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  1. Just got into a monster mirror carp.
  2. Still at DOT? I just left after almost 14 years. Place has really gone downhill. Couldn't take it anymore.
  3. The ice cream place in town has "doggie Sundays". Vanilla, two milk bones, with bacon bits and peanut butter on top. Minus the milk bones, they look pretty tempting.
  4. It's a Selway quick detach. Those rubber caps screw on. It seems solid so far.
  5. The new bow finally came. It shoots great! Worth the wait.
  6. Was just at Seneca for work today. Saw several boats fishing. Hard to see, but there's some big carp in the second pic.
  7. I'll admit it. I'm a carp freak. After trout season, I spend many summer nights chasing them. Probably my favorite fish to catch. Got two nice ones tonight so far.
  8. For guns, the transfer has to go through an FFL. Muzzleloaders, no restrictions that I know of.
  9. Be careful as you learn. Maybe watch a few YouTube videos on felling trees. One bad cut can ruin your day. A set of chaps is not a bad idea either.
  10. I read that it will take effect Jan 1st, if it passes. I have no doubt it will go through.
  11. Anyone know what type of snake this is? Found him at camp today. He was eating a frog or a toad. Is it just a Garter? Never seen one this large, or with these colors. He was about 2.5', and pretty thick. Awesome to see him eating.
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