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  1. Hey all, If anyone is looking for a local taxidermist I recently opened up a shop in Jay (northern Adirondacks). Been working for others for years, now I finally get to start on my own. I have a college degree in sculpture and painting, glad to see it’s paying off lol. I’m a passionate hunter, but unfortunately don’t get out often anymore because hunting season is my busy season. I’m on Facebook and Instagram as Styx River Taxidermy and my website is You can also call at (917)715-6940. I have worked on more deer than I can count, exotics, birds, but no fish at the moment-sorry! Any questions at all, just let me know. Feel free to drop by the shop just for a chat, I get to enjoy the hunting season by listening to others talk about it I’ve attached a picture of a doe pedestal and a bobcat I did for my showroom, base and icicles all hand made by myself. Thanks guys, and best of luck to all out there!