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    Thanks a lot. Great to be here. Seems like a cool group.
  2. Hoosier

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    Piermont, just south of nyack.
  3. Sriracha, can't live without sriracha. It makes its way into everything. I've even put a squirt into ice cream. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/sriracha
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    Hello everyone, Joined up to see what I can learn about hunting and fishing in good ole NY. I'm originally from the midwest and recently moved out to these parts. I'm looking to get more into hunting. As a kid I hunted small game and did a hell of a lot of fishing but I still have a lot of questions and no clue where to start on the east coast. I'm also a cook by trade so I'm hoping to see how hunters cook. I know out in Indiana there's a disconnect at times between people knowing how to get the stuff and people who know how to use it. I've known people to shoot a deer and drop it off at the butchers to have it all processed into jerky. And I've seen cooks fall all over themselves at the sight of wild game but the closest they ever get to seeing a live animal is the discovery channel. So I look forward to meeting you guys.