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  1. Stuck it out in Florida for 14 years. I grew up in Michigan so I’m not a total noob when it comes to hunting and fishing up north. I’m a big fan of smallmouth too, I grew up fishing the Detroit river, Lake Erie and St. Clair. I haven’t done much deer hunting the past few years. I just don’t find it to enjoyable when it’s 85 degrees out and the mosquitos just won’t quit. I’m really into small game hunting though. January and February are a great time to be outdoors. Plus you can still take hog that time of year. a little local knowledge goes a long way for Florida bass. Let me know if you ever head back down and I’ll clue you in.
  2. We’re moving back up to be with family, that’s where my in laws are from. We had our first child back in august and it’s important to us that she is close with them. Florida is loaded up with turkey. The problem is it’s also loaded with turkey hunters. People come from all over the world to hunt Osceolas so they can get their grand slam.
  3. From Melbourne FL. Moving to Tioga county
  4. Hi everyone, I’m moving my family up from Florida this summer. Really excited to hunt some woods instead of the swamp. Hope you don’t mind me picking your brains as I get my bearings up here. I can’t wait to get my first grouse Let me know if you need any info for hunting and fishing in Florida.
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