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  1. This spring I actually had a very successful turkey season as I harvested a large Tom on public land by myself!
  2. I play football at UAlbany. I hunt the pine bush with my bow as well as off of my buddy’s farm off of guilderland ave. And yes spending time with my grandpa outdoors is the greatest thing, got to take him fishing this summer and boy we had a blast catching bluegills and the smiles we shared that day were very special. Hopefully we get a chance to take some .22’s out and have some fun even if it ends in just us shooting some old cans.
  3. Well this is my first year truly hunting. I’m in college and with a cancelled football season this has been my first fall with plenty of time on my hands to truly hunt. I check this forum just about everyday and have learned quite a bit from it. My family hasn’t been huge into hunting except for my grandfather who is unfourtanetly not able to go hunt with me due to his age but I do plan on bringing him out in his wheelchair to chase some squirrels as it would make his year. Done a lot of bow hunting this year, haven’t connected yet and I have made quite a few mistakes but everyday I’m learning some more. I was able to connect on a doe during the early muzzleloader season in the north country and boy that was fun. Just wanted to introduce myself as I read this everyday and decided today was the day I finally make an account. Goodluck to all!
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