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  1. Seasonal hunting guide wanted ! Kansas hunting outfitter is looking for guide that knows his way around the outdoors and has great people skills. Mid October through Mid December whitetail deer season. Weekly salary lodging/food/gas is provided. A good 4 door truck or SUV is a must. Job entails scouting /stand placement/ running trail cameras/ guiding hunters/camp chores. Pm me for more details.
  2. Thought you guys might like to see the lodge we hunt out of.3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths(2500sq ft)This place sits on 2700 acres,hunt right out the back door !!!!
  3. A few more.. Next fall we will be hunting 22,000 ac in southeast Kansas
  4. Just coming off a great season,with 31 bucks being taken.Here are just a few!!!Anyone want in on the 2012 season ? PM me for more info...
  5. pulled some SD cards this weekend and got some young bucks smiling for the cam. There are only 81 tags left for sale and they will not last the week.If anyone wants to hunt KANSAS let me know...Archery,Rifle,Muzzle Loader..
  6. Just checked my trail cam's, picked up some young bucks!! The date on my one cam was not updated but they are fresh this year. Just picked up another 2000 ac ranch for Muzzle loader and Rifle.Let me know if anyone wants to come hunt the new ranch.Still tags available for my area.
  7. Will do (Pheasant Run) Thanks for the interest,looking forward to having some upland bird hunters come down to hunt some wild Quail. Expanding into Duck and Goose this year too.Tons of them flying around my leases..
  8. There is a gap between the end of Rifle (Dec.11) and late doe(Jan 1- Dec.12-Dec.31 or Jan.9-31 The birds on my leases don't get hunted so i don't think it would matter. Come show us how it is done!!! ;D
  9. Here is a father and son team from Florida thet have hunted my land in the past. One guy from there group had a miss-fire at a 170 class buck @ 16yrds :'(
  10. Here is one farm and a nice set of sheds we found in the bean field this spring.
  11. We don't have any pheasants down here by us,but the quail are coming back strong.The last seasons ,(fall) we have been seeing coveys of 15-20 birds on a pretty regular basis.We have had some good spring weather the last 3 years so the Quail and Turkey are exploding.We can set aside you some quial hunting ground, i lease 12,000 ac in this area.
  12. Here are a few bucks that made it through last rifle season.Should be bigger this fall.
  13. I have 2 farms in southeast Kansas for lease.I only archery hunt these farms so they will be available for muzzle loader season.One is 575ac the other one is 240ac. Both farms have timbered draws,creek bottoms,pasture.Muzzle Loader season is Sept.19-Oct 2 The 575ac farm is $5.50 ac with a 2 hunter max,and the 240ac is $6.50 ac. with a 1 hunter max. The 575ac place has beans on it too. I can also offer both farms together (815ac) at $8.30 ac with lodging included 4 hunter max.Email me for the aerials of the farms and any other questions..Leftover non-res deer tags are on sale now, on a first come first served basis.Let me know if anyone wants to hunt Kansas...