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  1. I can think of a few things that would make me hunt less, but trail cam results aren't one. |If I think I'm hunting in an area with few deer or small racked deer, I'll pull stakes and start looking else where. With that said, I keep cams out year round. I usually don't set them up too close to my stands, but do have them in areas where I can get a good feel for what deer are around that area in general. With that info, I'm realistic about the chances of a nice buck walking by my stand when I'm actually sitting there. I've checked cameras from 4 different areas that I hunt and they all look promising. Most people I've talked to tell me they have seen some real slammers, so I'm thinking this fall is going to be real good state wide.
  2. Kill the bird with one good shot. This should be the easy part. Know your shot pattern before you go out. Take a shot or two while sitting on the ground like you were hunting. Once a bird is in range, (use a range finder to make spots while you are sitting) take your time, take a breath in and slowly exhale as you squeeze the trigger.
  3. That has to be the best collection of pictures I've ever seen. Well done and looks like you have quite the place to set up cams, lots of game for sure! Trail cams sure are fun, thanks for sharing.
  4. The virus is 1000 time smaller and goes thru the mask easily, plus it pours out around the edges. I heard that a year ago but after reading a study like this you would think this would be the top story on the evening news to inform the people of this country. But the ones in charge don't care about the people. They have an agenda. It's amazing how much pressure is put on us every day to 'wear a mask!' I feel bad for the workers that are told they must wear one all day.
  5. Nice buck and fish! Life is good!
  6. The Cohocton was low and clear this morning, not the best fishing conditions but I managed to catch a few browns. I was staying low and crawling up to the holes. Things were pretty slow until about 10am.
  7. Same here, I was out listening and scouting and hear several birds. It was a beautiful still morning to hear them.
  8. This is getting old. I don't care what others hunt with during bow season. Bow, recurve, long bow, crossbow. Go out and have fun, I know I will be enjoying life to the fullest. And If I am out hunting public land during the last few weeks or the archery season and I come across a stranger carrying a crossbow, I don't see an interior hunter. I see a friend with the same deer hunting interest as me. Together we stand, divided we fall.
  9. Many areas close to my house have VERY limited access points to get onto state land. On the days I'm working, I'll drive by some of those areas before and after work, so I have a really good idea of who is hunting that area. On days I'm hunting, I'll be in the same area, so I have a fairly good idea on how many hunters are out in that area during all phases of the season. Why do you ask? I could care less if guys are hunting with crossbow, long bow or compound during bow season. I just concentrate on what I enjoy and the game at hand.
  10. I'm not opposed to full inclusion but I live in central Livingston Co and things are much different out here and to the south in Allegany Co where there are literally 10's of thousands of acres of State Forest to hunt in. My wife and I take weekend rides during all parts of bow season and there are no more hunters out during the crossbow portion, in fact I'd say fewer are hunting then. I just don't see the deer take going up, nor do I see masses of hunters in the woods if they make crossbow legal for the entire season. I guess one could look at stats from other states for hours and come up with an answer to that. I have bow hunted for 40 years, and I like having the choice on what to hunt with. I have a 20 year old Parker compound that I shoot often and can hit a pie plate out to 50 yards consistently with no problem. I've taken deer out to 40 but most shots during bow are around 20 yds. In the last year I picked up a few 1960's recurves and have been having a blast learning how to shoot them. I hope to get proficient enough to hunt with a recurve this fall because I want to. I can still use a compound or crossbow if I want as well. For me the compound is more versatile and would be my go to choice if someone said "hey go out and get me some game, squirrel rabbit, venison." Reason being I can shoot my Parker off hand better than I can a crossbow and it's much easier to walk around with in the woods. It's great to have choices, it's fun to take a deer with all of them, and to each his own. It doesn't matter much to me, and keeping the seasons the way it is now is fine, but I feel bad for my older hunting buddies who can no longer draw a bow but live to hunt. In thier 70's and on is pushing 90, they stay home opening day, and miss out on all of those beatiful October days in the deer woods. Good hunting, GM >>>-------->
  11. I've never heard of them, so I have to wonder how durable they will be. But maybe you hit a homerun with them. I run all Browning's and have had a half dozen out for 2 years, year round with no problems.
  12. I shot glove on compounds for 15 + years before the release came along. I just recently made the deep dive into recurves and started shooting with a thin damascus glove. I had never used a tab but wanted to try it, so I bought a Fred E from 3 Rivers. I find it easy to use and it gives me a smoother release. Will I switch back to a glove? It's hard to say, but this traditional archery stuff is a lot of fun.
  13. Maybe it doesn't show up that clearly in the photo, but all three have the beginning of antler growth showing.
  14. I took a picture of my computer screen of a trail cam video. They walked by on March 11th and were already showing the grey bumps of this years growth. Older deer I do believe.
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