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  1. I use the HME mount. They come in a 3 pack ($10.00 - $15.00) They don't have the angle adjustment option, but you can put them in at an angle and bend them slightly if needed. Seems like the camera is less noticeable when there is no strap around the tree.m

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  2. Your going to love the wooltimate jacket. Bought one last year on sale and so far it's been great. First Lite had a good sale going which included cold weather bibs. I purchased their sanctuary bibs and used them during the Thanksgiving cold and later in muzzleloader season ...... VERY happy with them! They are warm, great fit and very quiet. Another brand worth looking at is Pnuma https://www.pnumaoutdoors.com/

    Good luck with your search!


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  3. Buddy of mine took his 85 yr. old father to Colorado a few years ago and his dad scored. Since your just now in the planning stage, I would suggest going to the Great American Outdoor show next year in Harrisburg, Pa. There are so many outfitters there from so many states that you can meet and talk to. It will at least give you an idea of how to start. And if you think about it ... your going to stay with the guy and be hunting with him or one of his guides. Wouldn't it be nice to get to know how they do things and face to face is still the best way. No matter where you go it's an investment. (Guide, License, Travel expense, etc). Your right to research it way ahead.

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