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  1. Skillet

    Frog Hunting

    They have a flavor all their own. Kinda sweet. Reminds me of nice firm pike fillet. The meat is a nice white color.
  2. Skillet

    Frog Hunting

    The boy cleaned up last weekend.
  3. Skillet

    Does you survival gear work??

    This is some things I keep in a pack, in my truck. When hunting in cold weather, or big woods, the amount of crap and the size of the pack goes up. Paracord, lifestraw, lighters & candles, winter hat, space blanket, books, snacks and first aid stuff, are a must have for me. The lighters are all full, and I swap the granola bars out every year. I hope the lifestraw works, but am not going to test it.
  4. Skillet

    New toy!

  5. Skillet

    New toy!

    I like the simplicity of single shot guns. Not sure why, I just always have. I wanted a rolling block, but they are stupid money.
  6. Skillet

    New toy!

    How do you like it? Shoot well?
  7. Skillet

    New toy!

    Just bought this beast! Taking my muzzleloader on a Bison hunt this fall, and the guide says I need a back up rifle. So I had a perfect excuse to buy it. I'll put it to use after the hunt, too. Might make a nasty deer rifle. Pretty excited.
  8. Skillet

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Love seeing these dudes out in the turkey woods.
  9. Skillet

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Son and I are watching 2 gobblers 200yds out in dirt field. Talking a lot, but not budging. Be a long morning.
  10. Skillet

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    All quiet in Naples.
  11. Skillet

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    Hiked in some state land just behind the house, where I have heard birds while doing morning chores. Tough hike. Briefly considered going back for ropes and spikes, but a friendly sherpa loaned me some stuff on the way up here. This hill shall henceforth be known as the Murderhorn. Good luck fellas.
  12. Skillet

    Frog Hunting

  13. Skillet

    Frog Hunting

    Law, I bread them and deep fry in a cast iron, usually over a campfire.
  14. Skillet

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    That doesn't look healthy.
  15. Skillet

    Frog Hunting

    It is almost a sweet flavor. Mild. The flesh is nice, firm, and white like really good fish.