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  1. Ok “BROWTINES” was the answer but only partial credit for Don C while Moog5050 gets full credit for completing the puzzle correctly. Oh Heck! Don C gets full credit too. I did enjoy the seeing his solution. Wrong but it resulted in a lasting grin. Also because he expressed he’d like to see another one. I do have more similar SuDoKu puzzles and the program I talked about can generate others. However, I think we need to set some ground rules to avoid “Spoilers” so that others have a chance to solve them. My first thought is to ask: For the first three days no one responds with anything more than they solved it. Other chat is welcome but no hints, words or answers for three days. If there is enough interest maybe I could make this a weekly thing. But schedule-wise bow season is coming up so I’ll be spending a lot of time at camp and I’ll be out of pocket at times. Anyway here is PUZZLE TWO. No spoilers until Saturday please. Enjoy.
  2. Hint to solution: Something nearly every mature buck has.
  3. I've managed to create a program that generates SuDoKu Puzzles. Some of you might enjoy this hunting related puzzle.
  4. You are right there. I couldn't beat it with a stick. LOL. That's a terrific shed you came up with Wooly. I'm impressed with your talent. Who comes up with these ideas?
  5. P&Y, B&C, F&S and others can be called antler porn by some. Playboy and the SI swimsuit issues could be called porn in a different venue. All can be a good read but the reality of what you take home and enjoy the most has nothing to do with size. I do have a nice evenly balanced ten point on the wall but, in spite of the pride I have in taking it, looking at it reminds me of the four hour endeavor and excitement to harvest this guy. It took me awhile to realize that even my closest friends only see a ten point. One can win while hunting regardless of the final score.
  6. I never gave it a thought before but, how does that work when it comes time for your kid to go hunting? I assume they still have to take the hunter education course by age 12. Right? Normally you have to be 11 to take the class and you have to have the class certificate before getting the license. Does this lifetime license bypass these rules?
  7. Don't know if you all realized "found April First". To be honest I thought it was a great find when my hunting buddy first pulled it from the dingweeds. Being April Fools Day, I had to share the experience with the serious shed hunters. Still grinning.
  8. Found my first shed in my backyard hedge row this last Sunday April first. Twelve (12) points on one side. It would have been a 24 pointer if I’d found the matching side. It measured up 82-4/8 and would have scored over 180 live.
  9. I don't know if this will help anybody but this is what I extracted to figure out how much Lime I'd need for a small deer plot. I haven't tried this myself yet and if there's someone who'd like to comment (Right or Wrong) it would be appreciated. Adjusting the pH for deer food plots Soil pH In most cases soil pH of 5.5 to 7 is optimal for all seed blends designed for food plots. Soil typically tests in the acidic range one or more points below normal (IE: 4.5 pH). Typically, most suggest adding lime at 2.2 tons per acre to raise soil pH by one point. Doing the math Conversion references: 2.2 Tons = 4400 Lbs. and 1 acre = 43560 SqFt. This divides out very close to one tenth of a pound of lime for every square foot of land. So the formula you’d use to calculate how much lime is required would be: Pounds of Lime = (Desired pH – Measured pH) X 0.1 Lbs/SqFt X the Area in square feet. Using a measured pH of 4.5 for a reference and assuming your intended pH is the minimum of 5.5 pH. Lets also assume the food plot is a small 20 foot by 50 foot patch or 1000 Square feet. (5.5 – 4.5 ) X 0.1 X 1000 equals 100 pounds of lime. You would need 100 Lbs. of lime for 1000 SqFt to raise soil pH from 4.5 to 5.5
  10. Yes they do. This was one of those playground forts. Legs, roof and stairway were added. I think placing next to a grove of wild apple trees was the real drawing card though. At 5' X 6' it's great for archery too.
  11. My first was a 1906 savage 22 pump, hex barrel and 7 round clip. It was really my dads gun but I started to hunt it pretty much became mine. It had problems where, if you got through a clip load of shots without a shell hanging up and not ejecting, you were lucky. Still it took a lot of squirrels, chipmunks and blackbirds when I wasn't just plinking a cans. When I turned 16 and became a deer hunter, I think it was then dad traded it for my 16Ga Mossberg bolt action. That was in 1960 and I still have the Mossberg but at this point I wish I could trade back. Right now I really like my Remington 7600 (WIN270) for deer.
  12. I've hunted deer since 1960 and never ventured a hunt outside NYS. I always had a Colorado elk hunt on my bucket list. Maybe some day it'll happen.
  13. That is just a total shame. Sooo many things he was doing wrong. 1) Safety off, 2) Handing a gun by the barrel, 3) Not keeping it pointed in a safe direction, and 4) Putting it away in a case while it was still loaded.
  14. Donna's first cat commission. Donna has also started a Facebook page "Art by Donna"
  15. There is one crossbow disadvantage that I've experienced that is seldom talked about. Maybe someone has mentioned it, if so, here it is again.Trees (big and small) grow vertically. In a "Still Hunting" scenario getting around is not the only concern. Yes lacing through heavy cover is a bit more problematic with a crossbow but shooting from such cover is almost impossible. 1. The horizontal bow limbs of the crossbow need clearance. Yes, a standard bow may have a few branches to contend with but a crossbow has many vertical trunks to clear. There are fewer opportunities to hide. You ether step out sideways away from a tree or place the horizontal bow limbs and drawn string out in front of any vertical obstacles. 2. With a bow you can turn and pan past vertical obstacles before the draw. If drawn and following the target you have the option of dropping the draw and drawing again on the other side. The crossbow is drawn and the extra effort to monitor limb clearance and the motion to drop the crossbow to raise it up in a new channel is far greater than an inline let off, pivot and redraw required for the standard bow. It's been mentioned about the difficulty of a second shot. There crossbow involves more movement and takes three to five times longer (when compared to a bow) to cock an load that second shot. Not really an issue though as second shot opportunities seldom occur. For me the bow is a better weapon if I plan on still hunting for the day. The crossbow is my choice if I plan to sit in a blind. I can't speak for tree stand use because I've never been able to feel comfortable up there. I do know it's NOT recommended to cock a crossbow while in a tree stand.
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