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  1. Thanks Law. Merry Christmas to you too. Looking at a nice Sony. Can get a great zoom lens for not too much extra.
  2. Four seasons, take that comment and stick it in your ***. Your thinly veiled insult about taking a 1.5 doesn't mean a damn thing to me. I'm not interested in your opinion on what deer I take. This would have made me feel the same, whether it was a doe, spike, or ten point. You missed the point which was that I don't enjoy taking a life. Period. Get over yourself.
  3. Hahaha. No, I enjoy the meat and I LOVE the hunt. It's the kill that is starting to bother me.
  4. At the risk of sounding like a sissy, I'm going to put this out there. I killed a small buck this morning. I'm not feeling too good about it. It went ok, and it was a fast kill, but I'm just not sure how I feel about it anymore. He was just happily eating acorns, and doing his thing, when I shot him. It was a beautiful snowy morning, and I was blessed to share the woods with the deer. Almost felt like I ruined it by shooting. The older I get, the less I have the stomach for killing game. Anyone else here have trouble pulling the trigger, or a ton of remorse after? Thinking about just buying a really nice camera for next year.
  5. Don't quit man! Opening day is when the magic happens! Maybe one will get pushed to you. Don't sit it out, you never know how many opening days you have left.
  6. I'll be in an oak tree that borders a thicket on top of my hill. Have hunted the edge of that thicket for the last two opening days, and each time there was deer in there all day. Hopefully Grandpa's shotgun gets to speak.
  7. I snap two before loading.
  8. I have also unintentionally bought different size nips for my hawkens. Have not had an issue. As long as the hammer has enough swing to ignite the cap, it should be no problem.
  9. The first is a Traditions Deer Hunter. The stainless one is Lyman Deerstalker.
  10. Good thread WOLC. I hope to see you holding a deer soon.
  11. Got this 7 point last night. I was planning on holding out for the rut, but plans changed. Lost my Father in law suddenly on Wednesday. Only 73. My wife and him were best friends. From watching the bills every week, to constantly working on her 1974 VW bug, they were inseparable. She is devastated. So, I took the week off and spent it with her. Dealing with funeral plans, and family, and just letting her lean on me. She pushed me out the door to hunt last night for a few hours. She said I needed to do something for me, and take a breather. When this guy gave me a shot, I didn't hesitate. Thankful to have him. I don't plan on hunting much for the near future. Dad's are huge shoes to fill. I can't even come close, but I want to spend as much time with her as I can. Here I sit watching the bills, and I hate football.
  12. We got a doe yesterday. That's the exit wound. It was a broadside shot. Not sure how the arrow came out that far back. Ran 60 yards. I am not the good looking one in the picture.
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