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  1. Shot this doe at ten yards Sunday morning in Steuben county quick recovery
  2. I also picked up the cva optima with the thumbhole stock Really like the way that feels and put the same scope on it. Ive always used pyrodex pellets and 245 grain aero tips . Anyone shoot this gun and have any luck with different powder. My father says to try white hot anyone use that? I will be shooting Sunday and see how they shoot.Thanks for all the input Gary
  3. Well I just went to look and that turned into a ruger American .270 And put a Nikon 3x9 bdc installed gun was 330 scope was 150 minus 10 percent plus ten dollar coupon seemed like a decent price
  4. It looks like the scumbags that broke into my house will get away with it for now. Good news is insurance check will be here this week so i'm gun shopping. I went to Bass Pro last night and all they push is savage axis or trophy hunter. Anyone shoot these ? I have a friend who shoots Ruger American and loves it was thinking about getting the Ruger in a .270 with a nikon scope Any thoughts on these or something else. I didnt know I had a 500 dollar deductible so i have a little less than I hoped for to spend.
  5. gbj

    Broadheads 2015

    Rage for me but since I have to replace everything may try slick tricks
  6. gbj

    stolen guns

    trail cameras were stored safely under my bed...
  7. gbj

    stolen guns

    they left all the jewelry and electronics. They actually stepped over a lap top and never touched it. they grabbed a watch and 2 prescriptions other than that all hunting stuff . Even took my grandsons red ryder bb gun you think i'm mad he was worse!My range finder is also gone they dropped my son's range finder outside so we got 1 back .Even took my quiver off the wall with arrows and rage broadheads.The stupidest thing was our bows were leaning against each other and they only took my sons.
  8. gbj

    stolen guns

    They even unlocked my gun cabinet nice of them not to break it. I lock it from the grandkids and just leave the key on top of it.
  9. gbj

    stolen guns

    I only have the serial numbers off the cva my buddy told me for years to write them down and take pictures but you know it will never happen to me
  10. gbj

    stolen guns

    If I get new stuff I'll be better with serial numbers and pics for sure. Insurance has a cap of 2000 on my policy for guns/ hunting equipment I lost more than that but it sure would help
  11. gbj

    stolen guns

    Short list stevens rifle model 200 with a Nikon pro staff 3x9 power scope . Cva optima pro magum muzzleloader camo with nickel barrel Nikon pro staff 3x9 power scope . Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun barrel has the choke tubes pump action on the side of the receiver it rusted where the scope mount was so it's easy to distinguish.Oneida eagle bow with soft cameo case . It's a person my son knows is what were going on he was with us and 700 friends on Facebook knew we were gone.they pushed my air conditioner in the window and climbed in.all evidence points to someone who was in my house before.thanks again Gary I do have pics but they're all with deer and turkeys and not in digital form I can come up with some if need be
  12. On August 5th my house was broken into while on vacation. So far the investigation is going nowhere and I'm losing hope on getting my things back. I live in the oswego fulton area so if anyone hears anyone selling guns in the area pm me please. It's likely kids but they only took hunting equipment including bows rifles shotguns and muzzleloader. Thanks,Gary
  13. Started when I was 16 and havne't missed opening day yet and I'm now 45.
  14. gbj

    DMP tag swap

    Have 8t Looking for 7a
  15. Check out capt Kevin Davis from Catch the Drift guide service. The best there is he does mostly Oswego River but also does Salmon River also
  16. gbj


    I haven't had any luck with estrous scents in a long time. I used to have good luck with Tink's but that don't seem to work anymore for me. Anyone recommend a kind I could try?
  17. 8t and the deer numbers have dropped way down the last 4 years
  18. What part of Steuben do you hunt? Were near Canisteo and the deer numbers the last 2 years have been lousy. How is it where you are?
  19. gbj

    My Dream Bow

    My dad worked for Oneida for many years until they moved to Michigan. My son still shoots my old one and other than being very loud it gets the job done.
  20. gbj

    2013 Buck

    I went out Last Friday night at 3:00 not really expecting to see much. This stand was hunted all week without much being seen. At 4:00 a doe fawn came by and fed for 15 minutes and not long after she left this guy came up the same trail behind me, When I turned around he was less than 50 yards standing broadside looking away from me. I stood up got a steady rest and shot in about 15 seconds from the time I saw him. Thought it was an easy shot until I realized the brush I shot through. Could find no hair or blood but as I was looking he jumped up about 50 yards from where I shot . It was getting dark so I went back to camp for help and lights . Just as I was figuring I had missed my buddy found a drop of blood which became a steady trail. We finally found him maybe 150 yards from where I shot.
  21. dec came out i'm sure it was shot on a neighboring property but no one around us said they shot it. We have the rack it was hard to tell where it was shot because of the coyotes. I'm no expert but there was a pile of blood that had come out his nose so would that mean he was shot in the chest cavity somewhere? We've had problems with a guy shooting from his truck in the past near the property that was where the idea of poaching came from. Either way what a shame.
  22. The one we all wanted to see found dead in a food plot this morning. Coyotes had eaten part of him but it looks like he may have been shot at night.Dec on the way to investigate... not that will do any good.
  23. I drove by at 9:00 and wondered what was going on. Besides all the firetrucks there was at least 20 other cars and trucks parked along the road.Hope all is well.
  24. Thats funny I have a guy jog by me every morning wearing a similair suit and has his dog with him. The best part is the signing as he runs by, so far he hasnt screwed me on a deer . It's what I get for hunting along a state trail.
  25. gbj

    buck pics

    My son and I who was 17 at the time shot both of these bucks on opening day 2012 on the same property. They were shot with the same rifle out of the same tree. He got his at10:05 and I got mine at 1:45. Pretty special day. We won't be hunting there this year as the landowner has already claimed the stand for this year.(not surprising) Gary