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  1. Actually, the issue at hand was an absent owner, no response to membership requests and questions etc..... You don't have a forum, abandon it, and expect glowing reviews. A couple of mods were left to police the ranks, while old BJ disappeared. People got fed up. Now they're bailing, and rightfully so. How many people are waiting on t shirts? Hahaha. Seeya.
  2. Orbaker's!!! Lots of good memories there. Stopped there every year on our way to vacation. Killer food. Happy anniversary!
  3. They are crazy around here this year (8N). Been getting multiples on me every time I go into the brush by my house. At my camp across town they're bad, too. The worst is at work. Yesterday we were in Honeyoe working, and between my coworker and I, we had 9 on us in less than an hour of work. They're mostly deer ticks. Work provides cutter which helps, and permethrin, but you can't realistically treat every set of work clothes you own. Have had several embedded in me this year, but found them quick. Is anyone else seeing a lot of them? How about on the deer that have been taken?
  4. Sounds to me like you're on the right track. Not taking shots that are too far, or at bad angles is the sign of a good sportsman who respects the game. Nothing wrong with that. It can be frustrating, but imagine the feeling when you finally score. It'll happen for you.
  5. Sold. Thank you escpen. Nice meeting you!
  6. The rainbows and the majority of browns run to spawn. There are a few browns in the creek all year though, as well as very small rainbows that haven't gone to the lake yet. Once in awhile you will catch a brookie in there, but it's rare.
  7. I got your message. Replied. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  8. I really like my Orvis. It's not the mirage, but I don't think you can go wrong with Orvis. Good stuff.
  9. Likewise, I know nothing about west branch. I'm sure it's great.
  10. You are 100% wrong. Browns and lakers are stocked in Canandaigua lake. Rainbows have not been stocked in a very long time. Since the early 20th century. These are naturally spawning fish.
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