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  1. What is your position on the fact that crossbow hunters in NYS are allowed into the field at the absolute best time of the season with a weapon that is basically equal to having a muzzle loader and which takes about the same skill level as using one to kill any whitetail deer? Aside from the fact that I’m 100% for keeping this the same for “Any hunter who for any reason can ONLY hunt with a crossbow.”… This is what I say: For traditional bowhunters this is a bunch of bunk. Who came up with this BS, the bowhunting industry, greedy and corrupt NYS looking for the license fees, or the “easy way out” club who needs everything “given” to them like the way their weak, spoiling parents gave them, or did they all sit down and have a “meeting” to steamroll past any opposition from the real bowhunters? So here's my proposal: “The crossbow season in NYS for any individual who does NOT NEED a crossbow to hunt shall now be a late season at the same time as late archery and late muzzle loader.”