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  1. When I was growing up in SW PA, we had a season when the antis decided to save the deer on opening day. They walked through the woods banging on pots and chanting. Well, I heard them coming, and I guess the nice 6 point I shot did too because he came running from their direction full bore. Anyway, winds up, they all get charged with conducting a drive in excess of 25 people, and conducting a drive without a license. Those fines actually added up to more than harrassing a hunter. ;D
  2. We've already gotten into one coon this year, and yesterday we caught our first red. Boys are pretty excited, and so am I. Doing better each year.
  3. What I'm wondering about the regs for the name on an ice fishing tip up... I used the same copper tags for both. I have to order more tags, so I'm looking for an ECO to ask....
  4. Try going out at night and listening and try to find where they're roosting. Put the birds to bed and you'll know where they are in the morning...
  5. Nice catches Tim... I just got started. My oldest found out there's no minimum age to trap... so, we HAD to start... not much success, but it gets us in the woods....
  6. I've got most of my sets out. I've never set cs before, so I've got to figure out where to put them and what to bait with, etc. I'll probably put out the cs this weekend for yotes and fox.... Let me know how you do....
  7. In my opinion, the best call when starting out is the simple box call. Easy to use, effective. I actually prefer box calls over all other types. I do use diaphram calls and slate calls, but still use a box the most.
  8. I've never had any luck either. I was just reading about using a fawn distress bleat though. Makes sense. It's a great way to call other critters...
  9. How far from a road? Got an acetaline torch?
  10. so, who's setting steel? I got my traps out again today to make sure everything's ready. I've got a 110 to fix, but everything else is good. I know my 220's work. Managed to catch my left fingers in one. I'm going to be setting 4-110s, 3-220s, 1-DP, 1- Livetrap, 4-Weasel boxes, and 4-CS. Also going to set a 330 and a 280 once beaver opens. On another piece of land, 3-160 poles sets for a "problem" fisher. Lady is afraid for her little dogs, so I'll set for it. If I don't catch anything there, I'll move the sets to my regular turf. So, anyone else setting for the season?
  11. Another teacher here. 4th grade. It does help when parents know to ask you to help with there "deer problems" or "turkey problem"... now though... I'm being bombarded with 'yote problems... lol
  12. I have several times. Sure some of the meat can be mush, but often the rear quarters are good. Plenty fine for eating. Best ones are the ones that get clipped at the head.
  13. Those really work? I thought maybe they were a gimmick. What kind do you use? During daylight hours?
  14. What should I plant to help the grouse population? I've got 50 acres to work with. I'm looking for "plant it and forget it" type stuff. Someone recommended grapes and berries. Any ideas?
  15. Too late. I think she sank in the swamp. I finally found some sign, but not the deer.
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