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  1. I'd go with the 308.
  2. Never killed a buck with my muzzleloader, so that's my goal this year. Would like to hold out for a good buck, but we'll see how I feel if an opportunity comes along.
  3. We're deep frying a spiral ham this Friday night at camp. If there's any left, it'll make a mean sammich for the treestand. Can't wait!
  4. That's like buying your wife a set of implants. Nothing wrong with it, it's just not for me. I like them exactly how they are when I kill them. Nice work tho!
  5. I live in Naples, right next to HiTor. It is a nightmare when gun season opens. Guys literally overrun the place. It would be very hard to get far enough from a road / parking area to ensure solitude. HiTor has a ton of parking and access spots. But, there are a lot of deer there, and someone has to get lucky. Might as well be you. Get in early, go far, and stay put all day. Even if / when you see guys, don't get discouraged. Good luck.
  6. My hunting partner got this guy at my camp this morning. First crossbow deer.
  7. My wife is a vegetarian, who can't even kill a spider. So no pity here, Brother.
  8. Yes. They are going on the shoulder mount.
  9. My friend Brian did a great job on him.
  10. I do it. It has backfired before, but usually works fine.
  11. I love my muzzleloaders. Only gun I use for deer anymore. You thinking traditional or inline? Only asking because inlines suck. LoL, jk.
  12. Season is winding down for me. Go on night shift next week, on call 7 days a week, and no vacation approved after 11/1. May not get much more hunting in. So, I took this spike and I'm thankful for him.