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  1. ok, thanks for the advice everybody. much appreciated!
  2. should I get low brass or high brass? whats the difference? Is one softer than the other?
  3. ok, should she use the 6 shot in the 410?
  4. ok great, Thanks! can you recommend a particular low brass ammo? ill be using a 12 gauge, I was thinking a 410 for my girlfriend. would that be ok in your opinion or should she go with a 12 also? we were originally going to use .22 but we will be hunting a small forest and the bullet travel makes me a bit nervous
  5. Is a 12 gauge too much for squirrel hunting?
  6. Anybody recommend the Lassellsville State Forest for squirrel hunting in September using a .22?
  7. That's not bad at all. Starting tomorrow IM going to put 25 out of my check for a spring bear hunt. That's a great idea and I'm going to look into that immediately!
  8. That's a really good idea, something i wansnt interested in before but I'm going to look into that. Biggest issue i have with that is price but maybe i can make it happen with about a year of saving
  9. Im going to research more of the areas i plan to hunt and possible other areas as suggested by others. From what everybody is saying it doesn't sound like i have s chance in hell in dragging a bear out by myself and like another hunter said i definitely don't want to go tracking a bear by myself in late afternoon before dark. I'm definitely interested in the rug as well as the meat. I'm most likely going to wait till 2014 to go bear hunting so i can do this right and safely but by all means please keep the comments, suggestions, tips, and advice coming because it is has been extremely helpful and educational and i thank you all for the input!
  10. Probably better to postpone the hunt for a year than make a dumbass newbie mistake and wind up lost in the Adirondacks or mauled to death by a black bear
  11. Damn man, you are so right. I'm glad i posted on here because i probably would not have thought about many of these situations and scenarios that are being talked about. Which means i did not properly think this hunt out. Much more dangerous than i would have thought. For safety sake i will most likely postpone this hunt until 2014 so i can plan much more thoroughly and hopefully find a buddy to hunt with. At this point so much good advice had been given where safety is concerned (which i honestly was not really thinking about) that perhaps i will stick to deer hunting for one more season. Not 100 percent yet but a lot can go wrong and I'm feeling I'm not properly prepared for this hunt yet...
  12. Growalot, what article specifically are you talking about i. Nyodn?
  13. Wow G man that's pretty intense
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