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  1. we've had the property since may and that tree was already down and has looked liked its been down for some time now. looked up that wood pecker and some pics look pretty similar to the log behind my stand but also i went back today to look at it and in some spots it almost looks like claw marks. so its either a pecker lol or a bear maybe. anyways thanks for the info and reply back everyone. have a happy and safe hunting seasons.
  2. went to go and do a last check on my tree stands a few days before bow season opens up and i came across a down dead tree about 15 yards behind my stand all tore up big time. im not sure what animal did this---a buck, a bear, no idea. there has been bear siteings but ive never heard of one being around weedsport ny area. plz give me some insight on these pics and let me know what could be doing this near my stand. thanks all.