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  1. It sounds like you have to excellent places to hunt, I wouldn't sweat it too much, just think about the wind and go with your gut feeling. But most importantly, have fun and enjoy the hunt.
  2. It's deer season again! I'll be out the first Saturday to sit the first hour, see the sights and put up a trail camera. I may move a stand or put up a new one in the first few weeks too.
  3. They are out of license paper already? Odd times, glad I went and got mine early.
  4. I had an SD card stolen last season. The cam was locked to the tree with a python lock and I had a padlock on the door. Of course the cam housing and hinge are made of plastic, so the jerk broke the hinge and stole the card. I only use lock boxes now.
  5. Most of my camera's are located 2 miles off the road, so I tend to let them soak for 1-3 months. I have a few that are short walks and I might check them every 2 weeks or so. I need to get down to one of my cams, that I haven't checked since last winter.
  6. It looks like an older doe in decline. The average lifespan of a doe in the wild is 6 years or so. The first photo shows some sag in the spine, which makes me think she's getting up there.
  7. Do any members have an early review on these cams?
  8. Most cams set up to take just a photo would have missed the coyote all together. Video is the only way to go.
  9. I did some serious bass fishing on Forked Lake. Solo camped and paddled for 3 days. The fishing was slow most of the time and I did a lot of exploring, but when I did catch fish they were usually 14-17 inch fighters. Light Fenwick rod, 6 lb test. Using senko's, wacky worm, and crank baits.. A week later we went up to see the kids who live right on the Grasse River. Great small mouth bass fishing. Just awesome fighting fish. My best day was 16 fish in under two hours. I caught a few small (32") muskie too, lip hooked with the same 6lb test. I hooked a few more, but they bit off the line ( no wire leader). One muskie gave me quite a tussle, he jumped fully up out of the water 3 times. Great memories on both trips, caught over 70 fish.
  10. Here's a DEC fishing access map per region for you to choose from. You will also have to locate state land that allows camping.
  11. My heart goes out to you and your family. Prayers sent for Mark.
  12. I'm interested to learn something honestly. Can you give, say 5 examples of how Trump handled the Covid 19 issue poorly? And can you give 5 examples of how any Dem did a better job?
  13. It does seem like it could be the beginning of a tailspin to me. Fueled by the media. But what does a 58 year old fart know? I'm with Rob and want to distance myself from it all. I thank God that I live out in the country.
  14. We've had snow the last few days and temps didn't make it out of the 30's yesterday. They are calling for a low of 27F Mon and Tues night. Can't wait for spring!