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  1. I bought these Danners a few years back and really like them. I needed a light weight water proof boot for hiking long distances to my hunting spot, and something that would keep my feet warm on cold all day sits. They are my go to boot for such hunts and have never let me down.
  2. Someone here mentioned them last fall and I've watched a few shows on youtube since then. They seem to think things out pretty well on public land and have good success. I like that they are down to earth and celebrate success with genuine enthusiasm for the hunt. Some of the stalks that Zac gets into are pretty entertaining. Hope you you heal up quickly rob-c.
  3. To each his own but I'm making the most of my time off from work......I have waaaay too much to do, lots of loose ends around the house and some projects I want to get done. It's a great opportunity to catch up, so watching tv isnt high on the list. Besides getting things done, I have my wood working projects, and I have a few tree stands that need to be moved. It feels good to have the time to catch up and I still make time to go fishing at least once a week and enjoy being free. I'm pacing myself, but am outside most of the day so I don't last too long after supper.
  4. Only 6 mos till archer season starts, this thread makes me want to get the bow out and start shooting. I've had bouts of tp on and off. Like others have mentioned, I find it helpful to do some exercises to beat it back. If it starts to creep back in I do this. I nock an arrow and draw it back to aim but will not release the string. I will only draw my bow, hold on the bullseye for as long as I can, then let the string down. Doing this over and over helps. It's a good idea to do this occasionally while sitting in the stand for long hours as well, to keep muscles ready on a cold day.
  5. I 'm making the most of being laid off and pretty much celebrating each day during this time. I explored another section of stream for most of the day yesterday and caught 8 browns between 10 and 15 inches. Two of the bigger fish really had me grinnin' as the fought hard and jumped several times. I was drifting garden worms on ultra light again. Had a cold beer and some venison slim sticks for lunch basking in the warm sun. A memorable day.
  6. We are lucky to have such good trout fishing here in western and central ny. This link should help you: Have fun and good luck!
  7. Was out scouting and moving a stand yesterday. I almost stepped on this one in the pines. Hope to get out and do more stand work in the next week (off) or two.
  8. Seemed like a perfect spring day for some early trout fishing on a stream that's open year round. Found a great new section to fish, drifting garden worms on ultra light spinning rod with 4 lb test.
  9. Great pics! I don't think I've ever seen one, but get an occasional trail cam video each year, all at night.
  10. Took a short walk right after snowmelt and found a small set on a field edge, then a dead head in a grassy spot near a creek. I went back for a few hours last Sunday in an area that deer tend to winter in. I know others hit it too or I'd wait a few more weeks. I saw a group of bucks here the week before, one still had both sides and looked to be mid teens. I spotted this heavy horn with binoculars about 100 yards away in a green field. It stuck out like a sore thumb. It ranks # 3 in my collection. ~ sure wish I had more time to shed hunt ~
  11. Maybe CV will be 10 times worse than the swine flu was, but at this point it just seems like a lot of over reaction. Does anyone remember the 2009 Swine flu that infected 60 Million Americans, hospitalized 300,000 and sadly caused 17,000 to perish in the US? I don't remember anything closing then. Odd times we live in.
  12. I put in as much time as possible walking, scouting and setting new stands this time of year. I like to dive right in after deer season ends as I have thre knowledge of the season on my mind. No snow on the ground now, so last fall's scrapes stick out very well, and looking for sheds adds a lot of excitement and purpose to the walk. When hunting public lands, it's extremely important to explore and learn the land. I tend to seek out the hard to reach places where a mature buck might feel safe traveling during the day. Some good info on line from guys like John Eberhart.
  13. Check out Hornbeck canoes. Pricey but top of the line and only weigh 20 lbs. I'm saving up for one.
  14. My 12' Old Town is my go to bass fishing/camping boat. Not many places I'd rather be than fishing out of this canoe on a fine summer day on an Adirondack lake.