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  1. gbj

    Happy birthday Gbj !

    Thank you plan on celebrating with getting drawn for a pa elk tag on my first try.
  2. gbj

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    When I went over he bridge this morning I always look there probably you I saw there at like 8:45 I fish a lot in the spring your making me want to try it now
  3. gbj

    HuntingNY Youth Photo Contest

    My grandson Matt fighting a brown trout this spring
  4. gbj

    A big thanks

    Merry Christmas to you Jim we planned on seeing you again But We had major gun malfunctions this weekend. Anyone you know wound a nice buck with a kicker off the g-2 my son missed him Friday walking with a bad limp just over the hill from you Gary
  5. gbj

    Hitching post meats open and ready for business Oct 1st

    I don’t know how long he normally hangs them I’m a 4 hour round trip back to get it so having it back the next day was great for me . I wasn’t going back for two weeks I’m sure if I asked him to hang it four days he’d would ,he did exactly what I asked and was ready when he said it would be cant ask for more than that
  6. gbj

    Hitching post meats open and ready for business Oct 1st

    We tried Hitching post for the first time Saturday. Jim has a good set up it’s very clean . For the first time we were impressed seems like a real good guy got our Deer back to us the next day . If anyone is looking to try someone new I’d recommend him. Gary
  7. gbj

    Hitching post meats open and ready for business Oct 1st

    I saved your number hopefully be over this weekend one question I live two hours away is it ok to drop off one weekend and pick up the following week?
  8. I’m also in
  9. gbj


    I just borrowed my brothers sniper and took it to Wyoming muleDeer hunting. I’ve shot my buddy’s ten point that cost a grand plus and I liked the sniper just as much it’s very accurate I’ll get one myself. Shot this it 47 yards clean pass through didn’t go far.
  10. gbj

    Processing near bath

    Switzers was the place that we all he’d ours messed up pretty much doing our own now thanks
  11. gbj

    Deer Hunting in Bath area

    I’m also in Howard ten minutes from bath can’t be far away hunting is usually good around there
  12. I put new energizer in an will try it again this weekend that's more than likely my problem I look at 50 percent and think they're only half dead lol
  13. I'll try some new batteries but it did it the first time I put it out this year with new ones they're at about 50 percent now thanks
  14. I bought a2016 strike force last summer. Worked great last year but this fall it doesn't take nighttime pictures or videos day time works great. Any ideas cards are formatted and batteries are energizer? There was a few weeks it worked but most of the time didn't
  15. gbj

    Processing near bath

    Anyone know a good processor near bath/Canisteo looking for someone new place we were going screws up every deer we take there