yards out to 59 yards.

    A “Field” course fitted with field targets; distances range from 20 feet out to 80 yards.

    All 3 courses have youth stakes ranging from 20 feet to 50 yards and Cub stakes ranging from 20 feet to 30 yards.

    Each field archery course is designed to challenge the archer by taking advantage of our varied terrain.

    The club holds 3D target shoots during the summer and fall. Members are encouraged to participate and help with the organization and set-up of these events.

    Every Wednesday (April – September) club members gather at 6:00 PM to shoot or relax at the club house to talk archery, hunting and many other topics. On the first Wednesday of each month during these months the club holds its business meetings.

    Winter business meetings are held in January, February & March to discuss club projects/shoots for the upcoming year. Reminders and information regarding dates, time and location of those meetings are sent out through email or by letter to all members.

    Feel free to stop in and see what membership in our club has to offer. If you wish to become a member you can mail an online membership form or bring it with you to any Wednesday night or to one of our 3D events.

    https://huntingny.com/forums/uploads/99190673ef0effea3447a351657451c7.jpg 2900 Pole Bridge Road Avon NY 14414

Avon Bowmen Archery Club

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