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  1. Two spots are 200 plus in the fields I’ve never used a 4-12 I hadn’t thought about distortion
  2. Yup that’s why I’m going for something different
  3. Vortex was one I was going to look at
  4. Thanks I’ll check those out
  5. I finally got the 30/06 I won in the turkey gun raffle now I’m in the market for a scope.My other guns have Nikon pro staff 3-9 on them looking to get something maybe 4-12 on this .Any ideas in the 200-300 range.
  6. Rifle for sure browning A bolt 30/06
  7. This reminded me I bought one ticket looked this morning and won last night 677!
  8. gbj


    I was videoing him till he climbed up my tree ,they climb fast . He chewed on my pull up rope he got within a few feet .
  9. gbj

    Barnes bullets

    Ok thanks which ones did you buy ?
  10. I finally got some blackhorn 209 and the new breech plug. Everyone says Barnes I was trying to get the T-EZ 250 grain can these be bought in person anywhere? Having trouble even finding them online bass pro o could ship to store but takes like 2 weeks.I live in Fulton / Oswego area thanks in advance
  11. My grandson just got his bow license he’s 13. Either sex tag and a doe tag is what he got. For doe tag needs done before October 1, only 9 bucks total
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