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  1. Steady cold rain today. Only two days left this season for me so I'm headed out soon. Deer will be laying low with this rain n low pressure system. Seems like a great day to sneak slowly into the wind, glass ahead.
  2. As best as I can recall, I had 9 hunts where I left the truck well before sunup and came back after dark (all day in the woods). I had 4 hunts where I stayed up in my tree stand dusk till dark without coming down. And I had a bunch of half day hunts too. It's been a great season so far, but I always wish I had more time to be out there.
  3. Saw this on the web and chuckled.
  4. Some beauties still out there! I'm looking forward to checking some cams this weekend to see what deer are still walking around. I think it's good to change it up this time of year. If your not seeing shooters from your stand (s), then think about sneaking into a different area and hiding on the ground. Bedding areas close to food and standing corn for sure.
  5. I would keep it simple and just go after one or the other. Deer season is only open for a few more weeks, so you may want to hunt deer while you still can. Take time to read all the NYS DEC hunting regulations as well. Good luck, be super safe and have a great time.
  6. I didn't see any chasing or hear a grunt. Trail cams showed the usual uptick in daytime movement the first few weeks in November. Hoping to catch some action the next few weekends.
  7. Some great bucks taken yesterday! I heard more shots in the last 2 hours than I did all of opening day. It was a great day to be out, saw some deer and enjoyed the light winds. A camera card check showed a nice 9 still alive and well. Heading out soon.
  8. I 'hike' the area I hunt year round, weather it's post season scouting or running my trail cameras. It's a large area and really enjoy exploring new places. I do some hiking with my family in the Adirondacks every summer too.
  9. Way to go on your last day deer in the snow. Looks like you had fun. I did hear a fair amount of shooting over in your area yesterday am.
  10. It was a quiet opener, can't say I heard many shots in the park but hard to tell halfway down the canyon and hats over my ears to stay warm. I saw one small buck and two hunters.
  11. 22 F with light NE winds. Snow on the ground, rut has to be full swing now. Good luck and be safe all.
  12. I have some out year round, but I have 8 out now. It sure is a lot of fun. Switching to Browning's and having them all take 30 second or 1 min video was the best thing I ever did. Pictures are great but watching the video is way up over the top more fun! I connect my pc to the big screen TV and turn up the volume to watch. It's a blast.
  13. Hard to say, but I can't imagine them all fitting in the same den. Great pictures!
  14. 2-3 Canadian's the night before. Dress light for the long walk in, so I don't heat up. Wool socks, Danner boots, Pigmy hand me down.....wool pants (not found in stores), but only a light shirt. Once on stand I put on the layers, warm shirt, neck gaiter, warm hats ( not covering the ears so I can still hear). Heater Body Suit with a few warmers and I'm good for an all day sit. I also find it helpful to bring a thermos with hot water with a little gator aid mixed in. (nothing worse than sitting all day only to find your water bottle is a slushy by 10 am. Been there) I bring some good low odor carbs to snack on during the day too. It's like a picnic for me really. No need to suffer on stand, just prepare a little and it's enjoyable.
  15. Sat all day yesterday and saw one small buck at 4pm. Nothing this am, just moved a stand to a new spot and enjoying the view for a while. I could do without the 10-20 mph winds but that’s what ma nature is dishing out this weekend.