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  1. Thanks a lot for asking, Grampy. I did went back out both Thursday and Today. I didn't ever see another deer. I have to go on a work trip tomorrow, so my first deer season is over. :< It is ok. I will go back out next year. I will buy a number of trail cameras and do a lot of scouting in Sept - Oct. I went out Thursday, It was snowing, windy and foggy. I stayed at the same spot that I saw deer Wed, but never saw anything. The weather was bad. And I have to say that I was a bit scared when the trees started to sway side to side, and I felt I was all alone in that forest. A couple of times I really wanted to pack up and leave, but decided to stuck it out. I thought that I earned a deer, but never saw anything. Today, it was great weather. I thought I had to change strategies, so I wanted to do tracking in snow (watched A LOT of youtube last night; there was one reporter in the park and tracked deer in snow for a few minutes and caught up to a herd of deer -- he even interviewed people during tracking. It was unbelievable and frustrating -- knowing that I don't see a thing). I did see a lot of tracks (can't really tell how new they were. Definitely a lot of tracks that I didn't see Thursday). Didn't see a deer, eventually I followed the trail to the same spot I was Wed and Thu. I set up a sit from 2:45 and tried to be as still as possible until 4:35. Never saw anything.
  2. I sure will try my best...
  3. Thank you so much, Grampy! I really appreciate all your detailed instructions. They are super helpful!
  4. Thanks a lot for all the advice. I truly appreciably it! I do have a doe tag, so I just want to get a deer this season, doe or buck. I am a bit worried that since I walked over those tracks and seemingly spooked them. Do you think they will go back there? By all the answers I have read, it seems people are not as worried. Did I understand this right? Just want to double check.
  5. Can I go back to that spot to hunt? Is there any strategy (morning or evening, etc) advice? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, I am a first year hunter, don't really know what I am doing. I had a previous post saying I haven't seen a deer yet. I went out again today to Bull Hill on the north side (at the bottom there are corn fields). The snow helped me to see a lot of deer tracks. I found a place where there are a lot of track, and just sat to wait for deer. After about 30 minutes (~2:30pm). I saw something moving, it is about 20 yards below me and 70 yards to the west. It is moving towards north east (down hill and towards me). I swear I only saw two legs and thought it was a turkey (only afterwards I realize it can't be, because of the size and color). I got excited and hunched over to take a better look. It stopped and turned around (i.e, uphill and to the west). I stood up and saw there are 4-5 of them. I swear they are moving like big birds -- I don't know why. I can feel my heart pumping. I took my gun and went after them, but after about 50 yards, I just don't see anything. I decided to cut them off. So I went uphill about 20 yards where there is a trail going east-west, I followed the trail west (by the way there are heavy tracks on the trail). After about 200 yards, I believe I found doe bedding area. Can you guys take a look and tell me whether they are bedding areas? Or just an area where deer dug around a bit? In any case, there are a lot of tracks from this area downhill, so I followed them downhill (hoping to see anything), but I didn't. I went about 100 yards. The slop got too steep, so I just went back to my sitting position. I sat there until sun set and didn't see another thing. Can someone give me some advice about what to do tomorrow or the weekend? Can I go back there ~ 1pm tomorrow and hopefully the herd will show up again? Or have I permanently damaged that site and the bedding area (if it is bed) by walking all over it and spook the deer? The problem is I just don't know how the deer can see me, there are A LOT OF trees between them and me, which is why I never had a good look at them (and they are quite far). Please help! Thanks a lot!!!
  7. Yes, I went out last weekend (got up really early at 5) again, but saw no deer. It is definitely not as easy as seen on TV or Youtube.
  8. I always thought bigger is better, such that I can get away from other hunters. I have also tried Bull Hill (especially on the side of Rt 13, where I even got permission to hunt within Mazourek Farm property. However, as I said, I saw at least 5 - 6 other hunters (and several other cars driving by) on opening day. I am worried that deer have been pushed out of that area. Yes, I am driving a Corolla, which is pathetic, got stuck on Bull Hill on opening day. Access is definitely a problem. I need to buy a truck. Thanks, Steve!
  9. Thanks a lot, Rob and Moho81. I will keep going. And hopefully report back with some good news. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you so much! I try to pay attention to wind direction. However, my biggest problem is I don't know where bedding area is. There are thick areas in different directions. I really have no idea where the deer may come from, even if I see a track. I am hunting in public land (I don't have a big private land to hunt; I got permission from a private land owner, but his land is adjacent to public land, I saw a lot of hunter going in and out -- I don't think they all have permission) -- Connecticut Hill. I can't tell where food source will be, where deer will come and go. I just try to go to the middle of the Connecticut Hill (where I think other hunters will less likely to go). I find a valley where several valleys come together with a creek. I am hoping that is a deer corridor (based on what I saw on youtube), and did see a lot of tracks and droppings (as far as I can tell, they are fresh). But I really have no idea.
  11. Thanks a lot, Steve. I am SO GLAD I found this forum. All of your posts have made me feel so much better and re-energized to go back out this weekend. I was just worried that I was doing something completely wrong and will never see a deer. I feel much better now. If nothing else, I will just take it as hiking trips and enjoy the nature, which I rarely got to do before I started hunting.
  12. I am certainly counting on whatever luck I can have. But so far none. The most frustrating thing is that i have seen two roadkills this week. And seen deer just driving home. I was thinking hunt it down with my car (kidding). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Let me know if you want a helper and apprentice. [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Yes, they can be anti hunting. I don’t dare to just knock on doors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks a lot! If I ever go to Albany, I will take you up on the offer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk