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  1. When I was growing up in SW PA, we had a season when the antis decided to save the deer on opening day.  They walked through the woods banging on pots and chanting.  Well, I heard them coming, and I guess the nice 6 point I shot did too because he came running from their direction full bore.  Anyway, winds up, they all get charged with conducting a drive in excess of 25 people, and conducting a drive without a license.  Those fines actually added up to more than harrassing a hunter.  ;D

  2. What I'm wondering about the regs for the name on an ice fishing tip up...  I used the same copper tags for both.  I have to order more tags, so I'm looking for an ECO to ask....

  3. I've got most of my sets out.  I've never set cs before, so I've got to figure out where to put them and what to bait with, etc.  I'll probably put out the cs this weekend for yotes and fox....

    Let me know how you do....

  4. In my opinion, the best call when starting out is the simple box call.  Easy to use, effective.  I actually prefer box calls over all other types.  I do use diaphram calls and slate calls, but still use a box the most.

  5. so, who's setting steel?  I got my traps out again today to make sure everything's ready.  I've got a 110 to fix, but everything else is good.  I know my 220's work.  Managed to catch my left fingers in one.  I'm going to be setting 4-110s, 3-220s, 1-DP, 1- Livetrap, 4-Weasel boxes, and 4-CS. Also going to set a 330 and a 280 once beaver opens. On another piece of land, 3-160 poles sets for a "problem" fisher.  Lady is afraid for her little dogs, so I'll set for it.  If I don't catch anything there, I'll move the sets to my regular turf.

    So, anyone else setting for the season?  :)

  6. Yes I do.  You get your permit from the park office.  Still bow only as far as I know.  A few years it was muzzleloader too, but I guess I got too good  ;) .  As for where to hunt... I'm not telling.  I've got some really good spots.  Typically I take does.  There have been some really nice bucks, but nothing "super duper".  Good luck.

  7. Can't buy it, sorry.  I have a rule about "my kills only".  I do have an idea for you though.  You could donate it to a school and take the tax write off.  The science teacher I work with is always collecting this stuff.  I've started a scull collection for him.  Just an idea if you can't sell it.

  8. Had a somewhat different fishing trip this summer.  It didn't take place in NY, but thought people might like to hear about it.  We went to visit family in NC on the Outer Banks.  Plenty of fishing charters to be had, but I didn't have enough cash to go on one of the full day off shore jobs that run a minimum of $1200 plus tip.  Plus, my boys are only 10, 7, and 3 so a full day seemed a bit much.  That's when I found a shrimping charter.  We took my 2 oldest boys with my wife and myself to go.  We trawled in the sound a few times, got to sort our catch, and had a good time overall.  Out of the deal I got about 25 pounds of fresh shrimp, 2 dozen blue crabs, and a great experience with my boys.  So, if you're ever near the ocean, don't forget to look up different types of charters.  They're just as much fun, and cheaper too.

  9. Well, I started off hunting in SW PA where the deer population is 2xs that of NY.  You were allowed 1 buck per year, and the counties I hunted were unlimited doe, so long as you were willing to pay the $6 per tag.  In my family there were several farms to hunt.  I hunted another farm where I worked as a kid, and then there were the "urban" deer I hunted around Pittsburgh.  I've been hunting now for a total of 23 years.  In that time I figure I've taken 18 bucks, and as for does... I have no idea.  I'd bet I'm pushing 100.  The most does I took in one year was around 15.  Back when I was a kid and had plenty of time to hunt after school and could hunt all of archery, all of muzzleloader, and all of rifle.  Ah... good times... :)  So, an estimate would be... oh, call it 100 even I guess.  Dunno... maybe less...

  10. Parts of St. Lawrence Co have a good population - several years back Realtree filmed an episode someplace in the area.  Could have just been a rumor though!

    NO NO NO NO..... St. Lawrence County has absolutely NO TURKEYS.... none.. don't waste your time....


  11. I think part of the answer is to only allow 1 buck per hunter per season.

    totally agree.  I grew up in PA where there are 2xs the deer.  A LOT more bucks, and better quality bucks.  You bought a license which got you a buck tag you could fill in rifle season.  Then if you bought a muzzleloader or archery license, all it did was lengthen your season.  Buying doe tags were a seprate issue done on county basis and set numbers.  I'd like to see that system here in NY.

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