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  1. prfsn24


    The bow was a Darton. Just starting shooting their stuff this year and I love it.
  2. prfsn24


    I shot him down in the Monroe-Woodbury area of 3M. I have had my eye on him for a few years now.
  3. prfsn24


    I knew of him for the last couple years but didnt have much of a choice on where to hunt. I was given permission on one little 5 acre piece of land to hunt that happen to be a big White Oak flat with a funnel coming into it. I put my stand at the end of the funnel and hoped for the best.
  4. prfsn24


    Killed my best deer(by 60 inches) to date this weekend after Saturdays rain in Orange County. He green scored 167/164 net when we measured him at the taxidermist. He's a perfect text book 10. I got permission to hunt this deer finally after 3 years two days before I shot him at 22 yards. He was aged at 4.5 and we were able to get pictures of him for the last 3 years from people around the area. I have some awesome trail camera pictures of him with another 115 8 pointer two days before. I named him Tremor after I saw him at first light on opening morning and realized how big he was. Talk about buck fever when he finally walked in on Saturday!! He ran about 100 yards and crashed. I think i only climbed down about 5ft before I just jumped out of my climbing stand to run to my buddies and tell him(not the best post shot procedure). I now have to wait the 90 day drying period to get an official score but hopefully there isn't too much shrinkage. What amazing weekend with a buck of a life time.
  5. hopefully these guys will stick around for a few more weeks.
  6. not sure if i did this right but heres a couple of the deer down on our 3m property and the stupid bear that tried to steal the camera.