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  1. Skillet

    What type of ML?

    Congrats! Post a pic.
  2. Sounds cool. Where in the ADKS are you going?
  3. Skillet

    Goose in Italy

    I had horse there. It was good. A little bit of a mental put off, but good.
  4. Skillet

    Grilling Venison at Work

    I happen to work in a place where we are often called to remove roadkill. In the colder months, if said roadkill happens to be very fresh (like warm and no rigor), it seems like the backstraps always come up missing. They tend to reappear on the grill back at the shop. Hey, waste not.
  5. Skillet


    Hard to believe it was 18 years ago. I remember I was in history class when it happened. Sad to see only a few flags at half mast today. Seems like a lot of people forgot. Where were you when it happened?
  6. Skillet

    Maine 2019

    Nice job! Congrats!
  7. Skillet

    I’m no Skillet

    What's this got to do with me? LoL
  8. Skillet

    Encounter with a neighbor today

    The word "Amish" would have me on notice, almost as bad as that backwoods, deliverance, "if I divorce my wife will she still be my sister?" neighbor ya got there. Not saying there aren't good Amish, but for the most part they are some trespassing fools.
  9. Skillet

    Did I get fake broadheads?

    Looks real to me. If it's not, it's a damn good knockoff.
  10. Skillet

    #1 hunting point

    This X2. Be in the moment.
  11. Skillet

    Liability insurance.

    Should I be carrying a liability policy on my hunting land? Does anyone here have it? Not sure what a landowner is liable for in NY, but it seems like a good idea. A little paranoid because our homeowner's got maxed out this summer due to a dog bite. Would hate to have something happen at camp and wind up losing it.
  12. Skillet

    Dumb luck I call it..

    Glad you're ok.
  13. Those older bows are worth their weight in gold. Bulletproof.