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  1. I wanted to know if any of you guys have ever had any luck getting a deer tag for long island shotgun season even if you missed the registration back in september on the DEC site. I assume no, but I was talking to a guy when I was recently fishing in montauk and he said something along the lines of ny dec happy to provide tags for long island because numbers are too high? is that total BS? Thanks guys
  2. Danny, I'd love to do that. If you're going out any weekend from now on and wouldn'd mind a tagalong, it'd be great to learn from you. PM me if this is cool with you. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the info, Elmo. I should have taken the bow hunting course along with hunter's ed. Bow hunting is very cool but I wanted to get my hands (but not the meat) dirty first with a rifle. I am planning to go through the process, just need to look at my funds , where to shop, and when I could get off work to hike to queens for the licensing process. Guys used to bow hunt near my parents place in westchester. My dog would always find the gut piles and bring them back to our house.
  4. Guys, Appreciate all the help and comments on this post so far. Danny and VJP, thanks for the messages. In terms of shooting, yeah I've had range time under my belt. I've never shot a bow but open to the idea- but I know its too late to bowhunt this year but would love to tag along. _ I know my timing isnt great, but its hard not to get excited around this time of year. I dont have a gun yet because owning a rifle in NYC is a big hassle. And yes , I would never ask for someone's secret spot. I'm a spearfisherman and the same rules apply.
  5. Hi all, New hunter here. I have gear and tags (no gun). I live in New York City where the hunting isn't great (unless you're a fan of 8th Avenue pigeon). I would really appreciate the opportunity to go hunting with someone or a group of hunters. I have access to a car and will go almost anywhere. I would love to learn from you and I will help in any way. I can drag, gut, help process, butcher, and even cook - anything you need. Nobody in my group of family or friends hunts, and I would like to learn so that one day I can go alone and teach my friends and future family how to hunt. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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