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  1. Hi guys, I have a dry box full of 100 factory loaded (Federal, Hornady and Remington) 12 gauge buckshots and slugs (mostly for rifled barrels) I don't need anymore. Anyone with a shotgun license or hunting permit is welcome to take them off my hands in Brooklyn, NY for just $60. Two new dry boxes for 100 shells and two boxes for 25 shells are included.
  2. Thanks for responses. Somehow I didn't get notifications for having your posts. Steve863, I hate to say that, but you're right; at this moment I do not own any firearms (not counting a few black powder old replicas). I need something with lighter recoil for my injured upper back. Didn't think that I will feel so uncomfortable not having one at home. Be safe.
  3. Guys, I sold my rifle and shotgun few weeks ago and still have a lot of factory loaded, sealed in box 12 gauge and Springfield ammos in excellent condition. Didn't put price on them and will accept a fair offer from anyone who can come to Bushwick/East Williamsburg in Brooklyn.
  4. The shotgun has never been used but shows a few light scratches on the action. I changed its wood stock and grip with a more lasting and comfortable synthetic grip. The rifled cantilever barrel is new and unused as well. Have a few boxes of Remington slug ammo for it. Can sell with or without the scope. $570 for shotgun only $650 with the Bushnell 2-7 x 32 scope. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have or visit to see it in person if you live in NY.
  5. For sale a Benelli R1 .30-06 Springfield rifle with four rounds spare magazine, with already installed open sights and with or without the Leupold VX1 3-9x40 scope. $900 without the scope, $1050 with the scope. Buyer covers FFL transfer. A bit of history: This rifle never had a chance to be in a field, only on a shooting range for four-five times for a barrel brake. I went through a lot of ammo brands and found that it shoots best with the Hornady factory ammo which I have a lot in their original packing if anybody is interested. It has been always taken care of and was in excellent (like new) condition until the point where I got into argument with someone and ended up in a police precinct. At that point, my firearms got confiscated until the things were being sorted out. They kept it in their storage for almost two months and managed to put a nick on its beautiful walnut stock (see the photo). The scope has always been kept separate and it’s in excellent condition with no signs of use. I’m selling the rifle because: 1) I have an upper back and shoulder problem and don’t feel comfortable shooting it anymore. 2) I am tired of being obligated to pay for a permit to own firearms in NYC. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have or visit to see it in person if you live close to NYC.
  6. Hi guys, I have two in very good condition .45 Cal replicas to sell: Flint Lock Dixie Gunworks Tennessee Mountain Rifle with octagon barrel and a matching Flint Lock Kentucky Pistol (Ultra-Hi) pistol, both made by Miroku, Japan. Are they worth anything and do I need a licensed dealer to sell black powder flint lock gun? Please let me know and I'll post them with photos on Classifieds. Thanks.
  7. Jpcon, I’m curios if the gun misfired on the first load or on the second? If it was the first load, than you need a gunsmith. If it misfired on the second load, then another question: what kind of loads are you using: 1 ounce and under or 1 1/8 ounce and over? As far as I know, neither Super Black Eagle nor any other “Inertia Driven System shotguns like light loads and a lot of people have cycling issues with Benelli guns. Benelli recommended minimum is 1 1/8 ounce loads.
  8. Hi to all. I too lost all my threads after the site’s update, so it’s my first response here. Sweet Old Bill, I don’t know what kind of rifle you own. If it’s something you value, I wouldn’t recommend using surplus ammo with it too often. Some surplus ammo can cause serious problems to weapons, especially to the autoloaders. These problems have been associated with a lacquer coating (for longer shelf life) found on some of the milsurp stuff. This coating, when heated under firing conditions, briefly liquefies and flows into the microscopic pores in the steel in the rifle's chamber. This fills the chamber slightly with the lacquer that solidifies into a nearly impenetrable build-up. Over time, the chamber’s ID is reduced and cases begin to stick.
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