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  1. 9 hours ago, blackbeltbill said:

    Well Wolc- you write well. You should write a Book of Short Stories. 

       Not much or any money in it though. I wrote 4 Books and broke even. Long time back.



    Off topic, but did you write "Hooks for the fly"?

    I saw it the other day with your name on it, and I wondered if it was written by you.

    Looked like a cool book.

  2. 9 minutes ago, 518BowSlayer said:

    Well I'm back in the same stand... upon further review with an actual rangefinder, the doe I missed was at 34 yards and I thought it was right at 40. I'm guessing it was a combination of misjudged distance and her jumping the string. This is the first summer I've been able to even practice beyond 20 yards so until now I've never shot at a deer past 20 yards so I never even thought about them ducking an arrow. Moral of the story is I F'd up and should've aimed lower. Gonna let the sun come up a little more before getting back on the blood trail for the one I did hit. Pretty down on myself for making 2 bad shots within an hour. I practiced hard all summer too and still messed it all up. Think the excitement just got to me

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    It happens. I emptied my quiver at a doe, one time. Never cut a hair. 

    I think practice goes out the window sometimes when buck fever hits. 

    Hope you find it.

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  3. 9 hours ago, Chef said:

    Not a good night…. The short story is I had two shots at my target buck.. Wiffed once and I think I one lunged him the second time

    Ok so he cam in the first time I didn’t see him because of how thick till he was 10 yards away walking away from me. I tried to draw and the arrow came off the d loop. I fixed it and drew I thought he had only walked to 20 but it was 30 clean miss straight under his heart soft quartering away

    About 20 min later a small fawn came in and ate around the base of my tree I could see him looking back but couldn’t see at what. Then I saw the deers head poke out at like 7 yards. He could tell something was up and looped around the big oak to my right so backside shot, I used his time behind the tree to turn and draw. He stepped into a lane a 17 yards and I let it fly. Arrow hit high and just behind the shoulder blade from what I can tell. It hit the deer and nosedived into the ground. He jumped a few steps and then trotted off obviously hurt on his right side


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    Good luck Chef. 

  4. 1 hour ago, doebuck1234 said:

    Pineapple wheat,yum!


    Where was all this fancy crap when I was a drunk? Why is it in the years since I quit, all these cool beers have come out?

    Not that I want to go back. No way.

  5. Here's 3 that stick out to me.

    The deformed one is my favorite, I hunted him for 3 years. His rack didn't change much over that time. His left hip was all caved in like he got hit or something.

    We only actually saw him once, but he was a regular on camera until he vanished last year. His name was Crazy Horn.

    The other two were kicking around off and on for awhile. Idk if they're still around.

    Naples, Ontario county.





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