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  1. Just a question I’ve never been there will they take ground that had no fat mixed with it? I’ve got a bunch I haven’t decided what to do with and the maple blueberry sausage sounds good!
  2. Were in Howard seems to be a great year we’ve kept Jim at hitching post meats busy this year. I think our group has taken 8-9 over so far . Jim’s a great guy couldn’t be happier with his work.Best we’ve done in years lot of quality bucks.
  3. After watch the neighbor shoot a big one this morning on their side thought I was wasting my time at 1:45 he walks right to me
  4. After 31 archery hunts I was starting to think it wasn’t my year as usual but finally Saturday morning it worked out. 20 yard shot and watched him go down.
  5. Yup 8 t is a tough draw I got lucky and got one this year. He’ll have opportunity to take both buck and doe unless he’s really picky on the size
  6. I heard about this few weeks ago the property I hunt on the owner is a mentor this year.He was telling us when he was coming all I heard was his name was Nick . Great property he should enjoy himself
  7. Thank you plan on celebrating with getting drawn for a pa elk tag on my first try.
  8. When I went over he bridge this morning I always look there probably you I saw there at like 8:45 I fish a lot in the spring your making me want to try it now
  9. My grandson Matt fighting a brown trout this spring
  10. Merry Christmas to you Jim we planned on seeing you again But We had major gun malfunctions this weekend. Anyone you know wound a nice buck with a kicker off the g-2 my son missed him Friday walking with a bad limp just over the hill from you Gary
  11. I don’t know how long he normally hangs them I’m a 4 hour round trip back to get it so having it back the next day was great for me . I wasn’t going back for two weeks I’m sure if I asked him to hang it four days he’d would ,he did exactly what I asked and was ready when he said it would be cant ask for more than that
  12. We tried Hitching post for the first time Saturday. Jim has a good set up it’s very clean . For the first time we were impressed seems like a real good guy got our Deer back to us the next day . If anyone is looking to try someone new I’d recommend him. Gary