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  1. I bet a "food truck" mentality could make that work. Post where you will be located (where you know there is a need-in 3S there is a big need especially with all the city hunters and very few butchers) on some social media and they still come to you. If they want door to door service they need to pay the premium- many will I bet for the convenience considering how lazy "we" are these days.

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    I would absolutely pay extra for someone to come to me and then deliver the finished cuts
  2. From what I see this board is setup to basically run itself with modest moderation. What some are not taking into account is overall traffic. The boards registered member only account for maybe one third of it's traffic. Traffic is what creates revenue and I think there is plenty enough traffic to pay the board's bills.
    I also think the closure of open registration was due to a huge amount of spam that was on the board every morning screwing up hundreds of threads and having the moderators go through all that crap and remove it.
    The board owner does not have to log in to visit and see what is going on, I am betting he visits a lot more that some think.
    Bottom line it is his board and he can run it as he sees fit and apparently he is OK with the way things are going.
    I also am thinking Cynthia is having a password problem, I can tell you that if one forgets their password it is not able to be retrieved even by the boards administrator, it is a security thing to protect members so write it down.
    As for me I like the board just the way it is, but unlike some here I do have a life and am not on here posting thousands of posts 24-7
    Not likely Screenshot_20221004-153436.jpg
  3. yeah maybe.... but no one has started their own site yet that im aware of and i know this one is still here for now. 
    And if a new one was started thats similiar to Bowsite or AT i would prob loose interest.  I prefer the way this one is setup over any ive seen.  
    Offers were made to purchase/take over the site yet they fell on deaf ears. I too enjoy the format of things for the most part. A more active ownership/ability to make changes ie let in members would be excellent
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  4. Be careful what you wish for, he might just bag the site if he isnt interested anymore and people are calling him about it.  
    i asked John and Eddie about contacting him a year ago and they also said they dont hear back from him. 
    Then someone who would actually deliver shirts members ordered may finally run things
  5. Never had a bait feeder in my life. I think you are thinking of yourself getting caught on camera illegally baiting in 3S?
    More Than Just a Bait Pile - Westchester County
    On November 7, 2016, a Goldens Bridge man paid a $500 penalty in Town of Lewisboro Court for the misdemeanor charge of unlawfully taking a white-tailed buck over bait on Nov. 5, 2016. ECOs Damrath, Thomas, and Foster were investigating and during their search, the Officers observed a bait pile near a residential home along with a tree-stand setup overlooking a driveway and bait pile. The suspect, Jeffrey DXXXXN eventually admitted to killing a buck over bait and pleaded guilty to failing to tag their deer as required by law.
    Cool job making a fake article. And last I checked you were the one that purchased deer corn and salt licks this year and actually put them out or should I post the pictures? For the record these are CT.
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