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  1. Good buddy of mine and partner in crime for hunting runs an outfit on a little over 10,000 acres of private ground in South Central Indiana just outside of Salem and Medora in the hill country and he has been in business about 4 years now. Over the past two years we have kept a close eye on stats down there and in 2010 he took 48 hunters that tagged 26 bucks and in 2011 he took 59 hunters and they tagged 37 bucks. I personally took a group of 10 down there the last week of October and we harvested 5 bucks. Also had 3-4 misses and some guys that passed on some nice bucks. A booner has been taken off the grounds each of the last 3 years with the biggest buck taken on the grounds to date has been a 186". The hunts are semi guided, however, stands are already in place and lodging IS INCLUDED. Here are some of the hunt dates available.. $100 off for every hunterin parties of 4 or more with exception to 4 day hunts as they are already discounted. October 1-16th ( any 4 day hunt ) $600 Archery October 21-25 - $900 Archery (Limited Availability) October 28 - Nov 2 - $900 Archery (Limited Availability) Nov 24-28 - $1200 Shotgun (Limited availability) Dec 8 - 12 - $1000 Muzzleloader (Limited Availability) Dec 15 - 19 - $900 Muzzleloader Also have an exclusive Muzzleloader season lease of 330 acres of prime ground in Missouri for $3000. Lease can be for up to 4 guys which would break down to $750 per person - Closest town to the ground is Preston, MO. or you can also find us on facebook at For more information give me a call at 248-721-3153 or shoot me a PM. Dan Connell