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  1. I hear coyotes howling year round, the racoon population is steady along with fox, opossum and other predators where I live. I can walk out back some spring mornings and hear a half dozen birds gobbling from various locations most years. Last year was more quite for sure, but I don't think predators were to blame all of a sudden.
  2. My current bow is about 15 years old and still shoots great. I replaced all cables and the string 2 years ago. I may go look at new bows this year but it's not a real concern.
  3. I'll tape it and watch it at my leisure. The last one was great and it's good to see going in the right direction for our country, despite attempts to derail it.
  4. Last year while sitting in my stand on the river bottom during bow season I had 3 walk through together. They looked like a very well oiled hunting team, they were spread out 20 yards in a line, side by side pushing the cover. I saw a really nice buck later in the day too, a memorable hunt.
  5. I've never heard of a vet operating on a wild deer, thought it was a joke at first. Interesting.
  6. FB is what you make it and it's very adjustable. I hide, unfollow the content I dislike and seek out the things I enjoy. I have a few ADK, hunting, fishing, music, hiking, positive and funny stuff and local news. It's interesting to see what my friends and family are doing as well.
  7. I have seen Browning trail cams on ebay for $50 bucks. The new models will be coming out soon so they want to unload the older ones. I don't think you can go wrong for the $ with Browning cams. I like the dark OPs as the are less likely to spook game at night.
  8. I did some more post season scouting ( 4th weekend in a row now) and put up a few trail camera's. I also stacked some more firewood on the porch and grilled some Costanza's sausage afterwards. I sat outside and washed them down with a beer. I'll take a spring day this time of year!
  9. I got a fishing vest at the store 50% off. I also placed on online order and it was delivered quickly. I'm glad to have a nice outdoor store close by that I will shop at again. I got a few gift cards for Christmas too.
  10. I use this site to look at topo maps. You have to keep clicking on the area you want to look at to zoom in on it, then select topo from the drop down. It also has the satellite view. Also, lots of good stuff on youtube on how to read them and find funnels.
  11. I'd want a very wide tree or a lot of background cover if I were to hang a climber. I own one and it's set in a thick Norway spruce tree with lots of thick lower limbs. I have a 17' ladder stand. Once in place, they are fairly safe, but I'd rather be 20-25 ft up in a hang on to avoid detection on the public land I hunt. Picking a tree with multiple limbs and some background cover to break up one's silhouette and allow for drawing or movement to get in place for a shot without being bused is the key, regardless of height.
  12. I've been using this pack for the last 5 years. It's light weight, has enough room for extra cloths and gear for all day hunts. There are two zippered pockets on the inside of the main compartment. Two medium size zippered compartments on the side and two small ones on the waist belt. I use the straps to secure extra cloths to the outside at times too. It's built very well, but the material is a bit noisy and it's not water proof.