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  1. I'm hunting at Lincoln Mountain State Forest, just because it is public land and free to hunt on. I'm just wondering if there are just too many people hunting at the same time as I am.
  2. So I started hunting in the 5J area, since it started up there last weekend. I've been up there twice, same public land same spot. Can't seem to see anything more then a couple squirrels and birds. Am I doing something wrong, besides being a rookie? Also does anybody hunt up there looking for a partner they are willing to share their knowledge withm
  3. The only problem I have is space. I don't have the space where I live to do it myself. I live in a 2 family house, with a shared yard with another property. I would probably have the cops called on me if I did it in my yard. I don't mind doing the field dressing, nor learning to process it. It would be something great for my son's to learn also. Since my youngest wants to hu , but he can't because of his age.
  4. Thank you everyone for the help so far. We are looking forward to getting our first year started off very soon.
  5. I am starting hunting for the first time ever this year. My middle boy want's to hunt also, so we are now taking it up. Just need some help as to what some veteran hunters could teach me. We both took the hunting course and are licensed, but that only helps you a little bit. We are near Latham so we are also going to need a butcher to help us with the meat. Can somebody give me the name of one near me?