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  1. genesee_mohican

    Noob questions on hunting on public land

    I would start out by studying the topographical and satellite maps for the public land you are wanting to hunt. That will show you the terrain, some boundaries and help pinpoint spots of interest. youtube has a ton of informational video's on scouting and hunting public land as well, and not a bad idea to watch some just to know what to look for. Nothing beats boots on the ground though, and as others have mentioned, this is a great time of year to scout. Fresh rubs still show, all the scraps are still in place and to me, it's just a fun time of year to be out in the woods and keep the deer thoughts churning. Walk the area as often as you can and take notes. There are apps out there now like scoutlook that uses GPS so you can see where your at when out there and mark spots that you wish to return to. You could set out a trail cam or two just to see what deer are out there, but use caution on public land with that or you may lose them quickly. Placing them in more remote areas far from the road, up out of site and having them locked in are all highly recommended. S0 get out there to check it out and enjoy the time in the woods. Good luck.
  2. genesee_mohican

    Osage Orange

    Main use was for hedgerows to keep livestock in, fence posts, wagon wheels and bows. If I wanted to make a bow, I might use osage. It takes a tree 10 years to start producing the 'hedge balls'. We have a local farm here named after the tree. You can also buy the seeds or even the trees online of course.
  3. 4F with crunchy snow on the ground. The deer will hear us walking into our stand a half mile away, and that's just from our teeth chattering. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. genesee_mohican

    Fisher, Marten, Mink?

    That looks like a fisher. Mink and marten will have a shorter tail and are smaller animals. This fisher has a summer coat here, but will look much larger now with a full coat.
  5. genesee_mohican

    Ok guys when’s your hunting vacations

    I will watch the weather and pick n choose a few days to take off from now till end of Nov. This Fri looks decent, and I'll be out next week a few days.
  6. genesee_mohican

    Good 9-point under the tree stand

    Great pic, looks like he's posing. Or wondering where you are. Hope you see him.
  7. genesee_mohican

    Scent Free Alternatives

    Same here with All Free & Clear. That is all I use in my washing machine year round and we use nothing in the dryer. No drier sheets. HS shampoo, that green stuff and baking soda to brush teeth. Pretty low cost for a base to start at.
  8. genesee_mohican

    Anyone run cams with sound ?

    I run Browning's as well, and all are set to take 1 minute of video. You hear the deer crunching through the leaves as they walk by in the fall, bucks grunting, antlers clanking as they spar. But the best part by far is seeing what's taking place in the woods with a one minute video. Instead of having the cam trip and take a photo of one deer passing by, then pausing for how ever long before the next picture fires off, missing all the action, you see that a bunch of deer just walked through single file. You see when bucks are chasing hard during the rut and there's just more details on all the wildlife that pass by. Having a trail cam set to video is far more entertaining and valuable as far as seeing what's happening in the woods. I'm so glad I switched. The pics are nice and easy to send, don't get me wrong. But watching the videos makes it feel like you were there. Try it on a cam or two. I think you'll like it.
  9. genesee_mohican

    For anyone that might give a rat's ass

    That doesn't sound good or fun! I hope things heal quickly and you're on your way home in a short time.
  10. genesee_mohican

    So what are you all learning?

    I like to scout right after the season and then through shed hunting season. I'll do some stand moves during that time too. August is spent observing deer in fields and seeing what shows up on trail cams. It's interesting to see how the deer patterns start to change a little towards the end of summer and how each day has me thinking more and more about the fall woods . Bow season opens in 42 days.
  11. genesee_mohican

    Small Watercraft Question

    Here's a photo I took this past weekend as I spent a few days tent camping and mostly bass fishing in the Adirondacks. I had all my gear and a cooler in my 12 canoe with room to spare. The seat I added this year made for all day casting comfort.
  12. genesee_mohican

    Small Watercraft Question

    In my opinion, the canoe is the easy choice for a versatile fishing craft. I have an 12 Old Town "Still water" model which weighs 56lbs and is a bit wider in the middle than most canoes and stable enough to stand up and fish in calm water. Although they no longer make the still water, there are similar ones out there. One of the best purchases I ever made for sure. I can load it easily by myself for solo trips, it has plenty of room for gear and we've even loaded it up with camping gear and paddled out on Adirondack lakes to camp and fish a few days. Very comfortable with two people on a fishing trip. You can have a big cooler, minnow bucket, anchor, tackle boxes with room to spare. You can add rod holders and a folding chair to your canoe and have a really comfortable fishing rig. When I paddle alone, I just sit in the front seat facing toward what is the back of the canoe, as the front seat is more centered and stable for one. It's great for Adirondack lakes or drifting slow moving streams and rivers. Those fishing kayaks look nice but I think I'd feel too confined and limited on gear.
  13. genesee_mohican

    In Hand? Hung? Or Just Laying To The Side?

    Usually hung up close where I can grab it with out moving a lot. Other times I'll have it in my hand for hours on end, but it get's tiring on all day hunts.
  14. genesee_mohican

    when do you start getting serious with trailcams?

    I keep some out year round because it's just fun to get pictures of wildlife. I've gotten some of my best pictures/video during June n July when nature seems to be peaking with newborn animals. I have sets that try to target bobcat and bear which can be a challenge to get a good photo of. And it's always nice to see what the deer are doing year round. I have a few older bucks around the areas that I hunt, and I'll be looking to get a photo of them too, so I will be putting more cams out next weekend.
  15. genesee_mohican

    Buck rubbing already?

    You will start seeing fresh rubs in late September. Bucks antlers are covered in velvet now and growing rapidly until about Aug 10th when they begin to harden as days get shorter. That's about the time when my thoughts become more consumed with the upcoming season once again.